Stop Dirty and Dangerous Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

Target: Mike Hybl, Executive Director of the Nebraska Public Service Commission

Goal: Deny permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

As oil gushes out of the Keystone pipeline and into the environment, Trump is on the verge of approving a bigger version of the pipeline, called the Keystone XL. Over 200,000 gallons of oil have spilled from the existing Keystone Pipeline near a small town, polluting the environment and threatening humans and wildlife. The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which is backed by the same company that owns the existing Keystone Pipeline, would add to the network of dangerous oil pipelines in the region and increase the risk of additional future spills.

While the oil industry disingenuously promises that the pipeline will be safe and will actually “help the environment,” the truth is that oil pipelines are dirty, dangerous and are a clear threat to the environment. The project was originally canceled by President Obama but President Trump is on the verge of reauthorizing it.

Keystone XL has been a terrible idea from the beginning, and with the final decision on whether to permit the pipeline looming, we must act now to ensure that it is stopped. Sign this petition to demand the government oppose this dirty idea.


Dear President Trump,

A large oil spill from the existing Keystone pipeline has been reported in South Dakota. This is just a small preview of what could become a regular occurrence should the long-awaited permit for the new Keystone XL Pipeline be approved by your administration. Millions have been protesting this pipeline since day one; the chemicals from the project are highly dangerous to humans and animals alike and will contaminate the water supply and surrounding environment.

Your efforts to move this project forward despite these environmental risks is alarming. Going forward with the Keystone XL would further endanger millions of humans and animals, while destroying the surrounding environment. Please stop pursuing this dirty and destructive project.


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Photo Credit: NOAA

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  1. Just a disaster waiting to happen! And it will happen! It always does!

  2. Jeannette Allan says:

    This pipeline is a vile abomination against our environment, it’s wildlife and people. The irreversible destruction of our land must stop. It was not if this was going to happen but when, and it will happen again and again. This unprecedented predation upon the environment and its inhabitants by mindless mendacious corporate greed has got to end. The people must wake up and realise we are in the 21st century, and clean renewable energy is the only path to halting devastating climate change.

  3. Just another example of the disaster by the current administration, stop with this nonsense and invest in only green energy. Let’s not fall behind the world.
    Also support commonsense environmental, animal and human rules and regulations.

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    this is violation of environmental rights and human rights.

  5. Activists – Never waive the white Flag!

  6. What could you expect? America elected a business vulture as president. Every decision he has made are slanted to profit & greed. Coporate America scores big time on every decision he has & will make. The only thing Donald J.Trump wants to “achieve” is more power & more money…Good job USA.

    • Totally agree with you Jane.

      Does America not see how the rest of the world view Trump ??? He doesn’t care about anyone else except himself.

      He is a joke that unfortunately America will be paying the price for, for a long time if he continues to make decisions such as this.

  7. We knew this would happen. It always does. Just look at the previous oil disasters. Exxon, BP, etc..

    • And, at my age, I was around for the beginning of these disasters, the Exxon Valdez. That one had been fined $5 billion in punitive damages, and following numerous lawsuits to have the fine reduced, ended up only having to pay $507.5 million. Much of the cost of cleanup and legal fees was covered by insurance. One of the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters, the Valdez spill is the second largest in US waters in terms of volume released. These are just highlights. There is much more information on the internet. This was the beginning of a long line of environmental disasters due to the oil industry and shows they are not held fully accountable. Our tax dollars help pay for the cleanup while we get nothing in return except the likelihood of another. Like they say, it’s not if, it’s when will the next spill happen.

  8. Ďisaster after disaster. Spill after spill. Noone in government wants to help the people and the lands. It is all corporate greed. The people need to take over.

  9. The Rev Charles H Hensel says:

    Save our planet from oil spills.

  10. Heather Brophy says:

    Hybl, We pay you to protect not to seek and destroy, if you can’t then GET THE HELL OUT and stop wasting our money!

  11. Trump does not listen to anyone excep his own EGO

    • Absolutely right!!! He comes over as self centred and arrogant: suppose he can’t help his “ Bird lips” but he could control the rubbish he spouts. He wants to remember all the people who live in America not just the billionaires, many people care about the environment, he needs to listen to folk otherwise he may find he has a lot of time for spray tan, cos he won’t be running the country, a sensible person will be, think about it Trump

  12. This is a disaster just waiting to happen. When will our government its supposed leaders (unfortunately Trump) show some moral compass and do the right thing and protect our environment for everyone in a protective way as to ensure future generations enjoy our environemt and live in its safety and beauty. As for the wildlife, we so inadvertantly destroy at a whim shame on humanity. Its all about greed under a brainwas pretense of more jobs for us. BULL its about lining the pockets of big companies and politicians. SHAME on Humanity. We are hell bent on its destruction.

  13. What is really bothersome here is that the decision makers in Nebraska that might want to vote against this abomination have their hands tied with the ‘cannot use safety concerns’ rule as a reason for denying the pipeline expansion. I’d hate to live in a state where it is illegal for my reps at the state level to consider my safety when making decisions. That’s unconscionable.

  14. Trump is at it again. When he’s not insulting other countries, he is polluting his own. He is very scary.

    “Trump is on the verge of approving a bigger version of the pipeline, called the Keystone XL. Over 200,000 gallons of oil have spilled from the existing Keystone Pipeline near a small town, polluting the environment and threatening humans and wildlife.”

    It’s not if, it’s when will the next spill happen.

    Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, we are demanding Mike Hybl, Executive Director of the Nebraska Public Service Commission
    to DENY permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Thank you.

  15. TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone pipeline already leaked an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil onto agricultural land in northeastern South Dakota this month. Trump and his Republican yes-men in Congress only care about enriching the fossil fuel industry despite the continuing damage that fossil fuels do to our air, water, soil, and climate. The fossil fuel companies donate millions to elect Republican puppets to Congress. We must replace these paid-off puppets with Democrats who care about our environment and who will support clean renewable energy industries.

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