Shut Down Ape Attraction With Reported Feces-Smeared Cages and Open Sores

Target: Sharon Dumont, Owner of Monkey Jungle

Goal: Shut down Florida attraction for its allegedly cruel and inhumane treatment of great apes.

At least two apes have allegedly been kept in horrid conditions, according to a former employee at Miami’s Monkey Jungle attraction. Despite the attraction being a much-loved tourist destination for nearly eight decades, one-time caretaker Melanie Lustig claims that the owners failed to provide adequate shelter or care for its great apes, which she said were forced to live in tiny, filthy enclosures. Pictures she shared on social media appear to show a gorilla named King with open sores and an orangutan named Mei living in a feces-smeared cage. We must demand justice for these innocent animals.

The owner of Monkey Jungle has failed to respond to these allegations and others that accuse her of having left the apes to fend for themselves during Hurricane Irma. If any of these allegations are true, it is clear that this attraction must be shut down immediately and all its animals transferred to accredited sanctuaries.

Apes are intelligent creatures that deserve far better treatment than being confined to filthy, prison-like cells. Sign this petition and demand that this attraction be shut down if it cannot adequately provide for these animals’ needs.


Dear Ms. Dumont,

Following Hurricane Irma, Monkey Jungle has remained shut down due to foliage damage. Given recent reports that allege that a number of apes in your care are not receiving proper veterinary treatment and are forced to live in filthy cages, it would seem that there is more your attraction must do before it can be allowed to reopen. Photos reportedly showing apes living in feces-smeared enclosures and covered in sores are disturbing indicators of abuse. These poor animals deserve so much more.

For the sake of Mei the orangutan and King the gorilla, and all other primates currently residing at Monkey Jungle, we urge you to do the right thing and ensure that they are given the care that they need. If you are not able to humanely house and treat these animals, then they must be immediately relocated to accredited sanctuaries.


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Photo Credit: Melanie Lustig

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  1. Take the animals out of the cages, and put the owner in. Beat the asshole until dead

  2. Lesley Rodgers says:

    What on earth are the authorities doing? Turning a blind eye?
    Surely this abuse and cruelty must be against the state and/or federal law?
    If the owner has neglected the apes, aand left them in this terrible situation, then it is not likely that she will change her ways. The law must act.

    • I recently watched a doc and it seems this guy has talked himself into thinking he’s not doing anything wrong and has found several loopholes making the legal process of shutting it down much harder. Lots of red tape to wade through. It’s so frustrating. The owner seems to have something of a hoarder mentality.

  3. All countries should have commons sense laws protecting all animals from abuse.

  4. Carmelo Ferraro says:

    The biggest problem that animals face is humans.

  5. The world has changed. People, especially children, no long enjoy seeing animals in feces covered cages with open sores. They hate you for it. They avoid your attraction. They may even threaten retribution. Do one good thing — relocated them to a rescue.

  6. These animals are obviously being abused and this so called “monkey jungle” closed down. Why isnt Miami doing anything about this????

  7. Rachel Davies says:

    This is simply barbaric and medieval. No one, anywhere, should be exhibiting caged animals in this day and age. This hideous place needs to be shut down immediately and the woman prosecuted to the hilt. What’s wrong with Americans? I’ve seen more cruelty in the USA on this site than in China? Only way to combat it is harsher sentencing (imprisonment) or eradication of the scumbags (preferable) ………


  9. Give them a decent life instead of making money off of them. This is cruel, as are you. I hope they throw a big pile of shit in your face bitch.

  10. Take these animals out AND GIVE THE BITCH TO THEM. Set these apes free.

  11. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please seek veterinary treatment urgently and then organise for these animals to be sent to an accredited sanctuary where they can experience some semblance of what being a primate really is.
    If you care or love and have any ethics you will do this quickly.
    If money is a problem after the hurricane then please reach out to other animal organisations for help.
    There is NEVER any excuses for animal neglect and cruelty!

  12. Ms. Dumont!
    Shame on YOU! Are you a Low-Life?
    You disgust me! Hope you forever rot in Hell!

  13. This disgusting, heartless bitch needs to be shoved into a filthy cage. Profit is all people care about anymore. Also people who continue to visit these kinds of places are just as guilty, they support the suffering of innocent animals.

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Absolutely pitiful❗️😠
    Signed & shared. 😡

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