Stop Forcing Sheep to Run With Children on Backs for ‘Mutton Bustin’ Rodeo

Target: Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver, Colorado

Goal: Cancel cruel sheep and children races at Denver rodeo.

Small children and terrified sheep are being horribly exploited for a rodeo festival event known as “Mutton Bustin’.” Children from ages four to seven are placed on the backs of these animals to ride until they are thrown off, all in front of large, noisy crowds. This is not only dangerous to the child riding the animal but harmful to the sheep, whose ears or tails are grabbed by the scared children desperate for anything to hold onto during the wild ride.

This event, which is sponsored by Frontier Airlines, should not even exist. It is nothing more than exploitation of children and sheep alike for the sake of cheap entertainment. The sheep sustain serious injuries from these rides, and the children run the risk of being trampled if they fall off. Furthermore, sheep are not meant to carry anything on their backs, much less a child who can weigh as much as they do or even more.

There are far more humane activities for children to participate in at festivals, and the sheep deserve better than to be exploited as rides for the sake of entertainment. Sign this petition to demand the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo cancel the Mutton Bustin’ event permanently.


Dear Mayor Hancock,

Children and sheep alike are being exploited for the Frontier Airlines’ National Western Stock Show and Rodeo’s Mutton Bustin’ event. Children are placed on the backs of sheep to ride before large, noisy crowds until they fall off, which endangers the physical well-being of both. Sheep end the festival with severe injuries, while children run the risk of being trampled.

Sheep are not meant to carry other beings on their backs, especially children who weigh either as much or more than them, and small children can be easily frightened by sudden movements and loud noises. This rodeo festival is unacceptable and must be cancelled immediately, for now and for the foreseeable future. Animals are not meant to be exploited for entertainment, and children should be encouraged to participate in more humane activities.


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Photo Credit: Arthur Mouratidis

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  1. Ignorant morons who raise ignorant morons. Anytime brutality is considered fun it is obvious the participants are idiots.

  2. C.R. Rose….I agree with you 100%! And people who go to these events are just as guilty for this brutality, as they are the ones who are supporting it!! I wish all rodeo events would be outlawed like they should be! Hideous cruel vile evil describes rodeos!!!! Total bullying of animals… disgusting, inhumane, and uncivilized!!!!

  3. Who’s inane idea is this how bored and idiotic do you have to be to even think this is entertainment. Are people just getting more stupid, or what! Stop these people who are dumb as a box of hair!

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    those are child and animal abuse!

  5. As a Canadian airline employee I fucking think frontier airlines should be black listens….what is wrong with Americans these days….what is wrong with the world actually.


  7. Quit torturing your children and the sheep. Rodeos are cruel and should be abolished. Call CPS and the Humane Society should be called immediately to stop this.

  8. These perpetrators will repay for abuse to the voiceless. They will get sick – the Lord always repays. They will burn in hell.

  9. Nooshin Perla says:

    STUPID parents raise STUPID children! Morans have to hurt someone to have fun. These people are still living in the dark, evil ages. This is scary! There is NO hope for them.

  10. This is how the pathetic hillbilly culture is handed down to the next generation.

  11. Ignorant people doing ignorant things, no surprise there.

  12. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animals are not for human entertainment!!! Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime, time to clean up the human garbage in the world!!!

  13. Catherine Kasper says:

    Really?? There’s not enough variety in entertainment for these losers that they have to come up with THIS disgusting idea for fun?? How pathetic.
    Ignorant big people, raising ignorant little people. There is no place in our society for this cruelty and abuse to animals, just like there is no tolerance in our society for people that engage in these sick behaviors.


  15. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Are you going to wait until a child is seriously injured or killed, before you take action?

  16. Elisabetta Cristofori says:

    For love of animals and for love for children please stop this misleading behaviour against a positive children education

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