Demand Local News Anchor Be Fired for Homophobic Slur

Target: WXIX Fox 19

Goal: Fire news anchor who made homophobic slur

Tricia Macke, a local Cincinnati news anchor for Fox 19, let something slip that couldn’t be construed as fair or balanced. She recently made the comment on her personal Facebook page that lesbian MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow is “an angry young man;” obviously referring to her sexuality. The news has of course devolved from a public service into a ratings-chasing, partisan form of entertainment and propaganda dissemination, but for a news affiliate to so publicly make an anti-gay statement and still continue to be allowed to deliver the news is a disgrace.

This is not an issue of free speech or political correctness. People are entitled to hate, make fun of, or criticize anyone or anything and their right to do so should be defended. This is an issue of a news organization, which already carries a reputation for conservative, hate-based values, continuing to employ a woman as a news anchor (not a political commentator) who has proven that she cannot keep her beliefs to herself. The news is supposed to be unbiased. Although we are far beyond unbiased news, it is ridiculous that a network would still employ someone who is so blatantly hateful and ignorant in public. This was not a conversation with a friend; this was a public post on Facebook.

Tricia Macke obviously feels the need to publicly mock gay people despite the fact that it conflicts with her duty of bringing news to the public. This news anchor should be fired if Fox 19 wants to retain any semblance of legitimacy as a news organization.


Dear WXIX Fox 19,

Tricia Macke has made it perfectly clear that she is not capable of remaining unbiased in the public eye after her comments about Rachel Maddow. She is a news anchor, not a political pundit. How can she continue to deliver news to the public under the guise of being impartial when she publicly makes ignorant, homophobic statements? News anchors should be held to a higher standard than the rest of society and even the rest of the entertainment industry because their job is supposed to be a public service. They are supposed to deliver the news without prejudice. When you make clear your positions in public, you are no longer able to deliver news with impartiality in the public eye.

A person should feel free to express him or herself on any position they like. But if a person’s chosen profession is that of a news anchor, their public image should be one of impartiality. The instant they express any political views, their duty to the public (which seems to have been long forgotten) has been compromised. If a person feels the need to publicly express their opinions, they should find another line of work because a news anchor is there to deliver the facts to the public and nothing else.


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  1. I see what the problem is, à la “methinks the lady doth protest too much”. You’re looking a little dykey there yourself, Trisha. Wishing for a little change from the hubby and 5 kids? (How’s it feel NOW?) You’re NO PRO. TIME TO GO. Oh, but you’re “pretty” (In a stupid airhead kind of way)- Fox nerds you.

  2. Grow up, Ms Macke, and behave like professional newsperson.

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