Man Accused of Snapping Puppy’s Neck, Throwing Puppy into Traffic and Assaulting Police Must be Punished

Target: Joseph T. Deters, Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County, Ohio

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly snapped a dog’s neck and threw another dog into oncoming traffic receive the maximum penalty by law.

Two dogs were reportedly killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Per police, the suspect snapped one dog’s neck and threw a second dog into oncoming traffic as revenge against his neighbor. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

“He’s going to keep killing them. I don’t know how many dogs he’s got. He put two in the trash can in his backyard. I just can’t watch,” stated a distraught witness in a 911 call. The witness stated that her neighbor, Jamal David, stood in front of her home and snapped a small dog’s neck following an earlier dispute between them. He then reportedly threw a second dog into oncoming traffic, causing that dog to be hit by a car and killed. Per police, David then fought with and spit on the responding officers before he was arrested.

The SPCA picked up the dead dogs. David has been charged with three counts of assault on an officer, one count of assault, two counts of animal cruelty and one count of resisting arrest. Sign below and demand that David receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Deters,

Two dogs were allegedly killed in a horrifying act of revenge. The suspect reportedly got into a physical dispute with his neighbor before killing the dogs in front of her home. We demand justice for these innocent dogs.

A 911 call documented a witness’s frightening ordeal as she described the torture and death of two innocent dogs. The witness stated that her neighbor, Jamal David, snapped a small dog’s neck while cussing at her and then threw the dog’s dead body into a garbage can. He then reportedly threw a second dog into oncoming traffic, causing that dog to get hit by a car and killed. David was charged with three counts of assault on an officer, one count of assault, two counts of animal cruelty and one count of resisting arrest.

This horrific cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Zazu70

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  1. This monster shithead should be shot on the spot. Too bad the Police Officers didn’t shoot him – someone who really deserves to be treated like garbage. What a sick horrible twisted mind this man has. . . .he needs to be kept away from society. We hope he goes to jail for these horrendous crimes against these poor dogs. Imagine the fear they had in the hands of this madman. . . .

  2. Billy Katehis says:

    This low life POS scumbag needs to be castrated will being conscous!!!! Death to him and everybody in his family


    Death penalty for this bastard! Justice for the dogs!

  4. What a shame the police didn’t have the opportunity to just kill this monster. We just don’t need scum like this living amongst us.

  5. This scum bag deserves exactly the same thing he did to them poor innocent pups…. n left to suffer till dead…!!!

  6. This piece of shit should be put to death like he did to these poor innocent animals.As this will not happen unfortunately he MUST be given the maximum penalty available.Lets hope in prison he is in with animal lovers who will deal with him as he should be.Laws must be changed to make the gutless bastards responsible for the crimes to really pay the price for these horrific and despicable crimes against animals..

  7. Simon Rimmer says:

    Just kill this waste of air human. Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime, this asshole doesn’t deserve to live, simple really!!!

  8. Please, update consequences for animal abuse.

  9. He is sick and he needs to do the max plus. Send all these sickco over to isis territory and see how tough they are.

  10. This POS SOB needs to have his neck snapped, held down in middle of road and run over and then if he’s still alive, punish him for assaulting the police. Hard to tell what else he’s done so let’s just put him away where he’ll never hurt another animal or anyone else. Let bubba handle him and if I could I’d put a bullet right between his eyes and save the county and state alot of money.

  11. This human filth should immediately be executed or at least imprisoned for 20 years. He is more worthless than fecal matter to our planet. Volunteers would line up to pull the switch on him. Hope justice is done.

  12. carol davidson says:

    This is disgusting!!!

  13. Monster KILLER and what kind of justice will the INNOCENT ANIMALS get while this bad person gets feed and sleeps how dare the LAW been LAW COWARDS put this MONSTER in a hole with all the others

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the mutha fckr rots in hell❗️😠
    Signed & shared. 😡

  15. Do the same thing to this idiot. No medical attention should be given. Let them rot

  16. Rose Coffey` says:

    Too bad that in this case the police were so patient with this Jamal jerk – this is one of those cases where being in fear of their lives would have been appropriate. Let’s hope Mr. Jamal meets some vigilante justice somewhere along the way.

  17. Jamal David belongs in prison for a long portion of the remainder of his life. He is extremely deranged, a danger to ALL living beings. This sadistic freak is a horror, a psychotic monster.
    He should NEVER be allowed near ANY animal during the remainder of his lifetime (which should be in spent in solitary confinement). This subhuman should not be roaming the streets. I would not feel safe knowing he was anywhere near my home!
    He should be charged with every possible felonious crime possible!

  18. Kudos to Tony and Cindy Guarnieri for saying what I think so many of us are thinking. This POS needs to be eliminated from all places where he can inflict harm on any living creature.

  19. humanity must ‘overcome’ violence within, then this system will change and Humanity will be a blessing for all life, a blessing for all that is living

  20. I wish the police would have shot that slimeball!!!!

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