Stop Plans to Slaughter Endangered Wolves

Target: Gordon Hintz, Democratic Minority Leader of the Wisconsin State Assembly

Goal: Don’t allow hunters to slaughter grey wolves.

Endangered grey wolves will soon face slaughter at the hand of hunters due to a bill that will permit the hunting of the species. Several environmental groups have condemned this bill, saying that the population of grey wolves in Wisconsin is too fragile to allow their hunting and killing.

Before the arrival of Europeans, grey wolves lived throughout most of North America. But the hunting of wolves by humans, as well as the hunting of the prey animals that the wolves depend on for food decimated the wolf population in the contiguous United States. In Wisconsin, where wolves had once thrived, wolves disappeared: there were no breeding pairs in the state between 1960 and 1975. Only once the species was put on the federal endangered species list in 1974 did the population begin to return and recover.

Although wolf populations have been expanding in Wisconsin, conservationists say it is much too early to end their protections. In an interview with NPR, Noah Greenwald, endangered species program director at the Center for Biological Diversity stated, “Wolves are still missing from more than 90 percent of their historic range in the lower 48 states, and both the Endangered Species Act and common sense tell us we can’t ignore that loss.”

Sign this petition to encourage representatives in the Wisconsin State Assembly to reject the plan to restart wolf hunts.


Dear Mr. Hintz,

I am writing to encourage you and your colleagues in the Wisconsin State Assembly to oppose a bill that would end protections for grey wolves. Grey wolves are on the federal endangered species list and humans should not be allowed to kill them with impunity.

The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone has shown that wolves are an essential part of the ecosystem in northern states. In Yellowstone, the reintroduction of wolves balanced the elk population, which allowed beavers and willow trees to flourish. Natural wolf kills are also a valuable food sources for scavengers like ravens, eagles, magpies, and coyotes.

Conservationists have stated that the population of wolves in Wisconsin is too fragile to allow these creatures to be hunted. Without state protection, grey wolves could once again become locally extinct in Wisconsin. I ask that you do all you can to uphold protections for this keystone species.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Yellowstone National Park

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  2. Hunters are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals. If they want sport in hunting, then let them hunt each other!


  4. Signed. Karma to ALL worthless lying cheating scumbag politicians including ALL Govt supported organizations plus asshole bastard hunters responsible for allowing and participating in the unjustified barbaric horrific intentional cruelty plus murder of innocent life at taxpayers expense!!!!

  5. Step up What the hell is wrong with the men????or should I say cowards that hunt these beautiful creatures. Not your right to choose who should live or not. Guess your self esteem needs some work if you need to shot a wolf. Definitely not a man.

  6. As a landowner, I understand the importance of top predators, which protect our forests by keeping herbivore populations in check. Where top predators such as wolves are absent, forests suffer through over-browsing. Wolves also help protect farmers and livestock by reducing nuisance rodents which spread disease and in the case of groundhogs, dig dangerous, livestock-killing holes. Those who keep livestock need to ensure the safety of their stock through strategies such as adequate fencing and guard animals. Killing wolves is NOT an effective strategy to protect livestock. It is not only cruel, wasteful and environmentally destructive, but also self-destructive. Wolves are essential to healthy ecosystems, and they must be protected.

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    Why kill a beautiful spirited animal not on my watch will I ever agree to kill a wolf…no way…..

  8. Wolves are magnificent living beings and they deserve to exist on this planet. The slaughter of these awesome and precious animals is wrong and must be stopped, now!

  9. Hunters are a tiny minority of the public. The majority of people believe in protecting endangered species. Greedy, self-serving hunters should not dictate conservation policies.

  10. Man will not be happy until they have wiped out all the animals on the planet

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

  12. Slaughtering endangered animals? What are they thinking?

  13. What is it about some people who enjoy slaughtering other living beings. Their must be something wrong in their mental health to enjoy killing.

  14. U idiots don’t u remember what a fuck up u guys did when u started the same shit in Yellow stone National Park….???? The ENTIRE EKO SYSTEM WAS DISTURBED AND WENT TO SHITS BECAUSE OF THE IMBALANCE IN NATURE U CAUSED WITH THE KILLING OF THE WOLVES…..LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AMERICANS…..TALK TO DAVID SUSUKI…

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