Demand Harsher Punishment for Sexual Misconduct on Subways

Target: United States Congress

Goal: Implement harsher punishments for sexual misconduct on subways

No one should ever feel threatened while they are in a public place. Unfortunately, this is not the case for a majority of women who rely on public transportation. For women who regularly use the subway, “subway grinding” is something they have witnessed or have personally experienced.

“Subway grinding” is defined as an inappropriate act that involves an assailant rubbing up on or grinding against a victim. In some extreme cases, a man will even ejaculate on women while grinding on them, and will even target young girls. While this act is utterly vile and disgusting, little has been done to punish those who commit it.

In most cases of subway grinding, the offender will be charged with a misdemeanor. This is due to the the technicality that subway grinders are not exerting force on their victims. Despite this technicality, subway grinding should still be seen as a forceful act of abuse against women; the law should protect women from any form of unwanted sexual contact.

By letting subway grinders get away with a slap on the wrist, it is suggested that subway grinding is not a serious crime. As a sexual offense, subway grinding should have harsher punishments such as violators being placed on a sex offender list or repeat offenders being charged with a felony. If possible, more staff should also be added in order to supervise passengers in order to ensure that no foul play occurs.

Action needs to be taken against those who commit subway grinding. Women should be able to feel safe in public; being in public does not automatically make women “public property.” Subway grinding is extremely degrading to women. Being sexually assaulted and not receiving proper justice discourages women from reporting these crimes.

Help women overcome the harassment and discomfort of subway grinding. Sign the petition below to urge Congress to implement harsher punishments for subway grinding offenders.


Dear U.S. Congress,

Subway grinding is a serious sexual offense and action needs to be taken against those who commit it. Currently, little has been done to punish offenders of this crime; the most an offender is charged with is a misdemeanor. This is unacceptable given the severity of the offense. Men who target young girls in a sexual manner or ejaculate on women in public should be punished to the fullest extent.

There needs to be harsher punishments against these offenders in order to encourage women to report these crimes and discourage men from committing them. Women already feel degraded in public because they are often victims of sexual objectification. I am urging you to make women feel safe in public again. Please take action to make harsher laws and consequences towards subway grinders.


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  1. someone did this to me. I just reached behind me… grabbed his balls real tight and squeezed.. man did he scream.. bet he never did it again.. quickest way to stop it if you ask me.

  2. Seriously? I can’t believe we are having to sign a petition to get this dealt with properly. It is disgraceful.

  3. Gross! is the first word to come to mind.
    But I worry about young girls. How many girls under 16 would tell their parents about this? This needs to be stopped and harsher penalties applied.

  4. Love the “grab the balls” story.

    First time it happened to me, I was sitting down and the guy was leaning against my shoulder. He jumped back fast when I gave a sudden jab to the offening parts with my elbow.

    Second time, I exclaimed really loudly “Ewww, creep! Get your body parts off of me!” With everyone staring at him and a few starting to call him names, he couldn’t get out the door fast enough when we got to the next stop.

    Legislation? Seriously? You can already get the guy arrested for “gross sexual imposition” which carries jail time, and probably get him thrown off the subway. Usually public humiliation is enough to get him to stop. Learn how to be proactive about defending yourself, and we need to teach the girls in our lives to do the same.

  5. Perverts, just go to crowded areas like shopping malls or concerts or even street performers!!!

    It’s very rare for yol to be caught and be embarrassed, but doing it on trains??? No guys that’s desperation right there, not to mention risky

    1 out of 10 women won’t mind though be grinded but guys, don’t do it on trains where people will speak out and embarrass yol. Try the malls and the stuff, AWE

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