Forbid the Entrapment of Wild Monkeys as Pets

Target: The Honorary Pravind Kumar Jugnauth MP Esq., Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius

Goal: Institute law against keeping wild monkeys, whose needs cannot be met in captivity, as pets.

Wild monkeys in Mauritus can legally be stolen from their rainforest homes and made to live out their lives in captivity as pets, where it is virtually impossible to meet all of their needs. Recently 24 macaques were rescued and returned to their Indonesian rainforest home by International Animal Rescue, after they were surrendered or abandoned by owners who discovered they could not care for the animals. However, countless more remain imprisoned as pets in Mauritius, and monkeys in the wild are at risk of meeting the same fate.

Macaques are extremely intelligent and social animals. They require an environment as complex as they are in order to lead healthy lives, including a unique diet and the company of a community of other monkeys. Even the most well intentioned pet owner would be ill-equipped to meet these needs, and most macaques who are rescued from captivity show signs of severe psychological damage. They are often confined to cages and tied up around the waist when kept in domestic environments, which is torture for these active and intelligent creatures. Sign below to demand that it be made illegal to capture wild monkeys from their homes in the wild to keep them as pets.


Dear Prime Minister Jugnauth,

A law banning people from keeping wild animals as domestic pets—especially monkeys like macaques, who absolutely cannot thrive in captivity—is crucial and must be put in place in Mauritius. Allowing these animals to be captured from their homes in the wild and confined as pets for the rest of their lives is cruel and inhumane, and it must be stopped.

Macaques are intelligent and social animals who should not be made to live in cages or tied up around the waist. No matter how well a human owner might care for a monkey, that owner cannot provide the social interaction, complex environment, or freedom macaques need, and the vast majority of macaques rescued from domestic situations show signs of severe psychological distress. I urge you to stop allowing the capture and ‘domestication’ of wild monkeys as pets by immediately introducing legislation to forbid it.


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Photo Credit: Einar Fredriksen

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  1. Wild animals belong in the wild! They do not belong in cages or tied down! Their needs cannot be met in any other environment other than their own! This is cruel and abusive! Leave them in their homes where they belong!

  2. People with needing wild animals as pets are insecure, insignificant, and lack intelligence – thus they are hiding behind the mask of being “unusual” – all in all: useless stinkers!

  3. Crystal Wilson says:

    Wild animals are called wild for a reason. They are not domesticated. Leave them their habits alone.

  4. Can’t we just leave them alone,let monkey’s be monkey’s!

  5. Rachel Davies says:

    This is really disturbing. Why the hell haven’t we moved on from this – it goes back to medieval ages, but some traditions simply have to change, like we don’t throw Christians to the lions anymore! The PM needs to get a brain and bring his country into the 21st century, where most of the world is trying to rid the world of the barbaric abuse of our animals. Mauritius needs to shed its primitive image and start protecting its animals.

  6. Leave them alone stop now there for the wild not pets.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

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