Demand Fox News Remove Article Criticizing Independent Women

Target: Fox News

Goal: Convince Fox News to remove and apologize for an opinion piece they published telling independent, working women that they don’t make good wives.

Recently, Fox News published an opinion piece on their website entitled “The War on Men.” The article, written by author Suzanne Venker, champions the plight of the modern day man and how successful women have made them unsuitable for marriage. According to Venker, when a woman decides a man does not meet her standards for marriage, it is not his fault, but rather hers. Venker’s piece goes on to describe that most men have given up trying to impress women, because the rise of feminism has so drastically reversed previously established gender roles.

The main point of her article recounts that many men she has met have decided they will never marry, because “women aren’t women anymore.” What Venker means by this is that women no longer fit into the stereotypical, home-caring, child bearing role of previous centuries. As women stand up for equal rights, both in and out of the workplace, Venker argues that women have “pissed off” men, causing them to give up trying to impress. Men are no longer happy since they can’t be the sole breadwinners in the family.

This article is not only offensive, but it leads down a dangerous train of thought. If things were up to Venker, she would have women running around, doing everything they can to make men feel happy and important. Venker doesn’t come right out and say it, but she strongly suggests that women are being irresponsible by fighting for equality and that if they want a good man to marry, they need to reverse the progress of the last several decades. By signing this petition you will demand that Fox News remove this article from their site and issue an apology for publishing it in the first place.


Dear Fox News,

Please consider the message of the article you published entitled “The War on Men.” While this is clearly presented as an opinion piece and author Suzanne Venker is entitled to her own beliefs, this article is offensive and could prove damaging to any of your readers who take it to heart. What if a young woman reads this and decides to not go to college or not take a job offer because you have convinced them they will never find a husband if they do?

By publishing an article called “The War on Men,” you are continuing what many have called “The War on Women.” This article does not talk about any specific threats against men; it does, however, blame women for all of their problems, and suggests that when women are successful, men aren’t. Why can’t men and women support each others successes, instead of blaming each other for their own failures?

This type of story, even labelled as an opinion piece, has no place on a major news website. Please remove this article from and issue a statement apologizing for it. In the future, if you publish anymore articles by Suzanne Venker, I hope they will not condemn half of the population in defense of the other.


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  1. I wouldn’t sign this petition, nor can I imagine anyone else wanting to sign it. Please read Venker’s article again but with an open mind. Do you not realize that women are unhappy and angry? They have been told they can sleep around under the guise of becoming sexually liberated. Where has this gotten them? It has caused men to hook up and move on. The women’s movement has hurt women tremendously. It is not PC to say so but Venker’s article was spot on.

    • That’s a pretty generalized statement about women Bridget. Venker’s article is saying women reaching equal status as men in the home/work/bedroom, etc. is a bad thing. If you agree with that, and think women should walk back the rights and progress they’ve made then please don’t sign it.

  2. count the number of times everyone has benefited from the services of women.

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