Fire Police Officer Who Tasered 10-Year-Old

Target: Chief Eric R. Shelton, New Mexico Motor Transportation Police

Goal: Fire officer who Tasered 10-year-old student at Career Day

A New Mexico Motor Transportation Police Officer was only given a three-day suspension after shooting a 10-year-old student with a Taser during Career Day. Officer Chris Webb shot the juvenile, giving him a 50,000-volt shock and rendering him unconscious, after the boy said he didn’t want to help clean his patrol car. Webb said something along the lines of “This is what happens to people who don’t listen to the police,” and shocked the child. Webb claims it was an accident since he thought there were no charges in his weapon. A lawsuit has since been filed.

Whether this was an accident or not, it is criminal assault and should be handled in criminal court. All Officer Webb was given was a slap on the wrist and absolutely no appropriate punishment. It is outrageous that he was able to keep his job, let alone avoid prosecution. This is yet another example of police officers living by a separate set of laws than those they claim to uphold. Administering a Taser to a child without any legal authority to do so seems to warrant criminal charges. A school official who did the same thing would at least lose their job seeing as they would not be fit to be around children or handle any position of authority. The same should be true for Webb.

Officer Chris Webb must be removed from the force and prevented from ever holding a position in law enforcement ever again. He is a disgrace to the position and any department that would allow such behavior is even more of a disgrace. The New Mexico Motor Transportation Police must take a stand against this outrage and fire the officer.


Dear Chief Shelton,

There is no way to put it lightly: Officer Chris Webb, or anyone who thinks aiming a Taser at a child in jest (let alone firing it at a child) is simply unfit to hold any position in law enforcement. It is extremely scary that a police officer would do such a thing. It is even scarier that your department thought a three-day suspension was an appropriate punishment. Webb should be criminally prosecuted as any other citizen who is not a police officer would. Not only was he allowed to keep his job, keep carrying his Taser, and keep enforcing the law, but he was not even prosecuted.

This is an outrage and a miscarriage of justice. Your department seems to deem it unnecessary to discipline officers who flagrantly abuse their power. You must fire Officer Webb for this horrendous act if you have any respect for the society you are sworn to protect.


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  1. What did the ten year old do to deserve such violence? Truly absurd, negative and disgusting action taken by any officer who is supposed to preserve justice, safety and peace and set examples for young citizens.


  3. Cops are neanderthals… They genrally have no post secondary education and the words “reason” and “logic” don’t reflect the way they think. Most are cut from the same clothe- they have a massive chip on their shoulders and are power tripping with their badges and guns. Fire the SOB and sue him for all he’s worth (well, not much)

  4. This is assault. He should be fired. He should be sued. But what I’m not seeing is any mention of his being arrested and charged. So the other cops there weren’t doing THEIR jobs, either. Too many cops, too well armed and armored, and neither justice nor judgement.

  5. Rohan Tandra says:

    Disgusting pigs. These bastards always win. Makes me fucking sick to my stomach. They should have the boy Stan in room with him and taze HIM
    instead. Why do they go by unnoticed, these idiots? I wish they actually do their job.

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