Investigate Federal Agency that Sold Wild Horses to Horse Slaughter Supporter

Target: Inspector General for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Earl Devaney

Goal: Investigate the selling of wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management to a supporter of the horse slaughter industry

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is a federal agency in charge of managing and protecting the wild horse population. Since 2008, the agency has sold over 1,700 wild horses to Tom Davis, a livestock hauler and outspoken supporter of the slaughter of horses for meat. Although Davis signed documents with the BLM promising not to sell any to slaughter, he has recently admitted to illegally shipping hundreds of horses across state lines to border towns in Texas without inspections. Sign this petition and support an investigation into the actions of the BLM, which knowingly sold these horses to Davis and did not ask questions about what he was doing with them or how he planned to care for them.

For a federal agency whose job it is to care for and manage the wild horse population, it is hypocritical and corrupt that it would do business with a man known as a ‘kill buyer,’ or someone who buys horses and sells them for slaughter. Davis has even tried to open his own kill plant, telling a reporter, ‘Hell, some of the finest meat you will ever eat is a fat yearling colt… What is wrong with taking all those BLM horses they got all fat and shiny and setting up a kill plant?’ According to a report in Mother Jones, the BLM would go so far as to contact Davis and encourage him to buy dozens of horses at a time without seeing or examining them first. The fact that the BLM never followed through with any of Davis’ 1,700 horse adoptions to find out how these horses were doing after the adoptions shows a blatant disregard for the fate of the animals.

The BLM attempts to manage the wild horse population by rounding up thousands of horses each year and putting those that do not get adopted onto government feedlots and pastures. These lots currently hold almost 50,000 wild horses, which is about 10,000 more than are in the wild. According to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), the BLM is currently discussing spaying wild mares in the field in addition to the current birth control vaccines that are used as a method of population control. It is not a surprise to the AWHPC that the BLM would seek desperate and corrupt methods of ridding themselves of any number of horses to any buyer who would pay. The AWHPC is calling for a congressional oversight hearing on the BLM’s management of the program.

Sign this petition and urge the Inspector General to conduct an intense investigation into the actions of the BLM. The agency’s dealings with Tom Davis, which spanned nearly five years, is yet another embarrassing example of the hypocrisy and corruption running unchecked in federal agencies. Demand that a thorough investigation be conducted and an overhaul to the system be recommended.


Dear Mr. Devaney,

We urge you to investigate the actions of the Bureau of Land Management and its dealings with Tom Davis, a known proponent of the slaughter of horses. As it has been for decades, selling horses for slaughter is illegal. Simply for the sake of good business, if nothing else, the BLM should not have dealings with anyone who supports the slaughter of horses and who has attempted to open his own kill plant.

We can only hope that, through an intense investigation into the actions and practices of the BLM on this matter, a massive overhaul will be conducted on how the BLM handles wild horse adoptions. Background checks should be done on all interested parties and the agency should follow up on adopted horses to find out how they are faring in their new homes. Simply wishing that horses end up in good homes is not an effective policy.

Please investigate the relationship between Davis and the BLM and shut down the hypocrisy and corruption that has been going on in the adoptions of wild horses.


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Photo credit: David Reece via Flickr

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  1. Horses are magnificent animals who have served us at all times in history. To send them to slaughter is abject atrocity.

  2. P. S. Our country and many others were built on the backs of horses and human slaves.

  3. Horses are the slaves of the animal kingdom.
    They deserve so much more.

  4. Amen. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, too many people don’t care what happens to animals, and too many refer to The Bible to support any mistreatment of animals that will benefit human beings. The Bureau of Land Management and the federal and state wildlife departments are destroying animals endlessly. Just look at the slaughter of wolves and the kind of sadists who are participating–the grinning hunters standing over the battered and bloody bodies of the dead as if they were some kind of heroes. Disgusting!

  5. Let’s see…We really don’t need our Wild Horse Heritage for our children/grand children, do we??? Let’s have more hamburgers…NOT!!! FIRE KEN SALAZAR!

  6. What a shame disgusting thing to …these beautiful wild horses taken away from their natural environment and sold to an evil human being who only cares about making money and has no compassion for life. Horses are living beings just like us who deserve to be respected and loved. People should stop emphasizing eating meat so much and eat a more vegetarian based diet and maybe this type of cruelty and all cruelty to animals in slaughter will stop or be greatly reduced.

  7. Myrna Burdick says:

    Gayle Jansen and markgil know what is happening!

    The rest of you “ain’t it awfuls” need to get of your
    butts and start doing something about this attrocity which is facing all the animals of this world.

    I am so disgusted with humans that I hope the end of the world does come this December. People are beyond
    redemption, it is always “mememememememememememe” They
    have not anything in their head beyond, “me”, “mine””ours”.

  8. humas are out for greed, they dont care about the beautiful life God created for all to enjoy and respect. there will be a time when God will get angrey and those who disrespted Him and his world will have to answer.

  9. As someone who rescued and adopted 2 mustangs, it still blows my mind that they still are selling off wild horses for slaughter. I work with these wonderful animals, and they are not ” dumb creatures” aNd certainly do not deserve to be on someones plate. It is our national heritage that we are one of only a couple of nations who even have wild horses. I agree with all the folks who think Salazar should be fired. But let’s have some reality check here… he was put in there by all his political buddies…. including Obama. Not only is the BLM doing this, but they are culling herds by the dozens and not just selling them as slaughter horses for acrss the border… they are giving out basically kill permits. Just like the poor wolves in the western states. And who do we have to thank for that? FRANK HOPKINS would roll in his grave if he knew.

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