Prevent Construction of Harmful Liquid Natural Gas Pipelines in Oregon

Target: Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Goal: Prevent construction of destructive natural gas pipelines in Oregon.

The energy companies, Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove Energy, intend to construct over 330 miles of new liquid natural gas pipeline together with two new processing terminals. In 2008, the Oregon Department of Energy evaluated the merit of liquid natural gas and concluded that it is unnecessary to meet current or projected state energy requirements. With no need for more energy, allowing these companies to proceed would only cause damage to Oregon’s rivers, forests, and salmon population.

Oregon LNG plans to build their facility on the Skipanon Peninsula at the mouth of the Columbia River. This plant would be connected to the planned 117 mile Oregon Pipeline, which would clearcut through state forest and private forest land all the way to Mollala. Jordan Cove Energy plans to build their plant on the North Spit of Coos Bay. From there, they would route the natural gas through the proposed 220 mile Pacific Connector pipeline straight to California, where it would pass through a facility at the border in Malin, OR.

Both of these facilities are in Tsunami Inundation Zones, increasing the risk of possible leakage and resulting fires in the populated surrounding areas. Both would require extensive dredging near the sites in order for tankers to dock, harming precious salmon habitats. The facilities and tankers in both areas would draw water from the ocean for processing purposes, then expel it back into the ocean at extreme temperatures, further harming marine life. The pipelines themselves would require 50 foot swaths to be cut through the forest, carrying severe restrictions on land use. This is threatening to many Oregon farmers.

By signing the petition below you will add your name to the list of citizens urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to prevent Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove Energy from unnecessarily damaging Oregon’s environment and habitats.


Dear Chairman Jon Wellinghoff,

The new liquid natural gas pipelines and processing terminals proposed for Oregon must be disallowed. Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove Energy intend to build facilities that the state does not need. In 2008 the Oregon Department of Energy concluded that liquid natural gas is not necessary to meet current or even projected energy needs.

These new facilities would require a clearcut of over 330 miles of Oregon’s forests. They would damage marine life and habitats. They threaten Oregon’s farmers. Over 4 million cubic yards of dredging are planned.

I urge you to take action to prevent Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove Energy from proceeding with these projects. They do nothing to help Oregon and everything to hurt it.


[Your Name Here]


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  1. irene gilbert says:

    I would much rather see a pipeline to transport clean natural gas than have the United States covered with millions of square miles of wind farms killing birds, bats, displacing wildlife and making people living near them sick, Let’s consider what is the most damaging to our country. One pipe line or miles and miles of wind farms that are being built in our forests and public lands, By the way, the wind farm transmission lines require a 150 foot swath through our forests and we are talking numbers of miles of transmission lines that make the length of this line seem insignificant.

    • irene gilbert says:

      So, are you going to block opposing views? Hope not.

      • Michael Kirkby says:

        Although you make some points I agree with I don’t support fracking or pipelines what with the oil and gas firms history of not cleaning up their messes. I’ve live in Louisiana and it’s not pretty. The Tar Sands Project and the Fracking Industry consume hundreds of thousands of gallons of water for each operation. Water is a becoming a scarce commodity and the water used in these operations can only be flushed into the planet 7,000 feet down. That is water we will never see again for millions of years. These corporations always manage to avoid cleaning up their messes properly.

        Secondly there is at present a huge oil glut at Conoco, Oklahoma City that the commodity traders refuse to release in any great quantity until maximum profits can be made.

        Then again I’m not a fan of wind farms either. They murder the birds; are an unsightly scene and I wonder whether there are medical problems caused by them.
        Solar although a viable energy has its problems. The facilities are too large; use too much water; don’t generate enough energy for their size; have problems storing energy and existing hydro grids need special inverter units to do so. No one can compete with the heavily subsidized Chinese solar panels which is one of the reasons Solyndra failed.
        Where the US is ahead of everyone is in nano technology which when wedded with solar energy will correct many of these problems.

        Of course if we had followed Tesla and his DC and scalar wave energy plan we wouldn’t have most of the environmental and energy problems we have today. Neither would we have the politico/religious problems either.

        • Debra Rincon Lopez says:

          I agree with your comments, we have solar & other resources. WHY DO they think they need to do this next? More monies for rich business people of course. When will this stop, when all of us are dead.

  2. Is this another attempt to split public opinioin and therefore support one way or the other to gain public vs. private land acquisition, and therefore domain over rules/regulations and ultimately power to control what is and is not “allowed” in moving forward?

    With some pipelines already in place, special tankers in production, docking and routing locations progressing, all with an eye to USA energy independence AND the larger goal of exporting to other countries, I worry who will get “the upper hand” since we all know there is no desire to integrate and share what’s best for ALL … it’s the obvious them or us mindset, never we, and I worry.

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