Stop Cutting Up and Serving Live Animals at Restaurants

Target: Kate MacDonald, CEO Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Goal: Enforce the current laws which prohibit cutting up and eating live octopus.

Two Canadian restaurants, Gal’s Sushi and Marado Sushi, are apparently serving a Korean dish called “sannakji” which translates into wriggling octopus. Unfortunately, the dish is as cruel as it sounds. Octopus are cut up alive and then served while their mutilated tentacles still move.

According to biologists, there is no doubt that octopus can feel pain. In fact, many believe octopus can anticipate and remember painful situations as well. Dubbed the “primates of the sea,” octopus are incredibly intelligent and feel each time their tentacles are severed.

Sign this petition and demand the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) enforce the laws that protect octopus from this cruelty. We must prevent restaurants from serving this barbaric and inhumane dish.


Dear Ms. MacDonald,

It recently came to my attention that two Toronto restaurants, Gal’s Sushi and Marado Sushi, are serving dishes which consist of cut up, living octopus. Octopus, also called the “primates of the sea,” are incredibly intelligent animals and are protected by Ontario’s cruelty to animals legislation.

According to scientists, there is no doubt that octopus feel pain. At these sushi restaurants, octopus are taken right from the tank and chopped into pieces bit by bit. Typically, chefs will go from the bottom of the tentacle to the top, so the octopus can feel every hack in their flesh. The tentacles are still moving when the dish is served as each tentacle in an octopus has its own series of neurons that serve as a brain.

Reportedly, the restaurants have been informed of the current laws, but are continuing to serve this dish. Please take a stand for these octopus and enforce the current laws that protect these amazing animals. This cruelty should not be allowed to continue.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Denise Bennett says:

    A little bit of good news for a change. Switzerland has banned the boiling alive of lobsters and other shell fish.Of course it would be better if they could live without hindrance in the sea.cruelty could end at a stroke if people stopped eating animals.

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😡

  3. I think that you are soulless if you kill animals, if you kill them like this, is it like to be psychopath!

  4. Signed and Share, and ashamed this is happening in Canada!!!!!. Who the Hell is Authorizing this Torture of a Living Being that’s EFFING Smarter than those that consume the poor things!!!!.

  5. Catherine Herndon says:

    What a horrible, abhorrent practice! Eating an animal AS IT IS CURRENTLY BEING TORTURED AND KILLED is so disgusting I can’t even fathom what kind of person finds this ok. And if they are protected animals, why is this continuing?

  6. Julie Bates says:

    KOREANS can’t fix their political issues …how the fuck will they change their ways in this matter…..take away their licence here in Canada or states…take away their licence….there is plenty to eat Koreans u know ….

  7. Any creature that breathes, or has a heartbeat, is a living being, that FEELS PAIN! Pain is never a happy sensation, its PAIN! Pain hurts. So that shows you that living beings, like octopus FEEL PAIN TOO! So why aren’t they respected, and not eaten alive?!?!?!?
    Pain is pain, when they chop your legs/tentacles off, it causes PAIN. Why do you take pleasure in watching a dying creature squirm?!? You’d squirm too.
    Open your EYES people. Pain is a worldwide torture, regardless of species. You just don’t think it is, because you don’t hear the innocent octopus crying for its life.

  8. Only dirt-bags would allow this in their restaurants!
    Only weak dirt-bags would do that job.
    Only dirt-bags would enjoy eating live cut up animals – hope you all choke!

    • Well said, the government must ban this disgusting practice or better still close these restaurants down. Cant imagine any decent person watching someone cut up a living animal and eating it while watching it squirm in pain. Wtf is wrong with these morons, hope karma catches up with them….

  9. Agree,,,,
    Hope they all choke to death on all the poor helpless Animals they torture & eat alive, ONLY vile, rotten, depraved, lowest of mankind treat Animals so appallingly cruel.
    Filthy evil scum!!! make me soooo sick, suffer in hell they will!

  10. Carol Brandt says:

    Could people who live in this area please picket these restaurants? What sick, backward people they must be.

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