Stop Cutting Up and Serving Live Animals at Restaurants

Target: Kate MacDonald, CEO Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Goal: Enforce the current laws which prohibit cutting up and eating live octopus.

Two Canadian restaurants, Gal’s Sushi and Marado Sushi, are apparently serving a Korean dish called “sannakji” which translates into wriggling octopus. Unfortunately, the dish is as cruel as it sounds. Octopus are cut up alive and then served while their mutilated tentacles still move.

According to biologists, there is no doubt that octopus can feel pain. In fact, many believe octopus can anticipate and remember painful situations as well. Dubbed the “primates of the sea,” octopus are incredibly intelligent and feel each time their tentacles are severed.

Sign this petition and demand the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) enforce the laws that protect octopus from this cruelty. We must prevent restaurants from serving this barbaric and inhumane dish.


Dear Ms. MacDonald,

It recently came to my attention that two Toronto restaurants, Gal’s Sushi and Marado Sushi, are serving dishes which consist of cut up, living octopus. Octopus, also called the “primates of the sea,” are incredibly intelligent animals and are protected by Ontario’s cruelty to animals legislation.

According to scientists, there is no doubt that octopus feel pain. At these sushi restaurants, octopus are taken right from the tank and chopped into pieces bit by bit. Typically, chefs will go from the bottom of the tentacle to the top, so the octopus can feel every hack in their flesh. The tentacles are still moving when the dish is served as each tentacle in an octopus has its own series of neurons that serve as a brain.

Reportedly, the restaurants have been informed of the current laws, but are continuing to serve this dish. Please take a stand for these octopus and enforce the current laws that protect these amazing animals. This cruelty should not be allowed to continue.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Why didn’t the Law shut the restaurant down if they kept serving the dish or people picketed them on animal cruelty??
    Or hack at their arm and people can eat it front of them and see if they get the message.

  2. Barbaric practices carried out by savages, it needs to be stopped 😠

  3. Enforce the laws, and through these bums in prison, maybe someone there, likes to eat fingers.

  4. Benjamin Colter says:

    What can you expect from the ugly, slitty-eyed mongoloid hordes of bastards for whom their stomache is the most important thing in life? I pray for karma. I hope these yellow motherfuckers slice their own children and spare us any more of that subhuman race.

    • Your comment implies a bit of racism. I’m what you call ‘yellow’ too, but I eat normal and take no pleasure with ‘live’ thing. I fight for both human and animal rights whenever I can. Admit it, there are always ‘motherfuckers’ in every race, including yours. Don’t forget that the restaurant owners can operate because there’re customers. The restaurants are also in the city dominated by the not-yellow race.

      I understand you’re upset by the topic, I do too; and because the topic upsets you, it indicates that at least a part of your heart is a good, compassionate one. Don’t make yourself uglier than them.

      Stick to the topic and see this thing as a whole – decent human fights for animal rights. Sign the petition, don’t support their business, etc. Fight ‘anyone’ who does this ugly thing, no matter what race they are from.

      By the way, if you know what Karma is, you don’t have to pray for it. It’ll come for everyone. What goes around, comes around. You can bet on that.

    • shame on you. your disgusting racist views have no place here, or in this century.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    What are we, cavemen, barbarians? This is disgusting and cruel beyond words. How would you like to be cut up piece by piece, with no way to escape the fear and agony???? These creature know fear, they feel pain just like we do. Please, My God stop serving them ALIVE!!!! They are tortured and cut up until their last breath ;(

  6. Clearly these cretins don’t know any better but surely this must contravene Canadian law with regard to animal cruelty. Close them down and deport them!

  7. How vile! The people doing this and the customers who go to these restaurants are despicable, sadistic scum! Leave it to the Canadian authorities to sit by and do nothing, even though it is “illegal!”

  8. What the hell is wrong with people?!! How can human beings be so CRUEL and disgusting and IGNORANT!! Of course Octopus FEEL PAIN – ALL LIVING CREATURES FEEL PAIN AND SUFFERING. . . This is barbaric and sickening. Everyone involved at these Restaurants should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Hold on – where are the authorities in this case ??? They must know the two restaurants are still serving this vile dish so go in there and close the restaurant down until they abide by the state’s laws. Easy I would have thought.

    The chefs in both restaurants need educating in how intelligent octopi are. Much more intelligent than they look and besides being cut up alive HURTS them.

  10. Susan Budde says:

    WTF!! These restaurants should be shut down by the govt immediately and those involved in this practice thrown in jail. If it were up to me, I’d see to it that their limbs were hacked off piece by piece, experiencing a slow, agonizing death! This is EXACTLY what these rotten pieces of scum deserve!

  11. Once again, it is in our hands. The majority must make their views clear,demand immediate action,have the restaurants closed down, and penalties imposed according to the law.

    We have the power ,we have the vote, the one thing politicians fear.

    A well placed brick will be understood too.

  12. People are cruel and barbaric to do this. This is a gross practice that must be stopped now. Boycott this restaurant!.

  13. The cruelty allowed in Canada shocks & disgusts me!
    Baby seals being murdered was bad enough without going into trapping & killing animals for fur but now this! What is wrong with these people!!! STOP please.

  14. Simon Rimmer says:

    Asians need to learn compassion and empathy for all animals. They are a cruel race that will eat every animal in the world.

  15. Sherri Maisuk says:

    It is unbelievable this still happens in the 21st Century….

  16. Jacinta Copeland says:

    Barbarians. I couldn’t sit there and watch that. Octopus are very intelligent animals as well. People, well….I can’t say the same for a lot of them. Too many stupid and careless. That’s why the world is in such sad shape.

  17. Typical of the Asians to create a dish serving live animals! Barbaric scumbag people for whom I have absolutely no respect or compassion. Karma will punish these people without a doubt.

  18. This is disgusting. Octopuses are not disgusting, in fact they’re beautiful and intelligent. But what people do with them, that’s awful. Yet another example of how cruel and selfish the human species can be. Of course there are people like us who can stop this and help these magnificent creatures. We have to stop this barbarism!

  19. Lilian Caughlin says:

    As we gain more knowledge in regards to animals we need to eliminate certain practices that cause pain and harm.
    Certain cultures lack sensitivity and need to be ‘forced’ to accept new rules and laws. There are cruel people present in all cultures however some have more than their fair share.
    Big fine and jail time for any abusers. Bad publicity for their restaurants in the long run. They should be black listed.

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