End Plans to Frack in Pristine Woodlands

Target: Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of Ineos

Goal: Abandon plans to begin fracking project within woodland park.

A pristine woodland park in the United Kingdom may soon be destroyed by fracking. Energy company Ineos has planned to extract shale gas in Clumber Park, a wooded preserve in Nottinghamshire. The park stretches for over one thousand acres.

This park is an important historical, cultural, and environmental landmark. Over half a million people visit it each year. Rare species, including bats and otters, call it home. If fracking moves forward, all of this will be lost.

The charities and organizations with a stake in the park have petitioned Ineos and asked the company to end its plans to frack in Clumber Park. Follow their lead. Sign the petition to demand that Ineos withdraw plans to frack for shale gas.


Dear Mr. Ratcliffe,

Clumber Park is an important historical, cultural, and environmental landmark in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of visitors venture to the park every year to see its wooded land and rare species. However, your plans to extract shale gas in the park will change this.

To frack even the smallest amount of shale from this land will ruin the area’s pristine natural landscape. It will threaten the rare and endangered species it is home to. It will hurt the economy as visitors no longer venture to a park where equipment and machinery disturb the peace. I ask that you withdraw plans to frack in Clumber Park.


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Photo Credit:  Richard Croft

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  1. While I am no expert in fracking, I think we can all agree that fracking is a source of dirty energy and is something that we (the public) don’t want or need. Instead of doing this, can’t we invest in green energy and save wildlife too?!

  2. Jeannette Allan says:

    Our beautiful pristine irreplaceable woodlands must not be destroyed to satisfy vested interest and mendacious greed. Those woodlands are a precious heritage and must be protected. This historical environmental landmark and its rare species must be saved from corporate pillaging. Our beautiful environment must not be turned into a barren moonscape . We must look to the energy of the future.

  3. Gen Agustsson says:

    stop fracking earth.


  5. I do not reside in the U.K. but have been fighting fracking in the States for years. The results of fracking are terrible; toxic chemicals going in and toxic chemicals coming out, to be stored in pits (often uncovered) or left to run into rivers and streams, fouling water and killing creatures that depend on the water. Tons of water is needed to push out the fossil fuels. These are the waters that both humans and wildlife depend on. I,m not saying that I don’t rely on these fuels in the present, but we need to change that by spending the money to transition from fossil fuels into sustainable, clean energy sources or we will all pay the price.

  6. M.J. is correct!
    All those in favor of fracking have excrement between their ears!

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