Stop Trump’s Attempt to Destroy Elephant Population

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Keep ban on importing trophy elephant heads from Africa in place.

President Trump has lifted an Obama-era ban on importing elephant trophies from Africa. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has confirmed that it will begin issuing permits, much to the delight of the National Rifle Association. The move received hefty praise and justification from Trump’s supporters.

This is unacceptable. Not only are elephants still critically endangered due to the ivory trade still clinging to life in some countries, but Trump is blatantly lifting a ban set in place to protect them all so his sons can bring their heads home to parade about as great accomplishments. This man’s selfishness could potentially destroy the entire elephant population. The USFWS should not have even considered giving in to Trump’s demands, much less complied with them.

We cannot allow more elephants to die for the sake of Trump’s thoughtless whims. Sign this petition to demand the USFWS immediately revoke the licenses of big game hunters and fight to put the ban back in place.


Dear Director Kurth,

Your decision to comply with President Trump’s rollback of protection for elephants is unacceptable. There is nothing beneficial in allowing hunters to kill these animals for the sake of importing their heads as trophies; elephants are still endangered, and should hunters be given the permission to target them once more, they will be completely extinct in a matter of years.

Revoke the licenses you have issued at once, and tell Trump “no.” There is never any excuse to hunt down endangered species, and Trump is not even pretending to have a good one. Elephants are much too important to die out, and you must continue to help us protect them.


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Photo Credit: Mike Prince

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  1. Trump is delusional and have no idea what is going on in this world. First he argued that the world climate is NOT changing as the scientists have claimed. NOW he lifted the BAN of Trophy importation into USA because the TWO EVIL SONS OF THIS MAN AND BOTH OF THEM ARE POACHERS. THEY ARE BLOOD THIRSTY, COWARDICE TWO MEN. So this Old man is now supporting the two scums to get their unworthy, cannibalism to get succeed.

    They have no idea how badly these Animals population has lowered due to unethical poaching of the vulnerable sentient beings. Entire world leaders are standing together to BAN & STOP this mass murder of Elephants etc. and namely the BIG 5 of hunting.
    Yet, this cowardice ego eccentric, Cruel people are so in thirst of another’s Blood bath is ever yearning to murder them and to enjoy the carnage. How pathetic individuals these must be?
    It is a shame to even know that so called leader of a country is such savagely, maliciously bring forth the rules to murder the innocent sentient beings, as if it has got no, consequences in the future. THIS TRUMP MAN HAS GOT THE HITLERS EVIL BLOOD I GUESS. ANYWAYS HE IS A GERMAN BY THE BLOOD LINE…

  2. Michele OBrien says:

    I find it reprehensible that the protections that had been put in place to save elephants and other big game animals have been removed. I don’t know that Donald Trump has ever hunted at all but his despicable sons do and I honestly believe that’s the one and only reason he had the ban lifted. It is of course completely backwards and a reprehensible thing to do. I absolutely despise Donald Trump jr. And his brother for their bloodthirsty Behavior.

  3. If this is true then I lost a bit of respect for Trump. I fully agree with people that the global warming is a scam, I know, I used to scam people at my previous job for their Sales department selling “green energy” to help earth and the global warming just to learn it is all just a trick to take more money from the people. But this is a serious cause, we can’t have this ban be lifted these animals needs our help and I don’t think if Trump really is behind lifting the ban, what really is at stake here.

  4. Jeannette Allan says:

    I expected no more from the Trump. The vapid grinning photo of that son standing with the elephants tail,says it all…. those trophy hunters are invariably weak insecure men, unsure about their fragile manhood, who need to bolster up their shaky masculinity, and validate their pseudo “ bravery “ by killing beautiful creatures , and by revolting photo ops, and stupid bragging rights to their moronic friends. This sociopathy seems to be a familial tendency … beyond the pale repellent …and how incredibly tragic that those beautiful animals who are rapidly disappearing from our planet at an unprecedented rate…. a global disgrace.

  5. Rachel Davies says:

    The more vocal we are, the more likely he’ll back down on this. Keep it up, people.

  6. Extinction is forever. It makes me ill to see these “mighty, brave, hunters” standing over their kills grinning like they have really accomplished something. These animals will never live again. As humans continue to pop out litters and more litters, the human population keeps increasing to now almost 8 billion, while elephants, lions and giraffes are nearing extinction. I saw trump’s son’s pictures. You would hope they would set an example. The other only example they have set is that they are brainless, immoral and self-serving like their father. Those animals have more intelligence and reason to live than any of those three. Africa could get a lit of money into their country by promoting tourism than selling out their wildlife.


  8. We need to save more animals and less cruel, heartless humans!

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