Demand Apology from Diver who Brutally Killed Octopus for Art Project

Target: Mr. Dylan Mayer

Goal: Apologize for dragging a live female octopus out of the ocean and punching it repeatedly before killing it

Alki Cove 2 in Puget Sound, Washington is a popular area for divers around the world to come and view the giant Pacific octopus, the largest species of octopus. Diver Dylan Mayer dragged a live female Pacific octopus from the ocean, punched it repeatedly, and threw it in the back of his truck while it was still alive. Demand an apology for his brutal actions, which were for the sake of an art project.

The Pacific Octopus is an intelligent, friendly, and agile creature that is known for its ability to match its color to its surroundings. Alki Cove 2, which is near Seattle, draws divers from all over to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature. The octopi are friendly and have gotten used to people in the waters. Local divers have even named several of them. With such a peaceful and co-existing habitat for humans and marine animals alike, it is no wonder that divers confronted Mr. Dylan Mayer when he emerged from the waters carrying the 30 lb. female octopus. He initially told the divers that he caught the octopus for an art project, but has since changed his story to killing it for meat.

Witness Bob Bailey saw Mr. Mayer repeatedly punch the octopus and throw it in the truck while it was writhing and still alive. Legally, Mr. Mayer broke no laws since the Pacific Octopus is not on the endangered species list and hunting one octopus a day is permitted with a license. But ethically, it is wrong to violently attack an animal after removing it from its environment and killing it for artistic purposes. He also killed it in Puget Sound, a place where divers come to see and appreciate the animal’s beauty in its natural environment and a place where these animals have come to trust and befriend people.

Killing another living thing in the name of art is wasteful and barbaric. Please sign the petition below, urging Mr. Dylan Mayer to respect the lives of animals when it comes to creating works of art and to apologize for his brutal actions.


Dear Mr. Dylan Mayer,

Alki Cove is a pristine area of shoreline, attracting divers worldwide. On one of your dives, you caught a gigantic Pacific octopus, dragging it out of the ocean onto the shore and punching it several times. You wanted to use it for an art piece; please apologize for killing and beating this amazing animal for a work of art.

The Pacific octopus is an intelligent and gentle creature, bringing a special beauty to the ocean. Able to change its color to its surroundings, it truly is a wonderful sight to see underwater. But once you took it from its natural habitat and killed it on your garage floor (posting pictures to Facebook), its once beautiful and colorful skin color became dull and lifeless. All living animals are valuable and important to our ecosystem and should be treated with respect and care.

Killing an animal to create a work of art is barbaric and cruel and brings little value to an artistic piece. Please allow people to enjoy and respect the Pacific Octopus and other animals by leaving them in their natural habitat and not using their carcasses for artistic purposes.


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  1. Art????? Another sicko who should be locked up for good. Furthermore, octopi are highly intelligent, sentient animals and no living being should be a victim of these horrors.

  2. P. S. Who would be a spectator to these atrocities????

  3. An apology won’t give this being its life back, so to hell with it.

    This guy’s not capable of compassion, obviously he’d learned it’s o.k. to torture and kill anything as long as it happens for human purposes, such as profit, vanity, religion, food, greed, safety, entertainment, sexual satisfaction, fun, health, pleasure in tormenting and killing, pseudo-self-confidence, etc. – the excesses of our so-called civilized way of life are not a surprise and will go on as long as we stay such hypocritical beings without any respect for life, at all.

    The minority in power always chooses the profit and the mass of humanity sustains this.

    Children grow up in a society that teaches compassion with words while there are legal atrocities against any kind of creatures -humans and non-humans- everywhere they turn their head, every second of the day and all over the world !

    Impossible to assure anyone credibly that man is actually a compassionate being and so atrocity will always be the main part of our human society – it will end with us in a not as far away future as we might probably think.

    “Without respect for life, mankind has no future.”
    -Albert Schweitzer-

  4. Lets join a massive group and enact payback.This scum doesn’t deserve to walk the planet.Lets sell his body parts

  5. Wayne Heckman says:

    Would you like to be killed for the sake of art? After all you are no more significant as this octopus. Ass hole.

  6. De acuerdo con Pamela V.

  7. Karen Norton says:

    An apology – what a joke. This POS should do jail time. Animal abuse should be a felony. No animal deserves to be tortured and killed. Makes me sick to think this POS is walking around. He should be removed from society.

  8. This sickens me beyond belief —this minute piece of garbage is not fit to live among decent people—he’s a murderer walking around for his next target!~ I agree an apology doesn’t cut it! This trash needs to be removed from our society, PERMANENTLY.~

  9. What a nincompoop

  10. Long ago as a young man growing up I often would wonder when family members and friends would pass away why we die. Now a man in my early 60’s, as a Christian I now know what the Bible mentions. Frankly I personally welcome God’s design of creating myself a mortal being, so as not to have to associate on this same earth with animal abusing murderers and the like of callous diabolical vitriolic pathological subhumans…

  11. he should be punished, thrown in jail and a massife fine.

  12. Who ever posted this to my Facebook can stop. I hunt octopus for food and the art part was just a plus. I will not apologize and i will not stop hunting. Yes the are smart but pigs are too yet i still see u eating you hypocritical bacon burgers. If any of you would like to talk to me in person ide be more then willing to meet you and talk in a positive way. No more contacting and insulting me from the safety of your computers.

  13. The whining and blubbering here overlooks the fact that he did this legally with a permit. Talk to your congressman; stop the witch trial.

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