Save Pristine Rainforest From Destructive Palm Oil Expansion

Target: Lukas Enembe, Governor of Papua

Goal: Save the rain forests of Papua by stopping the expansion of a destructive palm oil plantation.

A rare and untouched rainforest in Papua, Indonesia has seen an area the size of Washington, D.C. be destroyed to make room for a single palm oil plantation. In only three years, 77 square miles of forest have been cleared.

This deforestation has disastrous effects on our environment. Its CO2 emission equals the CO2 emission that over 2.1 million cars would release. In addition, the habitats of thousands of animals have been destroyed.

This rampant destruction should be put to an end immediately before the rest of this land is lost forever. Sign the petition to demand that a permanent halt be placed on the expansion of this palm oil plantation. Protect what is left of Indonesia’s beautiful landscape.


Dear Governor Enembe,

In only three years, 77 square miles of Papua’s once untouched rainforest have been destroyed. This is the size of Washington, D.C. This causes an unimaginable amount of damage to the environment. CO2 emission has increased by the millions and habitats have been lost by the thousands.

What is left of Papua’s rainforest should be protected and preserved. This action begins with ending the expansion of the region’s palm oil plantations. Cherish what is left of your nation’s natural wonders. Don’t destroy it.


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Photo Credit:  WidodoMargotomo

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  1. Karen Porter says:

    Stop retailers from using Palm Oil. Stop putting it in peanut butter, liquid soaps and food products. In the UK Sainsburys, Aldi’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Sellers, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett and Lidl’s to name a few, all sell produce that contains Palm Oil and this has to stop. Everything I pick up in Sainsbury’s has got Palm Oil in it. They must be forced to change what they are doing. We want it banned. There are no health benefits for humans in consuming Palm Oil. Stop destroying natural habitat.

    Agenda 21 is all about depopulation and destroying Mother Earth and causing maximum mayhem in all societies with the help of Smart technology to steal our information and use it against us when they feel like it and to kill us all off. We must not allow this to happen. The entities behind Agenda 21 have no authority over us.

    We do not want Palm Oil put in anything that we buy. Marks & Spencer are obsessed with Palm Oil, we do not want it in any shape or form. Whether it is responsibly sourced or not.


      Lukas Enembe, Governor of Papua

      Please, SAVE the rain forests of Papua. STOP the expansion of a destructive palm oil plantation.

      “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

    • I agree with you

    • Alexander Hawkeswood says:

      If a lot more people adhered to a vegan diet there would be no need to chop down more of the rainforests. This would be because all of the land freed up from not having to feed animals to feed people. So palm oil plantations could be put on this land instead. The production of palm oil isn’t the core reason for diminishing rainforest, it’s the over population of people and the production of meat, eggs and milk


  3. STOP DESTROYING our Rainforests — we have many other sustainable oils to choose from — we NEED NOT rely solely on palm — OUR PLANET DESPERATELY NEEDS OUR RAINFORESTS !

  4. Simon Rimmer says:

    Humans must do better for all animals. Humans must do better for the planet.

  5. Nena Miller says:

    Just leave Palm Oil out of everything…drop harvesting it in any way shape or form.

  6. Gen Agustsson says:

    take palm oil out of the food and product industry worldwide cause its greasy and we don’t need grease in order to survive.

  7. Destruction of another important forest will bring same to the region and the rest of the world. Weather will get worse with each year and no scientist can turn back the clock. People invite their own suffering!
    Future generations will face much harsher survival then we do now.

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