Ask Nordstrom to Stop Selling Animal Fur

Target: Blake W. Nordstrom, CEO of Nordstrom

Goal: To stop the sales of all animal fur items in Nordstrom stores

Nordstrom is an extremely popular store among consumers and the fashion industry. Currently, Nordstrom continues to sell animal fur items in its stores. While some may argue that animal fur is quite “fashionable”, the process of obtaining and making animal fur items is pure cruelty. Nordstrom must take a stand against animal cruelty and stop the sales of all animal fur items in its stores.

Animal cruelty starts as soon as an animal is captured for the sole purpose of collecting its fur. These animals are injured by traps and immediately thrown into extremely uncomfortable wired cages. The animals are then forced to endure poor living conditions and torture until they are murdered for their fur. A majority of these animals are inhumanely slaughtered and feel immense amounts of pain before their deaths; some of these animals are even skinned alive.

By continuing to sell fur, Nordstrom is supporting the fur industry and its inhumane practices. The fur industry receives profits from the sales of animal fur, as well as publicity from those who choose to wear fur items. Nordstrom is indirectly helping the survival of the fur industry by continuing to fund it. While Nordstrom may only be a single company, it can definitely make a difference. Nordstrom should use its popularity to its advantage in order to send the message that animal cruelty for the sake of fashion is absolutely not acceptable.

Nordstrom should strive to be an example to all other companies in the fashion industry. In addition to being a leader in the latest trends, Nordstrom should also show that it can be a leader in compassionate fashion as well. Companies and individuals do not need to support the fur industry in order to be considered “fashionable”; supporting animal cruelty is not something to be proud of nor is it something to brag about.

There are alternative items that can be sold that will be just as fashionable, if not more fashionable, than wearing the furs and skins of brutally murdered animals. Sign the petition below to urge Nordstrom to stop advocating the fur industry and to stop selling all animal fur items in its stores.


Dear Mr. Nordstrom,

It has come to my attention that your stores are currently selling items made from animal fur. By allowing your stores to sell animal fur items, you are advocating and supporting the fur industry and the inhumane practices associated with it. Animals are being mistreated and brutally murdered all for the sake of “fashion.” Something needs to be done to prevent the fur industry from continuing its vile and cruel procedures in obtaining and making animal fur items.

I know that you are only one company but I truly believe that you can make a difference in the lives of innocent animals. Nordstrom is an extremely popular company and a common household name; please use this to your advantage and be an example for other companies in the fashion industry. Please take the action to stop advocating the fur industry by stopping the sales of all animal fur items in all of your stores.


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  1. Dianna Posner says:

    There is no good reason in this day and age to be skininig animals for fashion. They are either electrocuted through the genitals, skinned alive, and many other inhumane methods. Not to mentioned a good majority of the animals will be found unsuitable and discarded, after being put through these horrific deaths. N living creature deserves to die this way. The price is too high in animal suffering to continue with these barbaric practices. I personally will not shop at Nordstrom’s until their practices change, and I’ve been a customer since the 60’s.

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