Do Not Deport 250,000 Legal Immigrants

Target: Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

Goal: Do not take “temporary protected status” away from thousands of immigrants from El Salvador and other countries where conditions are unlivable.

Hundreds of thousands of families who have been legally living in the U.S. for years may face deportation, as the Department of Homeland Security announced that their protected status will be terminated. Upwards of 250,000 people who had temporary protected status (TPS) as legal immigrants will have their lives thrown into upheaval, as they are forced to find another legal way to stay in the country by September 9, 2019. This decision also affects hundreds of thousands of children, who were born in the U.S. and are legally citizens but whose parents will lose their protections.

The majority of these immigrants are from El Salvador, and many have been living in America, paying taxes, and contributing to the economy for as long as 17 years. A series of massive and devastating earthquakes in El Salvador in 2001 killed over 1,000 and displaced 1.3 million people. This prompted the decision to grant TPS to Salvadoran immigrants, allowing them to apply for work permits and live without fearing deportation to a country where conditions were unlivable.

Since then, it has continually been determined that conditions have not improved enough for those people to return to El Salvador. Forcing them to do so now will not only uproot people from the lives and the families they have been building for nearly two decades, it will also send them back to violence, poverty, and unsafe living conditions. Sign below to demand that the protected status of these immigrants be maintained.


Dear Secretary Nielsen,

The decision to end temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants is inhumane and unacceptable. These migrants from El Salvador and other countries where conditions are unsafe and even violent have been legally living in the U.S. for years—some for nearly two decades. These people have been paying taxes, contributing to the economy, and building families here, and should not be uprooted from the lives they’ve built.

Cristian Chavez, who has been living and working in America for 17 years, stated, “I feel lost. It’s like all my plans for the future are just dead. Our family will break apart… What am I going to do now?” The lives of people like Cristian Chavez and his entire family are at stake. I urge you not to strip them of their safety and their lives: do not remove temporary protected status for 250,000 immigrants.


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Photo Credit: Maurizio Costanzo

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  1. Jose Rodriguez says:

    trumpfs hate towards immigrants is gone too far and he’d not be here is his mother did not immigrate either and got prego here in the usa

  2. Gen Agustsson says:

    why indigenous removal? its racist. this has gone too far.

  3. Sophie Herndon says:

    This country was built by immigrants! WTF! Don’t tell me that no legal or for that matter, illegal immigrants didn’t participate in the construction of his ugly towers?

  4. Is there any sane person in the US government right now?

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