Trump: Apologize to Native Elders for Racist Remarks

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Issue a formal apology for a racially insensitive insult used against a fellow politician.

President Donald Trump used what many consider to be a derogatory nickname for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren during a ceremony intended to honor the Navajo Code Talkers. During his rambling speech, Trump decided to take a swipe at Warren, referring to her as “Pocahontas” for allegedly claiming to have Native American ancestry. In doing so, President Trump turned these Native elders and their heritage into political props and reinforced long-standing stereotypes.

While it is problematic that Senator Warren has claimed to have Cherokee ancestry without offering any definitive proof, Trump’s actions during this event are far more so. Many members of the Native American community have decried his words for making a mockery of their own ancestry and diverse history. To make matters worse, a portrait of former President Andrew Jackson was hung during the event. Jackson was responsible for Indian Removal Act, which resulted in thousands of Native Americans perishing during the so-called ‘Trail of Tears.’

President Trump has shown with his own actions that he is not an ally of the Native community, from his stance in favor of the Dakota Access Pipeline to his support for turning over sacred monuments to Big Oil and Coal. He must be held accountable for his words. Sign the petition below and demand that he apologize for his insensitive and offensive comments.


Dear President Trump,

As President, it is part of your duty to oversee formal events and to commend those who have served our nation honorably. Your decision to turn an event intended to honor the surviving Navajo Code Talkers into an opportunistic attack on Senator Warren is truly shameful. The fact that you decided to use what many consider to be a racial slur on top of this is far worse.

Regardless of Warren’s own mistakes, you do no not get a pass. Your words were just the latest disrespectful act that you have shown the Native community given your previous actions, including supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline and calling for the selling off of sacred lands. Therefore, I urge you to issue a formal apology to these war veterans and to the native community as a whole.


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Photo Credit: National Park Service

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  1. Bullshit Pocahontas remark. They’re heros for speaking TWO languages. You have a very limited and embarrassing use of one, like a 6 year old. How many times can you say “special” in one sentence? You are America’s greatest shame. RESIGN

    • The Code Talkers have said they were NOT embarrassed. And loonie liberal warren has zero Indian bloodline, zilch, nada, none, get it?? She is the embarrassment to our country and you liberals want her to run for president! You seem to forget that she wrongfully got privileges by lying.

  2. The Code talkers themselves said they were not offended.

  3. they owned this continent it’s about time they got some respect whites don’t have to live on reservations the natives are the only ones that have to do that I’m white and some times I’m ashamed

  4. That ignorant excuse of a human will never apologize because he thinks he’s great!

  5. Trump is a childish insecure bully who seems to delight in name-calling, among other stupid cruel practices. He has the mentality of an immature spiteful little brat.
    He never learned how to speak respectfully to others–just spread arrogant hate–attempting to destroy everyone who isn’t an extremely wealthy sycophant or worshiping toady, as well as the environment, precious wildlife and everything that is beautiful and great about America!
    I don’t think he even knows how to apologize. He never thinks he is wrong and believes he knows all there is to know about everything. He lives in a world of his own making that is a unknown reality–like another planet!

  6. Another Not To Clever move.

  7. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    indigneous seniors of this nation do not want that. trump is a senior himself and he’s a fake president after all. true presidents before him know about government more than trump has. not an excuse of hate speech like profanity and cat-calling on native indignous people. truth not censorship.

  8. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Why Donald didn’t say instead, this: Wekilled the Native Americans, we put them to enclosures and we are destroying their land and killing their animals!!!
    It would be a first time when that American playboy would say a true…

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