Stop Christian Singer from Performing at SeaWorld

Target: Steven Curtis Chapman, Singer

Goal: Don’t perform at SeaWorld to increase park attendance.

Over the past few years, attendance at SeaWorld has plummeted due to increased awareness about the horrors that happen behind the scenes. In an attempt to increase attendance, SeaWorld is hosting a Christian music festival.

Many singers have canceled their performances with SeaWorld due to the amusement park’s notorious reputation. These singers include Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and Trace Adkins. Unfortunately, Steven Curtis Chapman still plans on performing at the festival. It is time to stop supporting a company that not only steals animals from their natural homes, but also forces them to do tricks in front of large, loud crowds.

Sign this petition and urge Steven Curtis Chapman to cancel his plans with SeaWorld. No animal should be exploited just for profit.


Dear Mr. Chapman,

Despite SeaWorld’s notorious reputation of exploitation and abuse, you still plan on performing at its upcoming Christian music festival. The public has become more aware of the cruelty behind the scenes at SeaWorld, which has led to a decrease in attendance, and this festival is an attempt to raise attendance.

The animals trapped at SeaWorld live in misery. They are kept in small, concrete tanks where their only option is to swim in endless circles. Many of these animals are taken from the ocean and away from their families in order to perform tricks in front of large, loud crowds.

Please consider canceling your performance at SeaWorld. These majestic creatures deserve to live freely in the ocean, not in small tanks to be exploited for profit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

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  1. All it takes is one look at BLACKFISH.

  2. If he does perform, it shows just how “Christian” he is…

    • I don’t think that is fair. Christians are not perfect people or above anyone else, they are just as capable of making mistakes as you or me.

  3. I absolutely love SeaWorld and take issue with the comments about how animals are treated there. Get a life, people, SeaWorld is a great place and there are animals actually being mistreated in other places that you could be putting your actions into helping.

  4. BOYCOTT THIS MAN STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN and his music or any CD’s or anything to support him…Spread the word far & wide … If he is planning to support this massive Animal violated place such as the Seaworld. If you are a True Christian, the PEACE must be in your first stance. These poor animals have NO PEACE in those cocooned imprisonments they live in their entire lives. No one has to be a rocket scientist to understand such simple philosophy. These animals are freely travel many miles per day when they are free. But in such small cemented tanks these animals have No freedom or the Peace. They are being taken and kept away from their own families. THOSE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS MUST EXPERIENCE THE SAME PERIODS IN THEIR LIVES TO UNDERSTAND THE HORRIFIC MENTAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL PAINS & SUFFERINGS AT LEAST FOR A PERIOD OF TIME… That will be the only way to realize the true horror of this living conditions….

  5. To many Christians, animals are a lower form of life thus such ignorance. One can only hope that one day these people will take of the blinders and begin to respect God’s creatures!

    • I would have to disagree, in my research of christianity, I have found that animals are very important to the faith. In the christian bible, God commanded Adam and Eve to care for the animals in the garden of eden and led Noah to save the animals during the flood. In the new testament, an angle was sent to prevent a donkey from being beaten by his ‘master’. Though to day some, if not most, people may not realize how similar we are to animals and that we are here to protect, not harm them.

  6. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    stop it! its so cruel to animals

  7. Helen Dowland Helen Dowland says:

    This is a simple issue of justice and compassion.

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