Investigate Brutal Dolphin Killings Along the Gulf Coast

Target: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Goal: Investigate and prosecute those individuals responsible for the abuse and brutal killings of dolphins along the Gulf Coast.

Recently, several dolphins were found washed up along the Gulf Coast with bullet wounds, sawed-off fins, missing jaws, and in one case, a screwdriver protruding from its skull. Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) believe these attacks to be intentional and not just the work of one sick individual. Sign this petition and demand a thorough investigation be conducted into these dolphin attacks, and demand justice be sought for these innocent mammals.

Dolphins are protected under the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the hunting or killing of a dolphin can mean a fine up to $10,000 and one year in prison per violation. However, these punishments have not been enough to stop these most recent dolphin attacks. Since 2010, there have been over 700 recorded dolphin deaths, and the number of deaths attributed to human interaction has increased.

The California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund said it is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved with the dolphin attacks. Officials from NOAA are asking Gulf Coast residents to come forward with any information.

Although it is important that those responsible for the senseless slaughter of innocent and defenseless animals be brought to justice, it is also important to increase awareness about the detriments of human interaction with dolphins. Dolphins already have to contend with humans in their oceans. As curious mammals, they will approach people and boats, so it is hugely important to educate people on how to behave around dolphins.

Sign this petition and demand that those responsible for these gruesome dolphin attacks be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps through this investigation, people will become more aware of how to share the oceans with dolphins and let them live in peace.


Dear National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,

Recently, several dolphin corpses washed up along the Gulf Coast with gunshot wounds, sawed-off fins, and missing jaws. Since 2010, there have been 700 recorded dolphin deaths, and those deaths attributed to human interaction have been on the rise. Please increase your awareness campaigns on appropriate human interaction with dolphins, and work to educate the public on how to behave with these wild animals. This way, we can decrease the number of dolphins that die as a result of human carelessness.

This recent dolphin slaughter is gross abuse of innocent and defenseless animals. It is also deserving of the $10,000 fine and one-year prison sentence that can be brought against those people caught hunting and killing dolphins. This blatant disregard for not just our laws, but the lives of these beautiful creatures, needs to be remedied. Please conduct a thorough investigation into these atrocities and help to bring the perpetrators to justice. Prosecuting those responsible for the deaths of these dolphins may help to bring awareness to your campaign for dolphin safety.


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Photo credit: tolomea via Flickr

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  1. Billy Holifield says:

    I used to live on the Gulf Coast and you could always count on a few dolphin to escort you vessel when going out for the day to Ship Island. Everyone young and old loved to see them and they seemed to love the attention. I am at a loss to understand how anyone could mutilate and kill these intelligent and friendly creatures. I truly hope the criminals are caught soon before more dolphins are killed in such horrific ways.

  2. es una desgracia que esto suceda y k le den mayor importancia a otras cosas

  3. gloria araceli cano soto says:

    no mas matanza de delfines ni foca

  4. No podemos solo sentarnos a ver que pasa hay que actuar ya basta


  6. I truly hope the criminals are caught soon before more dolphins are killed in such horrific ways.This absolutely disgusting anyone that harms an animal want stringing up, especially dolphins as they love humans even protect us …

  7. Carol Gillingham says:

    Just a reminder… We are considered the civilized species. Let’s live up to the name.


  9. We need stricter laws in this country and around the world. Killing of elephants for the parts and now our beloved dolphins has to stop. Prison sentencing should be required.

  10. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    No more talking about this problem. Get off your backsides and let’s see some action. 700 dolphin deaths since 2010? Thoroughly investigate this cruel slaughter of beautiful, friendly dolphins immediately. We’re waiting for the results of your investigation.

  11. carla rimini says:

    entre todos podemos ayudar para que este horror y acto de crueldad termine!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Trish Walker says:

    Can’t wait until this murderous bastard is caught – I hope the police find him before the dolphin-lovers do.
    Than again, maybe not.

  13. shelly williams says:

    it is very sad that people would cut off the snout of dolphins for pure pleasure ..again when is the abuse going to stop .I tell you give me 20 minutes with these people and they would never inflict pain upon another animal of any kind …they have no idea the pain they are inflicting upon these beautiful animals the long left alone to swim in the oceans doing what they do ..bring me sick assholes to me and I tell you they will never again hurt a dolphin ever arena kinda animal for that matter ..I hope the dolphin lovers do catch these murderous bastards ..get what they got coming ..

  14. Natalie Trott says:

    I’m struggling to type- the tears won’t bloody stop. The punishment should be life without parole. I’m both an animal activist and an anti dp activist so I won’t suggest the death penalty. What I do suggest is they lock these sick bastards up for life (with a long stretch in solitary confinement). The karma bus awaits.

  15. This is horrific! These dolphins are so much more intelligent than the useless pieces of crap that killed them. Unbelievable! Did they wake up one morning and decide that this is what I want to do today! I hope they find out who did this and make them suffer! People are going after Japan for what they do to the dolphins. Look what just happened!

  16. All who mutilate/torture dolphins -or any animals- are a disgrace for mankind, they need to get punished,yes, but also all societies ought to change their attitude on ANY violence. It seems that mankind is teaching their children to murderes and mutilators,this is why a change to non-violence-policy has to be utilized in all levels of societies,- i.e to start: violent computergames, programs, films etc should be banned, they are only lessons to brutality…

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