Stop Shooting Harmless Wild Animals in North Carolina

Target: Wildlife Resources Commission

Goal: Stop needlessly killing wildlife in North Carolina

Recently, a small, three-legged black bear was found living near a housing development in western North Carolina.  The bear frequently roamed the development’s gold course, rummaged through trash cans, and even stole food from inside homes.  Citing concern for their property, the residents called the Wildlife Resources Commission, a government agency designed to manage the state’s natural resources.  The Commission’s response was to simply shoot the bear and remove the body.

This is not a unique situation in North Carolina.  As the state becomes more developed, wild animals, such as bears, coyotes, and deer are losing their habitats and wandering into to residential areas.  Although the animals can be a nuisance, there have been very few reported attacks and property damage has been minimal.  However, the Wildlife Resource Commission terminates most wild animals that come close to people, even if the animals do not pose a threat.  The Commission makes very little effort to remove the creatures alive and relocate them to a more remote location.

While few people want a bear in their backyards, animals that venture into housing developments are simply trying to find food.  They rarely have an interest in hurting humans and should not be automatically killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There are many wild areas still left in and around North Carolina that could easily serve as new homes for these creatures.  Tell the Wildlife Resources Commission to develop a new strategy for coping with wild animals in North Carolina.


Dear Wildlife Resources Commission,

Managing North Carolina’s wild areas is not an easy task.  There are numerous problems that must be dealt with swiftly and effectively, and people count on your agency to ensure outdoor safety.

However, your policy to terminate wild animals that are a nuisance to residents is not beneficial for North Carolina.  While allowing a bear or coyote to live near humans is not acceptable, shooting the animal should not be the default response.  Wild animals are essential to the natural balance of your state.  They need to be protected, not terminated.  Their habitats are swiftly being destroyed, and shooting them only accelerates their possible extinction.  North Carolina without bears and other wild animals is not a reality you or your residents likely desire.

Please establish a new policy that involves helping to relocate these animals instead of simply killing them.  Thank you.


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Photo credit: Peupleloup via Wiki Commons

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  1. Barry Kybird says:

    The poor bear could easily have been tranquilized and relocated to a sanctuary where it could have been given vet care for its wound and fed properly.

    Seems that if you don’t like something in USA, you shoot. It dead

  2. Porque no nos damos cuenta lo que hemos hecho los humanos con la flora y la fauna; les hemos quitado su lugar de origen y el aire puro.
    Todavía estamos asesinando a estos animales que merecen respeto y vivir en su entorno.
    Seamos mas conscientes, mas bien seamos conscientes.

  3. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Typical, shoot first and don”t even think second. You morons don’t have a brain to think and work out a solution. That would stop you having your fun. Why do these people have names like ‘wildlife resources, ‘animal control’ ‘Fish and wildlife service’? They should all be called US animal slaughter service. I’m sick to death of them. They could easily dart them and move them to somewhere remote or to a sanctuary. Let’s not forget that humans are stealing their home and habitat. Does that really warrant killing them?

  4. Myrna Burdick says:

    Your RESOURCES are sorely lacking when all you can think of to do is kill! Wild animals are the legitimate owners of this land. You buy it and develope it but it is theirs.

    Your first course of action is to do some homework – find out how many of those homeowners are inviting the animals into the community by feeding them thereby creating an “attractive niucense”. They may be responsible in large part for the animals proximity to
    their homes. Education of the public, education of the public, education.

    Any animal which hangs around after all the feeding is terminated, including bird feeders, fastened down garb age can lids and no feeding of pets out doors –then some relocation action should be taken by your Dept.
    GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR GUN CABINET AND start thinking of way you can learn to live with these wild animals.

  5. Elizabeth Stuef says:

    Did the government wildlife conservation department of North Carolina learn how to handle their wildlife from the provence of British Columbia in Canada?
    This shooting of wild animals that come in contact with people sound just like British Columbia’s solution. Here on the west coast of Canada they call it managing wildlife.

  6. Daniele Halle says:

    They say kill it humanly, ya right, what does it mean, shoot first than ask question, I am disgusted with sois disan human

  7. Trish Walker says:

    Why do some humans think that killing is the answer to a situation where we can’t “control” animals? This is just an excuse for some gun-happy killer to legally enjoy their hobby. Where/when will it stop?

  8. TRUDY NICKOLS says:

    They need to stop killing these animals, they need to relocate them

  9. The 3 legged bear, of all these animals, surely needed a sanctuary. Wildlife must survive, and its survival must be prioritised. States which cannot develope further without harming the survival needs of wildlife should cease development, and should not accept further incomers. Developers have to be stopped before they destroy all wildlife. They do do this. The UK destroyed all of its bears, lions, wolves, lynx, and boar, and more species, too. We must stop developers in good time so ad to ensure enough range for wildlife to maintain genetically viable, healthy populations. We must also define economies which will not rely upon development.

  10. How is this fair? You stole their home away from them, and now you are murdering them? Who do you think you are? Bastards! Think of wars where people have stolen land from other people and murdered them and their families. You think that is wrong. This situation is no different. Shame on you!

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