Justice for Dog Allegedly Burned With Scalding Hot Water

Target: Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California

Goal: Punish man accused of scalding dog with boiling water.

A caged dog in Southern California was badly burned when a man reportedly poured scalding hot water over it five times. The police arrived to find a kettle full of 129-degree water and promptly arrested 22-year-old Enping Qu; according to the reports, the victimized dog belonged to his girlfriend. A witness reportedly recorded part of the incident on video when they heard the dog yelp in pain, but the video footage has yet to be released.

This is unforgivable. This innocent dog did nothing to deserve such horrific treatment; thankfully, the animal survived and is being cared for at the Inland Valley Humane Society. As it stands, even one instance of being doused in boiling hot water could have been fatal to this poor creature, it is a wonder the dog was not near death when found.

Qu is currently under suspicion of felony animal cruelty, but that is only one step. His alleged actions towards this poor dog were despicable, and he must face justice if he is guilty. Sign this petition to demand that this dog’s suffering not be in vain.


Dear Attorney General Becerra,

An innocent dog was horribly burned when a man reportedly poured scalding hot water on it five times. The animal was thankfully rescued and survived the assault, and the man arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. Considering the circumstances and the man’s alleged actions, the dog was very lucky to have survived. The water was said to be 129 degrees, much too hot for any living being to withstand.

The alleged animal abuser, 22-year-old Enping Qu, needs to face justice if he is guilty. This dog did nothing to deserve such cruel, hateful treatment; no animal who has ever faced such abuse deserves it. Please ensure that this man faces justice for his reported actions, so that this poor dog’s suffering is not in vain.


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Photo Credit: Katie Powell

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  1. What these retards need is contraception and education . I would kill the lot of them if I had half a chance, the animals need justice. Why is this happening In 2017? No country needs all those people so it is about time some were killed off. I wish a disaster would wipe them out. The animals need love and respect, I pray these people will all die, wicked, sadistic evil scum

  2. We need to bring back the old testament an eye for an eye do to them whatever they did to the animal. Want to bet animal abuse would end quickly. The bleeding hearts scream it is inhumane well these are scum bags not human so inhumane does’t apply.

  3. NO innocent little dog should suffer so horribly at the hands of a so-called human–a sociopath.

    He is a danger to ALL living beings and deserves the severest of punishments–years in prison. Although the poor dog survived, his suffering was terrifying, emotionally and physically extremely painful.

    This sadistic freak, Enping Qu, needs the maximum felony penalty for sick animal cruelty!

  4. gabriela torres says:

    What about throwing boiling water at him and then as Trump suggests, that all foreigners regardless of being legal residents or US citizens be sent back to their countries of origin, after their first felony …


  6. Tie this fucken bastard up and pour boiling water over him Burn him to death. Fucken Government needs to have strict laws owning animals and breeding and also justice for punishment.

  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Xavier – Enping Qu needs to spend some time in prison. Let him tell his fellow inmates why he is in there and the problem may be solved. It is your job to put him behind bars and I certainly think this act of violence against this innocent dog warrants it. Please! Get this asshole off the streets…

  8. Make the punishment fit the crime.

  9. Violence seems to be the biggest problem and it is so very sad innocent defenseless creatures such as this sweet lovely dog suffer because of it. How can we eradicate all the violence, cruelty, anger, hatred… on a daily basis?



  11. SOB!
    Solitary confinement until he croaks!

  12. Too bad this BEAST wasn’t smothered at birth and innocent animals would not suffer at his hands. He will be called back to Hell by his master some day but NOT SOON ENOUGH if I had my way. ID him and let him be hunted down like the mad animal he is.

  13. This ASIAN asshole should be deported to where he came from…or where his family immigrated from…..this is NOT the Christian way…..the MUSLIM rule….eye for an eye would suit this prick….but NOOOOo us Hippocrates will not permit it!!!!!,

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