End Ferret Cruelty At Triple F Farms, Inc.

Target: Center for Disease Control

Goal: To stop the abuse and neglect of ferrets at Triple F Farms, Inc.

Triple F Farms, Inc is a ferret farm located in Bradford City, Pennsylvania that prides itself in “providing the safest and cleanest environment possible, in additional to proper nutrition and preventative medicine.” Unfortunately, an undercover investigation facilitated by PETA uncovered quite a different story. This ferret-breeding factory whose animals are sold to laboratories and pet stores is operated with confined cages, filthy conditions and heat that reaches up to 99 degrees.

With more than six thousand ferrets in confinement at Triple F Farms Inc, they are often prone to dehydration, starvation severe neglect and death. Some of the health problems that PETA’s investigation found in the ferrets were bloody rectums, gaping wounds, herniated organs, ruptured eyes, infected feet and inflamed mammary glands. Cages were cleaned every three to six weeks, and each cleaning turned up overwhelming amounts of urine, feces and carcasses. The investigator questioned the ownership, management and supervisors of Triple F Farms about these vile conditions countless times in fear for their lives. Rather than receiving an answer or assistance, the investigator was instructed to just leave them as they were.

Triple F Farms claims that veterinarians visit their farm on a weekly basis, however throughout the four-month duration of the investigation not one vet was admitted to the premises. Instead, lay employees used unsterilized tools in dirty room to perform surgeries.

PETA submitted formal complaints to seven federal and state agencies and is asking for further investigations to be carried out. Please sign the petition below to advance the cause and speak out against ferret cruelty.


Dear CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden,

Triple F Farms, Inc. ferret farm boasts a safe and clean environment and optimum health care for its ferrets, however an undercover investigation facilitated by PETA has proven otherwise.

With more than six thousand ferrets in confinement at Triple F Farms Inc, they are often prone to dehydration, starvation severe neglect and death. Cages are only cleaned every three to six weeks, and veterinarians rarely visit the facilities.

The PETA investigator questioned the carelessness of the staff and the filthy conditions that the ferrets were left in, but the ownership simply instructed the investigator to leave them as they were.

I am urging you to launch another investigation at Triple F Farms, and to end the cruelty it is subjecting its ferrets to.


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  1. Since the CDC uses ferrets for scientific experiments and has a 1.5 million dollar investment in Triple F it seems unlikely that they give a f@@k.

    • You are absolutely correct, especially in this era of fiscal constraint when government agencies are looking for the cheapest contractor available rather than one that provides quality services. I work for a different NIH contractor (we have nothing to do with animal research) and, as part of the job, have to work for CDC as well. I am seeking other employment now that I have heard that CDC has renewed its contract with this ferret “Auschwitz.” When I leave, I plan to submit a letter to NIH and CDC explaining why I am leaving (part of it has to do with excessive reliance on animal testing in the first place) and will mention Triple F. I have come to know many good people at both of these agencies over the years and I hope this will have some impact.

  2. Brenda Salai says:

    what is going on???? these “people” should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law

  3. vickie henry says:

    this all has got to stop, to many loving animals are dieing and being abused everyday and thats w/o these kind of places. shelters areover run trying to save their lives and others could care less stop! just stop this maddness

  4. You know, this really eats at me I know I saw it when it first came out and I am signing Peta’s more then one time and this ones. Obiviously it needs to stop this is waaay cruel they should be in jail all of them and the animals rescued…. I really want that to happen.

  5. Position as raising ferrets should not happen here the Republic of Korea, but it goes on in the world must not cruelty to animals, especially if the intertwined pereot should not be abused anymore.

  6. Melissa Moreno says:

    I’m going to light a fire under their ass until they get the picture! Who is with me to rally/protest toward the end of year in PA? Find me on Miami Dade County Ferret Club on FB. http://www.facebook.com/melimore86

    • Kathy Huamani says:

      I live in Maryland, an easy drive to PA, and I am with you. I will protest that hell hole until it is shut down. If you send me more information, I will be happy to contact local ferret shelters, vets, and ferret clubs, etc. to get on board

  7. 평범한사람 says:

    진짜 나쁜놈들!! 동물들이 무슨죄냐! 동물 괴롭히지말라고 좀 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 나쁜놈들아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  8. adella cotton says:

    i think it is sick to do something like that just 4 the money. i have 2 ferrets of my own and i love them dearly and there cages are cleaned every day. it takes me about 10 mins to clean them. if ya can’t take care of them then do not breed them. animal have feeling to just like in there eyes.

  9. I have done ferret rescue for 20 years, starting when I was 18. I love these animals dearly. They are brilliant, gentle, and made from love. I would happily take in any ferret who needs a home. I am honored by the love of these small friends.
    Animals are gods children, and we are their stewards. Let us care for them.


  10. Jacquie Rodgers says:

    The Triple F Farms undercover PETA video is a MUST SEE (easy to find online) for every living, feeling, God-fearing human being. These horrific inhumane monsters MUST BE STOPPED NOW…..before one more previous little life is lost to their cruel, heartless selfish money hungry bastards. I say hang them and let us poke them with swords and hot coals till their bodies are crisp and medium well done…it will be the only thing they will have been well done in their damn lives! Nothing is too bad for these evil ones who can so unflinching ly harm such innocent, precious sweet babes. DAMN THEM TO HE’LL. It took everything I had. In me to watch that film. It is TRULY the absolutely most repulsive and heartbreaking thing I ever saw…could barely see it thru my tears; I mean uncontrollably sobbing tears, not dainty ‘isn’t that just horrible’ ltttle sniffs’. PLEASE WATCH IT… GET DAMN

  11. Hee Jin Lee says:

    Ferret to, don’t do that.

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