Charge Animal Abuser for Poisoning Dogs

Target: Santa Ana District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas

Goal: Charge Ray Haines with animal cruelty after poisoning dogs with toxic drain cleaner.

A California man still faces no animal cruelty charges after fatally poisoning a neighbor’s dog more than three months ago. Ray Haines left a mixture of dog food and toxic drain cleaner eight feet from the neighbor’s yard where he knew dogs were present. Please sign this petition and urge the District Attorney to file animal cruelty charges against Haines.

Marc Schroeder’s dog, Diablito, suffered convulsions and died after reportedly eating a mixture of dog food and drain cleaner from a neighbor’s yard. Schroeder, Diablito and Atlas, a friend’s 135-pound German Shepherd, were chatting with his neighbor, Ray Haines two days before both dogs suffered convulsions and Diablito’s death. While the neighbors were visiting, Haines watched as both dogs entered his yard and he did not warn of any poison. Both dogs were sickened and suffered convulsions. While a veterinarian was able to save Atlas, eight-pound Diablito sadly died.

Haines says the poison was intended for opossums that had been causing him problems in his garden. According to City Manager George Scarborough, it is a violation of California law to poison wildlife and domestic animals.

Please sign this petition and urge the District Attorney to file animal cruelty charges against Ray Haines for poisoning and killing his neighbor’s dog.


Dear Mr. Rackauckas,

Three months ago, Marc Schroeder’s dog Diablito died after eating dog food laced with poison in his neighbor’s yard. Ray Haines had left the poisonous food out to kill opossums bothering his garden. Despite seeing the dogs in his yard, Haines did not stop the dogs or mention the poison to Schroeder. Shockingly, three months later Haines has not faced any charges, despite the fact that poisoning any animal, domestic or wild, is against California state law.

Diablito was not the only dog affected by Haines’ poisonous trap. Atlas, a 135-pound German Shepherd, also suffered convulsions but was able to pull through with the help of a veterinarian. Haines must face charges for his careless attempt to deal with the wildlife in his close-knit community.

Please file animal cruelty charges against Haines for breaking California state law, poisoning two dogs, and killing one. Three months is a very long time for the case to be delayed considering the insurmountable evidence against Haines and his admission of guilt. It is time that the Schroeder family gets justice for Diablito, and Haines must be punished for the careless murder of wildlife and a beloved pet.


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  1. This dangerous sicko must be locked up for good. No telling and scary to think of what he will do next.

  2. Geynell Eskite Geynell Eskite says:

    Setting out poisoned dog/cat food should be a felony, and conviction should carry at least 5 years of jail time.

  3. barbara slaven says:

    i cared for elderly couple in a poor neighboor hood as a cna. the property which had many apts. on it also had many cats 90 percent of which were NOT ferrel – very friendly and hungry. I became close to a couple of them who would greet me in am knowing my eventual routine of bringing wet (mostly) cat food for them to share they loved it. And I became to love them knowing the area was poor and no one or most did not spay or neutor- I had one who I tear up writing this his name was Murray. Feed and pet him for 6 months or so he had a “sister” who did not go out, they lived next to my couple. Came to work one day Murray was next to the complex laying down foaming out of the mouth , never saw anyting like that called my bosses and let them know I NEEDED to take this animal to my vet that he did not look good and was starting to convulse. One of the most horrible sites to see him such a sweetie he was to suffer. I put him in the only thing I could find was a 3 x 3 plastic tote. The lid was NOT secure. So I drove him one arm on lid to keep this cat from getting out by myself with all the strength I had and keep the car on the road and not get attacked by him getting out cause he was SOOO DARN SCARED and Confused (and dying/suffering). Well had to leave him over night . CaLLED next day and he passed. I was told he probabbly was poised. Never knew who . Thanked my vet paid this bill and still remember this poor animals suffering first hand. It sucks any person could put an animal through that. Murry is in heaven. His owner moved and left “sister” Millie behind in an empty house for 3 wks. I now have Millie shes the best. Also we got adopted by a stray cat walking the highway by my house sticks and bones – put out flyers no one could claim him as theirs – he is now fat – well healthy not fat and very HAPPY. he has a home – Thanks for letting me share. Dont let this guy who you know is harming these animals get away. There is still one im my area who did get away and we will never know this culperate….@E#%&*!

  4. Here’s a story about a nurse who was

    Nurse Michael Garritson was charged with animal cruelty, but a judge in that case let him keep his RN license so he could “make a living” . He sure went on to make a living, and was eventually caught on tape secretly abusing an autistic non verbal man in his care. Garritson is seen gouging the autistic man in the eye repeatedly over several shifts. Also caught pulling his hair and slamming him to ground and neglecting his needs repeatedly. This is an excellent illustration of someone who has no regard for animal welfare nor the rights of the humans in his care. Perhaps if Michael Garritson had been registered in an animal abuse registry, he would not have been allowed to later go on to physically abuse the autistic man. Thank God the family caught this monster on tape or he may have killed the autistic man.

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