Don’t Test Designer Drugs on Animals

Target: Peter Dunne, Associate Minister of Health in New Zealand Parliament

Goal: To find alternative methods of testing designer drugs in order to avoid testing them on animals

Drug testing on animals is a controversial subject given the cruel and barbaric nature of the tests involved. Some argue that testing drugs on animals is a “necessary evil” because it will ultimately benefit the human race; to these individuals the cost of animal lives is a small price to pay for medical advancements. While this is certainly debatable, it cannot be denied that the testing of recreational designer drugs on animals would be completely unnecessary and cruel.

The government of New Zealand is proposing to start testing designer drugs on animals. The testing that will be conducted will determine whether or not recreational designer drugs are safe for human use. If New Zealand allows this to happen, countless animals will be forced to sacrifice their lives in vain. Designer drugs are products that have absolutely no benefit to humans; countless animals will be harmed for no reason other than to determine if non-medical drugs are safe for human use. Testing of this nature should not be allowed under any circumstance.

The process the animals would have to endure is not a pleasant one. The testing involves giving the test subjects lethal doses of the drugs in question. After the initial dosage is administered, the animals will continue to receive increased dosages until half of the test group dies. All of the animals used in the testing of the drugs are guaranteed to perish regardless if they survive the initial lethal dosages administered to them. After the experiments are completed, the animals will be killed so that the tissues from all of their organs may be examined.

Peter Dunne, the Associate Minister of Health in the New Zealand Parliament, has made comments regarding the proposal of testing designer drugs on animals. He claims that this testing is an “unpleasant but necessary reality.” He also made a statement that “animal testing is unavoidable to prove that products are safe for human beings.”

Killing animals for the purpose of deeming recreational designer drugs safe for human consumption is extremely unethical. Animals should not have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of a legal high. Sign the petition below to urge the government of New Zealand to stop the proposed testing of designer drugs on animals and to find alternative methods of testing the drugs.


Dear Mr. Dunne,

I understand that your position on animal testing is that it is an “unpleasant but necessary reality,” but I sincerely do not believe that the testing of designer drugs on animals is necessary. It does not make any sense to sacrifice the lives of animals for something that does not benefit the human race in any way. The drugs that will be tested on these animals have no medical value or purpose for mankind; these drugs will only be used in a recreational manner. The lives of animals should not be wasted in order for people to have a “good time” with legal highs.

Sacrificing animals for the testing of designer drugs is extremely unethical and unjustifiable. These animals will experience high levels of pain and suffering for something that is completely unnecessary. Please take the action to prevent the testing of designer drugs on animals and to find an alternative method of testing the drugs.


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  1. I don’t agree with testing on animals at all!! so many falsified results given by drug companies to get more funding and no benefit to humans at all. shame the amount of money the government give to these murderers isn’t spent on educating the public on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. so many Drs presribe drugs like statins to fight cholesterol when they should be giving advice to prevent it. probably because they get so much money as reward from drug companies!

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