Officers Who Forced Man to Behead His Own Dog Must be Punished

Target: Lewis S. Walker, Sheriff for Crawford County, Georgia

Goal: Fire officers allegedly responsible for shooting a man’s dog and then forcing the owner to decapitate him.

A sheriff’s deputy allegedly shot a beloved family dog, named Big Boy, after he had bit a neighbor and reportedly lunged at the officer. To make matters worse, when the dog’s owner arrived on the scene, another investigator ordered the man to behead his dog so that his brain could be checked for signs of rabies. When owner Joe Goodwin refused to comply, the officers threatened to place him under arrest.

The incident was filmed and appears to show the investigators intimidating Goodwin and threatening to send him to jail for refusing to decapitate his own recently slain dog. Although Goodwin did use profanity, it is understandable that he was distraught over the loss of his companion. Many have agreed that the investigator’s request was entirely unreasonable, as only a trained veterinarian should attempt to perform this procedure.

The investigators shown in the video appear to show a complete lack of remorse for both the dog’s death and his owner’s distress. No animal owner should be forced to dismember their pet under the threat of going to jail. Sign this petition to demand that these officers be relieved of their duties if they are found guilty of wrongdoing.


Dear Sheriff Walker,

An officer appears to have threatened to arrest a man when he refused orders to decapitate his own dog. The pit bull mix, named Big Boy, was killed after he reportedly bit a neighbor and lunged at a sheriff’s deputy. While it is deeply unfortunate that this animal died, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting must be investigated, what happened next is unthinkable.

The dog’s owner, a man named Joe Goodwin, was intimidated by investigators on the scene who appear to have forced him to behead his own dog to check for rabies. This behavior is unprofessional, and should never be expected of an animal’s owner. Only a veterinarian has the skill and training to perform such a procedure. We, the undersigned, demand that you investigate these events thoroughly and have these officers permanently relieved of their duties if these allegations are true.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Joe Goodwin

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  1. Please contact sheriffs department Phone number is 478-836-3116 sheriff walker crawford county Georgia

  2. Isabel Brown says:

    What chance is there of the degenerate swine being punished when police officers in US who shoot innocent people are let off scot free? I hope gets beaten to death with a cracked baseball bat so it takes longer.

  3. That is absolutely DISGUSTING. Fire him. Protect and serve, absolutely meaningless to some people. Sadistic people DO HOT BELONG in law enforcement. And to think when I was a child, we were taught to trust the police. NOT. ANY. MORE.

  4. pamela bolton says:

    I would have been all over that officer like white on rice. This POS does not belong on ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT whatsoever. That is totally sadistic.

  5. Please stop killin these babies u Need to step and and help now

  6. Damn cowards, I guarantee you the dog did not have rabies. Only problem here is trigger happy morons with too much power

  7. I wish someone would force me to cut ur head off! U sick freak !


  9. Cynthia Cheek says:

    If more police were hired on their own merits and skill instead of who they know or who their daddy is, there would be less of these kinds of incidents. It would help if the person working along side such an asshole wasn’t such a coward and go along with the bullshit.

  10. These fools might already get their comeuppance. Here’s info about the transmission of the rabies virus:
    How is rabies transmitted?
    Rabies usually is transmitted through infected saliva as a result of a bite from an infected animal. Rarely, it is transmitted by viral contamination of a fresh wound, through a scratch, or through contamination of a mucous membrane (i.e., eyes, nose, mouth).

    If these idiots were so concerned about the dog having rabies, they shouldn’t have been handling it at all but instead have a veterinarian brought in.

    It totally appears lately that police are simply dying to shoot their guns off at something. The big heroes in their own minds might have been exposed since rabies virus CAN BE transmitted through the mucous membranes in nasal passages. Shooting an animal can be a messy stupid mistake that might have actually put everyone at the scene at risk.

  11. Disgusting!!!! But I would also rather go to jail than behead my own dog!!!!

  12. You should have had the balls to be head the cop not your dog.

  13. I would……Fucking behead him ….FIRST!!!! No Cop would ever force me to behead my dog !!!

  14. What kind of sick sociopath would tell a man to decapitate his beloved dog that the cop just shot to death?! How do we even know that there was ANY justification to even shoot him–and that the cop just didn’t discriminate against pit bulls? There was NO rabies–just a hateful power hungry cop!
    NO ONE but a cruel monster would demand the poor dog owner, Joe Goodwin (already devastated by Big Boy’s death) to behead his family pet or go to jail!
    These cops are barbaric freaks who doesn’t belong on ANY police force–ANYWHERE. They belong in jail!
    Is it any wonder that so many people have no respect for law enforcement?

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared 😡


    Jail for all coward cops! Justice for Big Boy!

  17. Ashley Pileski says:

    Everyone please email Crawford County Police Captain Patrick Tisdale, Investigator James Hollis’ supervisor, and DEMAND he be fired immediately! Investigator Hollis is either ignorant of the Health Dept. guidelines for rabies testing (and needs to be educated ASAP) or just EVIL. If we flood their inboxes, maybe they will listen!;;

  18. That’s so cruel, sick and horrific. This person should be arrested for animal abuse and cruelty. What a piece of trash.

  19. Cherie Cortez says:

    If this at all true then the CDC or OSHA should be involved. You can’t have people cutting the heads off of any animal, let alone forcing the decapitation of their own personal pet. I can’t even begin to imagine the potential legal liability if this man were injured in the process.

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