Justice for Abandoned Dog Who ‘Died of a Broken Heart’ at Airport

Target: Rodolfo Hernández Suárez, Mayor of Bucaramanga, Colombia

Goal: Find and punish the person responsible for the cruel abandonment and subsequent death of a pet dog at the Bucaramanga airport.

A pet dog was left at the Bucaramanga airport for four weeks, and died waiting for her owner to return. The dog—called ‘Nube Viajera,’ which means ‘Traveling Cloud’—eventually stopped eating, and vets determined that the cause of her death was depression. Locals reportedly tried feeding her from time to time, and the airport tried to give her medical treatment, but eventually Nube Viajera stopped eating altogether, and died in the terminal where she had been abandoned.

A vet from the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation said about Nube Viajera, “The hypothesis we have is that a traveller abandoned it. Apparently, during the first month that the dog was at the airport, it was going through the halls looking for someone, possibly the owner. That state of waiting deteriorated its health, to the point that she no longer received food.” This neglectful and cruel treatment of a defenseless dog, who was loyal to the end and died as a direct result of her abandonment, must not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Sign below to demand justice for Nube Viajera.


Dear Mayor Suárez,

An innocent pet dog died at the Bucaramanga airport, where she was abandoned by her owner and left alone for over a month. The dog, called Nube Viajera, roamed the airport terminal for four weeks awaiting the return of her owner. Devastated, she eventually stopped eating and ultimately died of her depression.

This cannot be allowed to stand. This dog’s death was a direct result of human cruelty and neglect and a needless tragedy. I urge you to ensure that the person responsible is found and held accountable for their actions and the death of this innocent creature.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Central European News



  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    stop starving dogs!

  2. Martin Nystrand says:

    I signed the petition about the dog abandoned in an airport terminal. It’s one of the saddest and most tragic stories I’ve read. But I have some questions.

    Why write the mayor?

    And why didn’t you report this story while the dog was alive? Perhaps someone might have adopted her.

    Your publication of this story (after the dog’s death) is nearly as depressing as the story itself. Your handling of this story is shocking, especially exploiting the tragedy for your own purposes.

    I’ve written the mayor; now I’m writing you. You have a lot to answer for

  3. I have a houseful of rescues, very few people endeavor to devote and sacrifice to even rescue one! Most People do little more than complain and get angry. Action from humans is what counts. Just one person that consistently saw this dog stressed & searching knew her story, 1 person… could have changed this ending. Passive people sadly are the norn! Look at how many wrote below, complaining,how many below would have done more! Let someone else do it is what people think. People have all called me to go save them. Then they dont help, they let go,feeling they did something!! And the cost is mine! Just passing the baton! No one wants to do it, no one stands up to the task! No one wants to interrupt their life!
    Just one person! People have unacceptable excuses! Humans must change. People just talk,few do the action to make a difference. Sad when animal apathy shows the state of civilization.

  4. What kind of justice is this INNOCENT ANIMAL going to get if I was the LAW I would FIND them then humiliate them as KILLERS with signs and letting people through STONES at them INNOCENT ANIMALS dnt have too SUFFER but they do and the types of justice is no JUSTICE

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠


  7. Janet stovall says:

    God some people shouldnt own dogs
    Sooo sad. Too bad people dont love the way dogs do

  8. Abandoned at an airport??? Why does everyone assume she was “Abandoned”? maybe she took off just as they were going to put her on the plane and they couldn’t find her. Air traffic won’t wait for you if you lose your dog ya know.THere are a WWHOLE lot of maybe’s here people.Everyone is so quick to jump to their own conclusions.

  9. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    I have questions also. Why didn’t the airport send this poor baby to a shelter? Why did they let her wander looking for the monster who abandoned her? She was completely lost in that big world, with people and noise everywhere. Shame . Rest in oeace, angel.

  10. I think the law protection for pets should be similar to how the law forces parents to take care of and provide for their children. Someone who is not going to love, care, and be responsible for their pet, should not be allowed to own one.

    Moreover, when a pet-owner abuses, or does not provide for their pet, the law should have effective provisioned plans for protecting the animal from that.

    If legislations don’t properly protect animals, they should not as well allow animals’ commercial breeding or trading, no matter what.

    Animals have emotions and feel pain. They should not be treated as commodities by law.

  11. It is WRONG, CRUEL, IMMORAL to abandon animals leaving them alone to fend for themselves — dogs NEED the love & care of people — FIND the idiot-monster who depravedly neglected this beautiful dog — Now to my SECOND POINT : WHY would you allow a dog – obviously, a lost dog, to roam around aimlessly without intervening? — why not bring him under someone’s wing? — even temporarily — WHO in the hell manages this Airport? — any Rescue Groups around? — This doesn’t make any sense! — This sweet, sensitive, innocent, vulnerable dog NEEDED someone to take him in, even for a while, until forever home could be found. — WHAT’s UP! — What’s the big deal? — Where’s the rationality & compassion for animals?

  12. May the owners go to hell.

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  14. Why on earth didn’t the airport call someone to get the dog! It would of still been sad but maybe survived if it had some love not just wandering round an airport!!

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