Demand Justice for Innocent Dog Killed by Animal Control Officer

Target: Charles City County Animal Control

Goal: To terminate Franklin Bates as Animal Control Officer and charge him for animal cruelty

Recently, the McGein family lost their beloved pet Axel. Axel was a young, fun-loving yellow Labrador who was adored by his family. He did not deserve to die in such a horrific act of violence at the hands of Animal Control Officer (ACO) Franklin Bates. Bates killed Axel on the assumption that Axel was an aggressive dog. A complaint was made against Axel for chasing a teenage boy. Prior to this complaint, there was no history of Axel exhibiting any kind of aggressive behavior. While at the McGein’s home, Bates trespassed onto private property by opening a closed gate to gain access into the family’s property. In addition to trespassing onto private property, Bates also provoked Axel by stomping at him; Axel’s reaction to the stomping was what Bates believed to be sufficient grounds to murdering Axel.

Bates killed Axel by shooting him in the face not once, but three times. This act of violence against a completely defenseless dog is unnecessary and despicable. Bates did not have to shoot Axel in the face; he could have captured Axel and held him at the local animal shelter until his owners were contacted about the situation. In fact, Bates did not contact Axel’s owners about his death until the next day. He did not even leave a note telling them that their beloved pet had been murdered and removed from their property.

The crimes committed by ACO Bates have gone unpunished. He is still currently working for Charles City County Animal Control. He is also not being charged for animal cruelty because he was only “doing his duty.” Justice needs to be served for both Axel and his owners. There is no denying that the act of violence committed against Axel was nothing short of animal cruelty. Sign the petition below to demand that Charles City County Animal Control terminate Franklin Bates immediately and charge him to the fullest extent for animal abuse.


Dear Charles City County Animal Control,

Justice needs to be given to the McGein family and their dog, Axel. Axel was brutally murdered by one of your Animal Control Officers, Franklin Bates. The manner in which Bates killed this dog was completely unacceptable and disgusting. Bates trespassed onto the family’s private property to murder their dog. Axel had no prior history of aggression but Bates did not take this into consideration. Instead, he provoked Axel and used the scared dog’s reaction as an excuse to murder him.

This was not an act of self-defense but an act of animal cruelty. Bates shot Axel in the face three times, even though shooting him in the face repeatedly seems superfluous considering Axel was probably killed after the first shot. Other measures could have been taken to subdue Axel but Bates willingly chose to violently murder this defenseless dog. I am urging you not to let these crimes go unpunished. Please take the action to terminate Franklin Bates as Animal Control Officer and charge him to the fullest extent for his act of animal cruelty against Axel.


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Photo credit: “Axel RIP” tribute page via Facebook

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  1. Angelique Van Schalkwyk says:

    A ignorrent, animal hater who is clearly incompetent shoul not hold such a position of power. He must be prosecuted, fired and banned from having anything to do with animals.

  2. Patricia Rigglean says:

    This is more than creul, if you cannot trust the people that are suppose to help animals than who can you trust? My county animal control love animals and they stand up for the animals and the county is Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Also the judge and the police officers feel the same way they love animas as much as I do.

  3. it really makes you wonder what kind of organisation the Charles City County Animal Control are when this gun happy Franklin Bates goes unpunished and to that end his employers therefore agree with his actions. CCCA and Bates are of the same mindset so I would advise all animal owners in this area whether it be a dog or small fly to lock them up away from these people. The next thing is to get legal advice on this wholly frightening incident that is not about dog control but outright barbarism. Bates is the one out of control and needs to be removed from public duties as do the people working for the CCCA.

  4. How did he ever get a job with animal control? He is obviously incompetent, cruel, abusive and has no place in any law enforcement department.

  5. Liz Stoddard says:

    This man, if anyone I have heard of in govenment employment, deserves to be fired along with the idiot that approved an Animal Control Officer to wear to gun. Seriously?!

  6. Jessi Traynor says:

    I live in Charles City and Frank Bates tried to shoot my brothers dog. He shot my friends dog for no reason. I despise this man with a passion and he deserves to, at the least, be thrown out of animal control. He has no business being an animal control officer because he is obviously incompetent, ignorant, selfish, uncaring, abusive, and unlawful. He had no business shooting the dog. Period.

  7. Myrna Burdick says:

    It would seem evident from other comments that this
    officer is known as being a vicious person. I would guess that he is really glad he has a gun with him because he sounds like a person who is scared s—less
    of animals.+Animal Control officers do not need guns
    to carry out their duties.

    I would suggest that the McGeein family contact for the names of attornys to bring suit against the city and Animal Control in your city.

  8. Sandra Husain says:

    I hope this scum bag gets beat!! Lousy excuse of a human

  9. Sandra Husain says:

    How is he still employed. I would walk over to the office and protest his employment and get him out!!! Target his home! Drive him to quit!! Bastard!

  10. It is 1/23/13 and this bastard is still Charles city animal control! I called one of the numbers on the shelter site to see hours to look at a dog to adopt and was in shock when the first thing i hear is him answering saying “frank bates” I was so stunned i didn’t know what to say and instead of giving shelter hrs he repeatedly asked for my name and address. Ive heard of countless other dogs he has murdered. Everyone in this county knows what he does and nobody does anything! Ive met several people who’s dogs hes killed! its not just the lab!How is this man still in charge of animal control???

  11. Cynthia Gannon says:

    Is anyone listening to make this violent animal control officer accountable. Why don’t the public and residents of Charles City protest his continued employment? What a weird, odd individual.

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