The President Stole Your Land – Take Action to Stop Him

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Reverse your illegal decision to engage in the largest elimination of protected land in American history.

President Trump has announced his official decision to massively slash two national monuments in Utah, marking the largest elimination of protected lands in the history of America. The monuments — the Bears Ears National Monument and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument — will lose hundreds of thousands of acres of land. The size of the Grand Staircase will be cut nearly in half, while Bears Ears will be reduced by over 80 percent.

The Interior Department, through its secretary Ryan Zinke, is slashing protections for public lands and also making it harder for families to enjoy access to the remaining lands. Trump and Zinke’s theft of our lands are reversing a one-hundred year legacy of conservation and public access, dating back to Teddy Roosevelt.

Bears Ears National Monument has the highest density of cultural resources in the country and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a truly magnificent natural wonder. Trump and Zinke are stealing both places from the public trust, in order to benefit private business. Sign this petition to demand Trump and Zinke stop their theft of our public lands.


Dear President Trump,

The national monuments in Utah must be preserved as they are, not slashed to pieces to be put to dangerous and reckless use by big business. Even the Outdoor Industry Association argues that reducing the size of the Bear Ears and National Staircase monuments will be an economic hindrance, hurting and not helping recreation and tourism in the area.

In addition, our environment must be protected. It is unacceptable to make it legal to drill for oil on these lands that should remain federally protected. Just as importantly, these lands are sacred to multiple Native American tribes. Already the government had failed to honored its obligation to consult these tribes; we must honor their call to preserve these monuments. I urge you to reverse the decision to slash these monuments and instead commit to their conservation.


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Photo Credit: John Fowler

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  1. Heather Brophy says:

    He’s paying his big money supporters back!

  2. Craig Finstone says:

    Dirty, rotten asshole and his animal-killing bastard children.

  3. Who, or what, bought itself into his mind, was it about the profit to be had, the immediate profit, is he not aware of the debit side, or does he not care?

  4. This is our land, the land of the people, not the land of Trump who is scratching the back of those who would make money off of this deal. He is killing our wildlife, he is destroying our national parks. He definitely should not be President – he has no heart.

  5. impeach him get rid of him he has no right to do those terrible things him and his animal murdering kids

  6. This President and Administration is the worst ever for our environments and our wild animals. He wants to build, build, build and says he wants to create more jobs for more Americans, but doesn’t care about the ramifications of destructive actions to our lands and National Treasures. This is ethically and morally unacceptable and WRONG.

  7. Cathy hayes says:

    My Great Grandmother was a Native American. Although I am not respectfully, a Native American from BOTH sides of my family, I feel that there is a spirit that runs through me and this gives me the insight to know (as many Americans, Native and non-Native) that what is being proposed is an insult to all. I see a man without pride, without sincerity and without love of the natural world. He is so lost in the bling and in the gold, at the expense of others who do not share his views nor his pompous life-style.
    Thus is just one more rock coming from the White House….being hurled at us all.

  8. This administration is the worst ever. Greedy money and power mongers. We should be protecting our national lands for all generations, ot destroy it. Its not about putting people to work its just about the greed and immoral actions of these White House idiots. Advocate everyone its our country and this lone wolf should not have the final say.

  9. This president is an absolute joke.
    The rest of the world at him to start with but now we cry for Americans.
    He is ruining your country and your country’s reputation.

  10. Obsessed with money & the Greed, so he does not see the others pains and sufferings. The 2 older ugly sons are animal murderers who have been the blood lust duo.

  11. Obsessed with money & the Greed, so he does not see the others pains and sufferings. The 2 older ugly sons are animal murderers who have been the blood lust duo.


  13. This horrible person had shown what he is and how he will always be.Just couldn’t stop wondering how you guys in america could choose him. This is how he will ruin your life in every single way

  14. National Monuments and National Parks are irreplaceable. They are meant for the enjoyment of everyone. They do not exist for commercial exploitation. Trump and the Republicans do not value nature or wildlife. They only value their rich donors such as fossil fuel, mining, and lumber businesses. So they are letting those businesses destroy and pollute unspoiled lands. Trump and the Republicans must be replaced with Democrats who care about our environment and wildlife.

  15. One must question the intelligence of Mr. Trump and his followers.
    America – wake up!

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