End the Dog Genocide in Jordan

Target: Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, King of Jordan

Goal: Stop the mass murder of stray dogs in Jordan.

Thousands of stray dogs are being killed under the order of Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh, the religious leader of Jordan, after a girl died from a rabies-infected dog bite. Despite reports that the girl’s death was due to the hospital not administering anti-rabies medicine, Dr. Al-Khalaileh has foisted the blame onto innocent dogs, claiming that “The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered the killing of five animals including stray and rabid dogs in order to preserve human life.”

This is beyond unacceptable, and absolutely disgusting. While the girl’s death was certainly a tragedy, as the death of a child is, to blame the entire population of stray dogs for the misdeeds of one is simply a thinly veiled excuse to murder innocent animals. Even with Islamic teachings dictating the sanctity of human life, dogs should not have to die in order to preserve it. Furthermore, this decree is merely using the dogs as a scapegoat when it was the hospital that neglected to treat the girl in time.

This senseless slaughter must be stopped immediately. Justice must be sought for the thousands of dogs already killed, and the remaining animals must be protected from such a fate. Sign this petition to save the dog population of Jordan.


Dear His Majesty King Abdullah,

Your country’s religious leader has called for the death of all stray dogs after a young girl died of a rabies-infected bite, despite the most probable cause of her death being the hospital neglecting to administer the drugs needed to stop the disease. Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh is essentially scapegoating stray dogs, using religion as an excuse to end their lives.

You must put a stop to this immediately. Human life is sacred, but it is no excuse to execute a mass murder of innocent stray dogs simply because of one dog’s actions. These animals have done nothing wrong; they are innocent creatures who deserve better than to die after living in horrible conditions on the streets for who knows how long. Stop this senseless slaughter at once, and protect the dogs that remain.


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Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack

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  1. Religion should never be used as an excuse to take any life. Here in America thousands of dogs are being euthanized daily. Not because of religious reasons, just because humans are too stupid to have their animals spayed or neutered. We have a huge population of stray animals, just like everywhere else. Religion….overpopulation, huh? Either one means the death of thousands of animals

    • Unfortunately, yours is the most honest response I’ve read. We haven’t been very kind to the cats and dogs we no longer want here in the USA.

    • If this goes, the petition won’t let me sign without an email to track.
      I pray to my mother and father “may this dude suffer in everyway to him and his family everything his hand has ordered upon these innocent soul be returned in a million fold” so Effin tired of this deal, they think their god to make those decisions!

    • So true, innocent animals suffer because of stupid ignorant people who cause the problem by not getting their pets spayed/neutered and others who abandon their animals. Instead of mass murdering these animals which does not resolve the problem they should be speyed/neutered. Its always the innocent animals who suffer instead of the morons that cause the problem.

  2. MASS MURDER is immoral, cruel, draconian, lazy, unconscionable, sadistic, merciless and depravedly indifferent — Let’s get some rationality, clear-thinking AND compassion — DO THE RIGHT THING BY THESE DOGS — they too want to live — they too have every RIGHT to live — keep them alive and get them healthy — it may require MORE WORK but it is the MORAL thing to do — these beautiful dogs can then be adopted out into many different situations.

  3. Simon Rimmer says:

    Humans must do better for animals. Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime, time to clean up the human garbage in the world!! Animals must not be blamed for human ignorance!!!

  4. What kind of society does this, they are barbarians, their population needs to be killed off, disgusting humans

  5. These dogs have done nothing wrong!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. Devil monsters. What a disgusting pure evil country. Keep those monsters out of the USA.

  7. St. Vlad the Impaler was canonised because he helped to stop the spread of Islam. Even in those days, people knew that it was much more pleasant to have your anus impaled on a spike than to have your country overrun by a bunch of psychotic towelheads. Mohammed (piss be upon him) was an animal and child abuser and fucked a nine year-old. As my budgerigar likes to say, Allah Fuckbar!

  8. no need to bring discrimination into this. take a look in your own back yard and see the animal abuse going on in this country !! animal abuse should not happen no matter where. what about trophy hunting by your president’s bouncing baby boys? is that justified? no religion there………..by the way the photo looks like they are all pitbulls…….gee i wonder where that could be you morons !!!!!!

  9. There are plenty of monsters, hurting or killing animals, not just in Jordan, although it is disgusting, in the free world democratic world we have the same problem, only we use more finesse. The thousands that die unwanted, abandoned, starved, beaten to death, factories for food, it brings to mind, just now the millions of Turkeys, etc., It’s high time the human species change their ways. Those dressed in Monkey suits, that pass legislation, would make a good start, voting legislation forbidding puppy mills, those that make an x, on their ballot to give expression to their wishes to be adopted as far as animals are treated, etc., etc.,. Much suffering could be avoided, starting there, start in your own backyard, never mind Jordan, although, you are right, caring, and being concerned.

  10. Pays de fils de merde humaine!! si l’on pouvait faire une fatwa pour tuer tous ces fils de putes en Europe et dans des pays plus civilisés je le ferais sans hésitations. A mort toute cette race de fond de fosse septique!




    Stop this crime!!

  14. Evil,evil people prey on their own people these dogs mean absolutely nothing to them

  15. Middle Eastern countries don’t regard animals as feeling living sentient beings. They have no respect for animals in general. . .sure there are some people that love animals there, but the majority of the average person does not respect or have much regard for animals, especially street animals, unfortunately. It is a shame and hopefully that situation should change with education and resources.

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

  17. I have been told by a Muslim woman that Muslims think dogs are dirty so I guess they do not really care what happens to them.
    I think it is abhorrent and really just shows, as it does in any country, Muslim or not, how humans continue to abuse and neglect dogs when all they want to do is to please us and love us.
    Humans really are the most cruel animals on earth.

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