Demand Justice for Burned Puppy

Target: Honorable City Court Judge Debra Givens

Goal: To charge two teenagers with the maximum sentence allowed for aggravated animal abuse

Recently, two teenagers from Buffalo, New York admitted to setting a 16-week-old puppy on fire. There was no clear motive given as to why these two decided to commit such a horrific act against a helpless animal. After facing a judge, these teenagers may face between 16 months and four years in prison.

The two teenagers responsible for this heinous crime are Diondre Brown and Adell Zeigler. They admitted to holding the defenseless puppy down while they doused him with lighter fluid. Shortly after, they set the puppy on fire and left him on the street to die. After some time, a concerned passerby spotted the puppy and called the police; the puppy was still on fire when the passerby saw him.

Fortunately, the puppy survived this unwarranted attack. He has been named “Phoenix” and is slowly improving after receiving care at Buffalo Small Animal Hospital. Although Phoenix is improving, he is still fighting the effects of the cruelty committed against him. He has extensive burns all over his body and is in need of several skin grafts. Veterinarians have said that large portions of his ears had to be amputated due to severe burns. Phoenix is also at risk of losing one of his hind legs as a result of his injuries.

Proper action needs to be taken against these teens. They willingly and knowingly chose to abuse a helpless and defenseless puppy and should face adequate consequences. They should be punished with the maximum sentence allowed for their actions; 16 months is nowhere near enough to sufficiently punish them for their crime. Anything less than the maximum sentence allowed is just a slap on the wrist.

Crimes of animal cruelty like this should not be taken lightly. These teenagers could repeat the crime or possibly do worse because not enough emphasis was placed on the gravity of the crime. Sign the petition below to urge Honorable City Court Judge Debra Givens to give these teens the maximum sentence allowed for their horrendous crime against Phoenix.


Dear Honorable City Court Judge Debra Givens,

Please help in seeking justice for a puppy named Phoenix. Phoenix recently suffered a heinous crime at the hands of Diondre Brown and Adell Zeigler. They doused him with lighter fluid, set him on fire, and left him on the street to die. Action needs to be taken to ensure that these teens are given a punishment that fits their crime.

I am urging you to give them the maximum sentence allowed for aggravated animal abuse. Cases of animal abuse like this cannot be taken lightly. If they are merely given a slap on the wrist, they are more than likely to repeat their crime; they might even do far worse if given the opportunity. Please take action to ensure that these criminals do not get away with insufficient punishment for their crime against Phoenix.


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  1. Susie Baranski says:

    I see this as an act of pure evil and they must be given the MAXIMUM PENALTY. They must also be given therapy or it will have no effect. Now think about this, there are animals in this world who are lucky enough to be totally loved and cared for, but there are literally billions more whether pets or animals who are bred for food in the horrific factory farming industry and more animals who are totally exploited for public entertainment in zoos, dolphinariums, horse racing, bull fighting, rodeos and the list goes on and on. What kind of world are we living in? It’s disgraceful. Small children must be taught to have compassion and respect for all sentient beings.

  2. não podemos calar diante de tamanha barbárie contra um animalzinho indefeso. Eles devem ser rigorosamente punidos pois do contrário continuarão praticando porque sabem que não serão castigados

  3. It’s ANIMAL on animal crime. The men are heartless, useless members of society. Their punishment should be the same as they inflicted on this poor puppy. They should be kicked, tortured, and then burned alive. But not burned to death because that would be easy; they should have parts of their ears burned off and then have burns that are severe enough to cause extenzive damage but they will still live. But who would really pay for this? tax payers!! Paying for their extensive medical bills because these guys probably have no jobs or money. Lock them up and throw away the key!

    Nancy Higgins… get a clue..misspent youth? rehabilitation? it takes a true sick individual to watch a poor animal burn.. what are you their mother who doesn’t want to see them go to jail??

  4. esto es una verdadera decepción, como es que hay personas que hacen este tipo de abusos, en contra de los animales.
    los animales parecen ser estos dos jóvenes, hay cosas en la visa que se deben pagar, y estos dos jóvenes están pasados, que paguen con una pena ejemplar en una cárcel. para que nunca se atreva a hacer esto de nuevo.

  5. One instance where juveniles deserve no mercy.

  6. Eliane Biourd says:

    FULL PUNISHMENT and then some Your Honor !!!!!!!!!!
    has anyone investigated how many other animals these two have abused? i’d venture to guess this was not the first time.
    where and who are the parents of these two? they too should be held responsible for those little bastards!!!!!!!

  7. ya no mas al maltrato animal deberian de haber leyes mas drasticas para este tipo de seres por k no creo k sean personas racionales

  8. Natalie Trott says:

    Absolutely heart breaking. I truly am speechless. The karma bus awaits…

  9. Hola No soy ciudadano Norteamericano, soy de Peru pero vi el caso este y me indigno tanto, estas persona tienen grandes problemas psicologicos, las cuales deberian tener un castigo ejemplar, ya que maltratar a un ser indefenso como este perrito, indica que estas personas son peligrosas y lo mismo harian con cualquier ser humano, bueno me despido y espero que haya justicia para este pobre ser que es Phoenix.

  10. They need to be dragged from their homes, hung up in the center of town and burned alive.

  11. Porque no quiero que NUNCA MAS pase estoo

  12. Alice Knight says:

    Two sixteen year olds know the difference between right and wrong. I agree a maximum sentence as well as psychiatric evaluation is in need. However after writing this, I can’t help but wonder; are these two individuals bored or is this a form of entertainment? It seems there are quite a lot of animal crimes solely for a warped form of entertainment.
    How can human beings be so heinous and violent towards animals. One other , how do their parents feel or how did they react?

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