Stop Killing Mice With Cruel, Inhumane Glue Traps

Target: Jack Malone, Senior Director of Facility Services

Goal: Stop Northeastern University from using glue traps.

Boston’s Northeastern University has allegedly been using glue traps as a means of rodent population control. Not only are these traps excessively cruel, but they also harbor disease. It is time to start managing the rodent population in a more effective and humane way.

Glue traps work by luring animals, typically with food, onto the pad which sticks to the rodent’s body and traps them. The animal starts to panic immediately and will go to desperate measures to escape. Animals have been known to chew off their own limbs to escape. In addition, the Center for Disease Control does not support the use of glue traps as they harbor disease from the animal’s urine and feces.

Sign this petition and demand Northeastern stop using glue traps. There are plenty of alternative ways to manage this problem.


Dear Mr. Malone,

Reportedly, Northeastern University has been using glue traps to manage rodent populations. Glue traps are incredibly cruel and also harbor disease. There are many more humane, alternative ways to manage rodent populations that I urge you to look into.

As you are aware, glue traps work by luring the animal to a sticky pad where the animal gets stuck and can barely move. Panic washes over the animal and they will try anything to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. The Center for Disease Control even advises people not to use glue traps as they harbor disease from the animal’s urine and feces. Live traps or deterrent sprays can be used instead of glue traps.

Please consider ending the use of glue traps. With so many other options, there is no need for the excessive cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: SB_Johnny

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  1. It is terrible that “human” beings invent such devillish devices to trap, torture and kill animals!

  2. Ban the inhumane glue traps immediately! They are torture! Cruel! Abusive! Horrific! There are many humane ways to catch mice! Shame on the inventor for these torture traps! Disgusting!

  3. Glue traps and the companies that make them do nothing more than cause suffering of innocent animals. Mice are intelligent creatures, they care about their young, they will risk their own lives to free other’s trapped in these cruel devices and so much more. Basically better than humans.

  4. Alison Zacharis says:

    What evil mind invented this horrific trap as a pest control, when the only ‘pest’ rolling around the planet in need of control is mankind! It’s time this University went back to school to learn important lessons in animal cruelty! Perhaps also, the persons or indeed any person who endorses the use of these appalling traps should experience for themselves just how cruel they are by having them stuck to their own personage, preferably their delicate areas!!!!

  5. PATRICIA KatWrangler WELCH says:

    My father worked at a small company who used these horrors in their warehouse. At that time I had NO idea anyone made, let alone used, things like this. I couldn’t believe what I saw – I was a kid. Between me and my Dad, we convinced the owner to get a cat, and that worked just fine.

    KitKat did the job, and was there for everyone to spoil. They would take their KitKat break to decompress.

    I realize that a cat may not always be the solution, but I’m really suggesting that people need to look for better ways to accomplish things. Anyone who uses these torture devices should have one stuck to their face to see just how terrible they are. At least they’ll survive. And MAYBE learn something.

  6. these should be completely against the law. they don’t just catch mice.. they can catch birds, other small animals.. even small cats. there is a trap called a Tin Cat that will live trap mice and they can be taken out into a woods or field or park. so what if it takes a little bit of time. kindness is good for your soul.

  7. Stacey McRae says:

    My school district uses these torture chambers. To whom can I report them and what will be done?

    • Maybe to the janitors or higher up (principal). Glue traps are ineffective and they are better ways than this barbaric method!

  8. Glue traps are unbelievably cruel and I think that more and more people are realizing this. Please don’t let misconceptions cloud your judgement. Mice and all animals (+insects) are intelligent and caring in their own way. Please let’s end this and continue to stop the pain and suffering of ALL animals.

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