Denounce Trump for Calling Poor Countries ‘Shitholes’

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Demand Donald Trump apologize for racist insults about Haiti and Africa.

Donald Trump called Africa and Haiti “shithole countries” because he is a racist. The federal government previously determined Trump was a racist when he was sued for housing discriminating against black people. The world saw this when he championed the racist lie that Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya. And we are now being reminded of it again, because Trump is not only a racist, but because he couldn’t help but use this slur in front of a Democratic Senator who went public about the meeting.

Donald Trump is a racist and his vulgarity is a disgrace to the Oval Office and the United States. The White House defended his scathing commentary with the claim that he wishes to ‘make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation,’ such as those from rich countries like Norway. While Trump’s supporters applauded his “shithole” comment as being wonderfully “un-politically correct,” Trump himself then denied ever making the comments, leaving his supporters blowing in the wind.

Donald Trump does not wish to welcome those who do not look like him or his supporters to America. His bias against people of color shines through in his vulgar commentary and the desire to keep Africans and Haitians out of the United States, as does his selfish desire to mold America in his own image and further his own interests. Trump once promised Haitian Americans that he would be ‘their biggest champion;’ his words reveal this promise as a blatant lie.

It is bad enough that Trump is denying protection to immigrants from poor countries, but referring to these struggling countries in such a vulgar manner is a disgrace to his office and the country. Political representatives of color have demanded his apology, and we must add our voices to support them. Sign this petition to demand Donald Trump publicly apologize for his latest racist commentary.


Dear Donald Trump,

You are a racist. You have offended countless people with your referral to Africa and Haiti as ‘shithole countries.’ Your comments not only accompanied you trying to deny immigrants from those countries their rights and basic protections, they are flagrantly racist as they were followed up by wishing for immigrants from more white countries such as Norway.

Apologize immediately for your vulgarity. Immigration is what makes this country beautiful, and your racist and business-related biases should not dictate who gets to live in the United States. Furthermore, you blatantly lied to the Haitian Americans you promised to champion during your campaign. Apologize for your vulgar words and for your blatant lies, and stop attacking immigrants from Africa and Haiti.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Just who does he think he is? Disgusting and immature and incompetent! Embarrassing!

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    Trump is a shithole president.

  3. Trump has been an embarrassment to humankind. This man needs to be ASSASINATED. Someone do this Universe a favor, and just eliminate this human pig from breathing the same air we do. If not assassination, then someone must kidnap and torture this embarassing blubbering idiot. Give him a taste of what it’s like to not be in charge. I hope he is stopped soon, as he is decimating our planet. Both through wildlife, and the innocent non-white people, who deserve much more respect than he is giving. Trump is a pig, racist, sexist, bigot, pig-headed, blubbering moron.

    • trump is the laughing stock of the so called civilised world along with the corrupt republicans,america is the biggest shithole with redneck ignoramus gun crime ,serial killers ans unlike other western countries no proper medical health,so stick that up your a..e trump ,pig faced fascist.

  4. Nona Yeraffair says:

    There is no concrete evidence of it. So, it never happened, neither did the “snatch grab”, nor all the “sexual alligations” all those lying bitches are howling about. Remember, in the end the BURDEN OF PROOF lies with THEM, not him.

  5. I agree with him they’re nothing but dog eating places they are one of the cruelest races

  6. Yes the leaders of these countries are to blame for not cracking down on the criminal activities, incl dog and cat meat trades, prostitution, trafficking etc.
    Education, training their ppl on prevention of diseases, birth control, but as well as training to work themselves out of poverty, instead of letting them migrate here.
    Make their countries great, not expect Other countries to change tinier lives.

  7. “Shithole” is where that scumbag parks his head every night!

  8. Signed. Please sign. “Unacceptable language.”

  9. gen agustsson says:

    you think you can rule the world? no! profanity must be banned! its negative speech. think of positive free speech not negative speech like profanity. no criminal shall be in the charge of the world. heroes shall be in the charge of the world.

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