Demand Apology from Model who Exploited Hurricane Sandy Wreckage for Fashion Photoshoot

Target: Model Nana Gouvea

Goal: Apologize for exploiting damage from Hurricane Sandy as a background for photoshoot

Recently, the east coast of the United States fell victim to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. While most who survived the wreckage have put their efforts towards helping the victims, model Nana Gouvea used the devastation to support her career. She used the wreckage as a backdrop for a photoshoot to promote herself. The photoshoot was tasteless and insensitive to the victims of the hurricane.

Gouvea and her photographer husband took shots of her posing among fallen trees and damaged cars. The license plates of these cars are still clearly visible in the pictures, which can remind their owners that their destroyed property has been reduced to a backdrop for a woman’s selfish move to further her career. The photoshoot is a clear attempt for Gouvea to promote herself as a model, and it shows she had no concern for the victims of the hurricane.

Despite controversy over the pictures, Gouvea does not recognize how she has offended the victims. She posted the pictures on her Facebook along with messages of excitement about how they have spread worldwide. She refuses to recognize that the pictures have spread because people are talking about her carelessness. Tell her the pictures are insensitive to the victims of the hurricane and demand an apology.


Dear Ms. Gouvea,

Recently, you staged a photoshoot with wreckage from Hurricane Sandy in the background. Hurricane Sandy was a devastating event that resulted in many injuries and deaths, and affected millions of people. Your photoshoot exploited this disaster and ignored the devastation it caused its victims.

I ask you to apologize for exploiting the hurricane. The photoshoot was insensitive to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane caused a lot of damage to people across the country, and many are still recovering from the disaster. Your photoshoot reduced this disaster to a backdrop for your career. This move was selfish and careless to the victims. Apologize for exploiting the damage from the hurricane and ignoring the true devastation that it caused.


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  1. I am going to have to disagree entirely with this petition. Although, of course I respect your opinion. It is true that natural disasters are a part of life as is the dazzling parts such as sunshine and rainbows. This model went to work on the set of LIFE to express herself among chaos. While other people headed back to work a few days or the day after Sandy to their offices, this model also went to work as the subject amidst a natural disaster.There were many victims that lost their homes but still carry on and are working to recover. If people look at this as a representation of life after natural disasters perhaps they would not take so much offense and controversy over the model’s pictures and instead be more appreciative that she is free to express herself after such devastation.

    • She was trying to get attention by posing with the wreckage, it was for herself, she wasn’t trying to help anyone, so you are wrong, but support her if you want.

  2. Looks like these disasters are the norm and in style.

  3. Anyone who thinks she wasn’t exploiting this devastating hurricane has never lived through what we lived through. She did it for personal gain. I’ve seen the photos, and many of the victims have as well. How would you like to see some model posing amongst the wreckage of your home, a home that you can no longer live in? How would you feel if it was your home that she posed in front of?

    She clearly used the storm for personal gain, which is disgusting. If she wanted to garner attention, she should have went out and started helping the victims of the storm. She should have been charitable in any way that she could be.

    She choose, instead, to pose, using the wreckage of a storm that killed people, devastated families and businesses, all for personal gain.

    Nana Gouvea was only thinking of dollar signs.

    With so many celebrities and regular people coming together to help with disaster relief, she could have signed on that way.

    She has no empathy for others.

    Just google Nana Gouvea Sandy and then click images.

    She only wanted to further her career. I don’t see her career going to far after a faux pax such as this.

    She could have done many things differently in regard to gaining attention….this was an epic fail.

    She should apologize to the victims for her actions and own it.

    I doubt she will, though. People like this think they did nothing wrong.

    Living in an area that was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy, it appalls me that someone would stoop so low. Unfortunately, there are many out there just like her.

    Model, maybe. Model citizen, no. For her, it’s the almighty dollar that motivated her. Anyone who supports her knows nothing of the devastation that this storm has caused. Loss of life, homes, jobs-the list goes on.

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