Justice for Bullied Child Who Killed Herself

Target: Harry C. Bull, Jr., Superintendent of the Cherry Creek School District

Goal: Strengthen anti-bullying programs in the wake of a young girl’s suicide.

Fifth grader Ashawnty Davis has died after hanging herself left her on life support in the hospital for two weeks. The girl had been relentlessly bullied after a video of her fighting with another classmate was posted on social media; she was hassled and mocked for two weeks before she could not take it anymore and hanged herself, but unfortunately, it was not a quick and painless death. Davis was only ten years old.

The loss of such a young life to suicide brought on by vicious bullying is completely unacceptable. Davis’s family is completely devastated by the death of a bright, joyful young girl with great ambitions, ambitions shattered by one student’s callous and selfish act. Davis had only meant to confront her classmate when she felt she was being picked on, and the resulting fight should have been reported to authorities, not captured on video as entertainment for the online world.

The video was turned over to the police and the matter was addressed with the students, but the culprit must be punished as soon as humanly possible. Their actions cost a child her life, but her death need not be in vain. Sign this petition to demand stronger anti-bullying programs and immediate punishment of future culprits.


Dear Superintendent Bull,

A student at one of your schools has committed suicide due to vicious bullying. The girl’s confrontation with another classmate was captured on video and posted to social media, leading to weeks of harassment from her peers until she could not take it anymore and hanged herself. She was only ten years old.

Not only must the culprit be caught and punished, but your school system must strengthen its anti-bullying programs. They were not enough to prevent the death of young Ashawnty Davis or the devastation of her family, but while it is too late to save her, other students can be saved from the same fate. Please ensure the culprit does not get away with this, and protect future victims from tragedies such as this one.


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  1. How do you deal with the sadness in your heart when got struck by the loss of Family Latoshia & Anthony Harris and their daughter Ashawnty Davis?
    If I was near and seen this I would go in between have a little talk with those fighting children.

    But livings so far away cross the Atlantic sea in Scandinavia and Sweden; I can’t do anything about it more than read and see (YouTube) the aftermath of the horrendous family disaster.

    By that I do not only mean Latoshia & Anthony Harris, mean both affected families and the reason for what has happened.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is, May God be with you family Harris and your sweet little child Ashawnty Davis in the name of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    Rest in Peace Ashawnty Davis.

    I will NEVER forget you Ashawnty Davis.

  2. Bullying is a terrible thing.this beautiful little girl has died because of the stupidity and vileness of another.the problem today in schools is lack of discipline an d at home,kids today seem to lack empathy,which is sad.More laws against bullying and make parents aware that its their responsibility to ensure their offspring are looked after and made to teach kids that others are important.what sorrow the bullies have caused to Ashawntys family.

  3. That poor kid. Seriously, something has got to be done to counteract this vicious cruelty going on in schools. Have the teachers no authority to deal with it? Do the police visit places where there are children to talk to them and make it plain that this sort of thing is not on? And why not? if these cruel children are not given a shaking up nothing is going to improve.Make it a priority. Who knows how many kids are suffering?

  4. Selena Brooks says:

    Bullying is rampant in this generation that kids commit suicide.

  5. OMG What a horrible, senseless tragedy! My prayers for the family and friends of that poor innocent child. Ten years old is just a baby really! What a waste of a young life! God help this family cope with the temporary of their precious child! Heartbreaking!

  6. I posted the memorial video “The Heartbreaking Suicide of Ashawnty Davis” by MrCaringuy in my YouTube channel as a memorial of this beautiful little princess, the deceased Ashawnty Davis who will never be forgotten by me as long as I live.

    Unfortunately, Miss. Ashawnty Davis not the only one who takes her life in this gloomy world of ours, this poorly unscrupulous child is unfortunately the top of an iceberg in terms of suicide in our world. Trying to put in mind the causes of suicide among adults is almost impossible. As if that was not difficult enough, how hard is it not to understand a child’s feelings and cause of suicide.

    As for the help to related of the respective countries’ resources and wills, I can not comment, but if it is very poorly or completely non-existent, I think that people should do as much as they can to push their respective country government. Usually it has to be repeated over and over again as there is a tendency not to deal with something that is problematic or sensitive.

    If someone know someone working on a local newspaper, then get help from the person. Take advantage of all the resources you can to improve your society. But if it’s so unfortunate that you live in a military dictatorship, I advise you to work with extreme care and just trust those you’re 100% sure on your side.

    Take care and God Bless You All.

  7. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    stop suicides and bullying now! stop racism! too many adolescents and adults commit suicide.

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