Tell Research Facilities and Laboratories to Stop Supporting the Trafficking of Animals Through Dealers

Target: The American research facilities and universities involved with Class B Dealers and animal experimentation.

Goal: Put Class B Dealers out of business by demanding research facilities stop using them to purchase dogs and cats for experiments.

For some pets, being adopted from a shelter means a life of happiness with a new family. Other animals aren’t so lucky and fall into the hands of Class B Dealers. According to the Humane Society there are 8 active Class B Dealers doing business throughout the country. They get their animals by taking advantage of rescue shelters, flea markets, animal auctions, and private individuals, then transport and resell them to laboratories for experimentation.

The horrors animals experience in the hands of Class B Dealers include “inadequate provision of veterinary care, food and water; inhumane handling; fraudulent paperwork that is required to prove an animal is not a stolen pet; and outright trafficking in stolen pets”.  Some of these dealers have been known to steal pets straight from the yard of their owners, others fake adoptions. Regardless of how they attain the animals, they lack licenses for the pets and treat them with cruelty and abuse.

Many laboratories and universities have done away with Class B Dealers due to the inhumane practices they use. However, there are still between 40 and 50 facilities that use this outdated way of purchasing dogs and cats, usually very cheap, through these dealers. Not only should animals not be tortured and killed for the purpose of experimentation, but they have no right doing such research on other people’s pets.

The Humane Society provides a list of the research facilities who continue to use Class B Dealers to provide them with dogs and cats to experiment.


Dear Research Facilities and University Laboratories,

It is alarming to know that research facilities like your own still experiment on animals and use Class B Dealers. These dealers take innocent animals from shelters, private individuals, and even steal them from their owners, only to end up in a life of suffering in a laboratory.

This method of experimentation is inhumane and should not be used at any facility. While some animals get adopted or rescued into loving families, others face their fate in labs and locked up in cages only to be tortured in the name of research.

The Humane Society states that, “Class B Dealers were found to have missing pets at their holding facilities or were cited by the USDA for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act including even the most basic requirements for food, water, shelter and veterinary care for animals in their possession”. No respectable institution should enable this cruel treatment of animals.

I urge you to stop keeping Class B Dealers in business by purchasing the unfortunate pets. The trafficking of animals is inhumane and should not be supported by any university or facility in the country.


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  1. AnneMarie Ansel says:

    Some of these dealers have been known to steal pets straight from the yard of their owners, others fake adoptions. Regardless of how they attain the animals, they lack licenses for the pets and treat them with cruelty and abuse.

  2. There are modern methods now to do research without animals. Use them!!!!! and leave our animals alone.

  3. Jane Marshall says:

    This betrayal of the trust of the public and betrayal of the trust of poor, innocent, defenseless animals in order to treat these loving, feeling, intelligent animals cruelly and inhumanely by causing them to live in a hell on earth by conducting horrible, painful, and unnecessary experiments on them is WRONG on every level!!!!! It is atrocious and despicable and needs to stop!!!!!!!! Doing this is sadistic in its most cruel form, because there are modern and more effective and useful methods of experimentation out there, without the need for using any animals!!!!! Where is the compassion and empathy while these animals are being tortured, crying out in agonizing terror and pain? This is sick!!!! Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? What happened to showing respect and kindness to all living, feeling beings? Where is the humanity, the heart, the soul, the conscience, the love?

  4. Katrina Barrie says:

    This must stop 🙁 !!!!

  5. Susan Spina says:

    A quote comes to mind for me on this topic.
    “You can judge a nation by the way it treats animals”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    • Bonnie Spencer says:

      Hello Susan Spina,
      My name is Bonnie S. I often sign on Care2, and while I was I read your comment with M. Gandhi’s quote. It is nice to see I’m not the only one who quotes him involving animals. Never the less, I thought I’d leave this note with you and say Hello.
      Thank You, B. Spencer

  6. The ultimate betrayal.

  7. silvia jabur says:

    we must, in my opinion, teach people about animals.all over the world.NEVER EVER GIVE UP! NEVER!!! . for my luck, brasil, is more softly, compared with many other countries. have, but is more next to abandoned, than cruelty way to kill. have one r other case.(i moved from other city, and my computer stays on other city. is from mobile, and can’t signed all most of the petitions. i want and need to signed.)

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