Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive

Target: Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Goal: Demand harsher penalties for villagers who harm elephants.

A baby elephant was severely burned and terrorized after it was struck with a flaming bar of tar in the east Indian state of West Bengal. An award-winning photograph captures the exact moment when photographer Biplab Hazra says a mob of “jeering men” threw the balls of tar and firecrackers at the calf and his or her mother, in an apparent attempt to drive them away. This is only the latest in a series of violent conflicts between elephants and humans in the region that must be addressed.

Elephants in India are in crisis as their natural habitat dwindles, while farmlands and urban areas expand. As a result, herds of wandering elephants frequently enter populated areas and cause damage or threaten human lives. Attacks by mobs, such as the one shown in the photograph, are seen as retribution for the losses the elephants are said to cause.

There is no excusing the vile behavior shown in the photograph. No animal deserves to be burned or tortured, especially as the result of human-caused problems like habitat destruction. Sign this petition to demand that Indian officials enact harsher penalties for causing harm to elephants and do more to protect what remaining land these creatures have available to them.


Dear Minister Vardhan,

A photograph showing a mob attacking an elephant mother and her calf underlines the growing crisis that elephants face in India. As their forest habitats are destroyed, these creatures are forced to wander over large areas to find food and water, bringing them into conflict with humans when they enter populated areas. There have been many reports of humans torturing and hurting elephants in an effort to keep them away, and this photograph is disturbing evidence that even young calves are being targeted by violent mobs.

Elephants will continue to enter villages and towns as long as they cannot find enough food or water in their natural habitats. Therefore, I urge you to do more to conserve their remaining habitat and to enact harsher penalties against those who would cause them harm.


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Photo Credit: Biplab Hazra via Instagram

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  1. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    The more I hear and learn about India the more I detest the cretins that live there. Some of the people in this country are pos and deserve to have the same thing done to them. Good thing I didn’t see this or I would have taken all of these pos’s out.

    • too bad the elephants couldn’t get together and do some stomping on a few heads

    • I am an Indian and I live in India and ..I kind of agree with you yet there are a small number of people like us who try to fight for whats right.

    • Indian people are POS kinda people and the do not deserve this earth and their balls need to be cut off so they can stop breathing!!

      • While I am extremely horrified, saddened and outraged about this incident, I think your comment completely inappropriate, mean-spirited and in fair. There is horrific animal abuse in every country, including our own.

      • HateAnimalAbusers says:

        Maybe if the people there stopped breeding like cockroaches they would have enough space. Going rogue on a baby elephant and its mother only shows what a DISGUSTING, criminal, animal abusing, ignorant lot of humanity you shitheads really are.. I wouldnt help any of you if I was standing next to you and you magically burst into flames.

      • how many other accounts do you have here gigi middlebrook ? saying same old stuff each time…..go attend a trump rally, it’s up your alley

    • See oneworld’s Comment below. How inappropriate and unjust to talk that way about any nation’s people! There is horrific animal abuse by almost every country on the planet, including our own. Why don’t start by ending the horrific and pervasive abuse in our own countries?

    • This is absolutely outrageous. These poor elephants are losing their habitat and being cruelty treated. Such violent people. Is nothing being done in India to stop this? Does anyone know what happened to the poor mother and baby surely somebody could have stopped this.

    • Naila M Sanchez says:



      I agree, Gigi Middlebrook. They have an epidemic of rapes of women on busses in full sight of the public. One girl was a medical student and a metal bar was rammed up her vagina causing such internal damage to several organs that even the morphine administered to her in the hospital didn’t stop her pain before she died in agony. There is large scale barbarism going on in India. A huge part of their population are cruel savages toward both humans and animals. I really think trade sanctions ought to be imposed against them by the world.

      • this is a site about petitions and ending unjust practices…..may I suggest you take your white nationalist rantings to a klan meeting, Gigi, Christie or whatever your real name is?

    • Caroline Burton says:

      So if you’d been there, you “would have taken all these pos’s out”? First of all, they probably would take you out first; secondly, they probably have stricter gun controls there – presuming you are from the U.S. If you are from the U.S., you have a lot of work to do there before dealing with the 1.3 billion people of India, many of whom are compassionate. I understand people need to express their anger, but racism shouldn’t even be a topic here, so look in your own backyard, wherever that is, because cruelty is everywhere.

  2. Randy Kendall says:

    Maybe stop breeding ,to many people on this planet and these poor animals are being pushed out of there habitat. If the human race does not slow down all these beautiful animals will be gone forever. Makes me very sad, a baby elephant for christ sakes you goddam savages. Maybe someone should light you up.

    • I would sooner see people die ,there are too many .humans are the destroyers of everything and need to be culled,sad to say I prefer animals to the inhuman animals who somehow consider the own this planet.

  3. The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future. – Marya Mannes

  4. this disgusting country ought to be bombed what a terrible thing the poor poor baby the sadistic bastards that did this should put in a pit and set on fire

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      Did you think about those words Lynn?
      If you were moronic enough to bomb any country for any reason… what about all the innocent animals that inhabit that country?

      • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

        I read a story about a Leopard in India that was captured, put in a cage and set on fire because it too had come in contact with people and their crops. Better to die by a bomb than be confined to a metal cage with no escape and then be set on fire and burn to death…

    • you need medical treatment paid blogger


  6. That is the most horrendous thing I have ever heard. Are you kidding me people? Elephants are to be protected not buried alive. What is wrong with people?

  7. This isn’t about India but about every human being everywhere. As long as we continue to use and abuse animals we lack the very humanity which we claim to be our backbone.
    As long as we continue to treat other species without any respect we cannot exercise respect for our own species.
    We change…or ultimately we perish.

  8. Jeannette Allan says:

    This is physically sickening. We know all nations have evil individuals who are cruel to animals, but in India it is reaching epidemic proportions of mindless vicious, vile and vindictive cruelty. This is an outrage and a disgrace . My heart breaks to think of the suffering that poor little elephant underwent, and doubtless others like her. Those degraded retards must be punished, but in a country with so little respect for animal welfare, I have my doubts. They will not however escape the law of Karma where they will get what they deserve in full measure. those wretched examples of human excrement are a blight on all that is good anddecent.

  9. It is with GREAT and HORRIFIC sadness that once again we as a global community are brought together, let’s not point and shout nor resort to name calling. Rather Our Sisters and brothers with their babies The ELEPHANT Family is in URGENT NEED of all our HELP! We as a global community need to come up with safer plans to transfer them all to another COUNTRY(maybe USA) that possibly has the land space and a place for them? OR How to legally restrict human growth into know animal habitat. As a global community that is our responsibility. Isn’t it? As a global community, We have a job to do so who is willing to roll up their sleeves willing to work together as a TEAM and get their wallets out plus everyone else you meet from here on out till the day you leave this earth. Ready. . .

    • I’ve got an idea to restrict human growth- contraception! I would willingly give to a project to achieve worldwide reduction in the birth numbers so as to tackle unwanted babies and enjoy a world where every child is wanted and loved.


  11. To all of you (racist) commenters saying that India as a whole is a horrible nation and that unthinkable things should be done to Indians, perhaps you might want to shut up and read, since your knowledge, or lack thereof, is very evident in your comments. How about you look up the list of Whitley Awardees? Now, count (I hope you are able to do so) how many Indians you find there.
    Don’t blame an entire nation for the wrongdoings of a minority of the population.
    Perhaps I should also mention that the problem of human-elephant is far more complex than simply restricting human movement, or moving elephants elsewhere.
    I appreciate the amazing initiative taken by the creator of this petition, but please refrain from commenting if all you are going to do is spread your own toxic hatred.

    • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

      Most of the Indians included in the Whitley Awardees list migrated to the US to live their lives. They are the exception. Besides, there are different types of intelligence. I think the general consensus is that a good portion of the population in India is missing the DNA strand associated with compassion towards any living being…

      • Leaving aside my Whitley Award comment, I feel like it is necessary to state that extremely good conservation work is being done throughout India. Unfortunately, what the rest of the world sees is the bad. Have you heard of the beautiful success story of the Amur Falcon? Probably not. That is an amazingly successful endeavour in the field of conservation science.
        To say that Indians in general lack compassion. Do you know about the kind of situation that is present in India? Very often, entire fields are wrecked by elephants, and the farmers, whose main source of income is these very crops, is left with nothing. I’m not blaming either side in this scenario. But education is the key. That is what is lacking in a large part of India. If you were to state that education was lacking, I would wholeheartedly agree. But to state that compassion does not exist..
        All you have to do is look around at the racist, hateful comments here to say that a lack of compassion is universal.
        People often do not look at the big picture before pointing fingers.

  12. Sick fucks! We should gather them up and burn them!

  13. andrew jankowski says:

    the human animal is a malignancy, and the sooner we disappear the better for the planet and all the other creatures – period.

  14. The cruelty meted out by Humans on Animals is endless, what a sick world we live in.

  15. Obviously these people understand violence. So publicly slaughter the men who did it and charge admission to view it. Use that money (i would bet my rent that yes these ppl w little money or food will pay to see violence. Promise the same to anyone else who acts like human filth. Set the men on fire with flaming tar exactly the same way. But make sure they dont survive.

  16. Why take a picture? I’d have stopped them or at least tried! Too many filmers simply recording cruelty and murder!

  17. My heart breaks fot this baby and the mother. Savages

  18. There should be a drive to educate these people who know no better. They see these animals as a threat to their villages. Respect and compassion comes from education and while there are plenty of billionaires in India, nothing is being spent on villagers.

    • THANK YOU. Thank you for stressing on the importance of education, and not making a hateful comment on the entire race of Indians.
      At least there is someone who understands the kind of situation that plagues India.

  19. Colleen Glynn says:

    These Indian people are acting like savages shame on them for torturing these elephants! The world is watching and is disgusted by your behavior!

  20. Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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