Stray Dogs Beaten, Dragged on Motorcycle and Dumped Deserve Justice

Target: Suwaphan Tanyuvardhana, Minister of Justice in Thailand

Goal: Demand that the man caught on video beating two dogs until they were unconscious receive the maximum penalty by law.

Two dogs were beaten with a stick until they were unconscious, then dragged on to a motorcycle and dumped in a canal in a shocking case of animal cruelty, much of which was caught on camera. According to police, the suspect is a local political leader who claims to have beaten the dogs because he had previously been bitten by stray dogs and the dogs caused a lot of problems in the community. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Video footage, posted on Facebook, reportedly show Jinda Kanchan hitting the first dog seven times and then beating the second dog with the same wooden stick. The man in the video then put the dogs onto his motorcycle, beat them again, and drove away. Per a witness, the attacker then dumped both dogs into a canal.

One of the dogs survived and was rescued by The Hope Thailand. The other dog is still missing. The man has been charged with animal cruelty and is currently out on bail. Sign below and demand that the accused receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted of this horrific crime.


Dear Minister Suwaphan,

Two dogs suffered and one is currently missing after a man beat them both unconscious. Video footage recorded the man violently beating the dogs with a wooden stick. We demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Bang Bua Thong Police allege that Jinda Kanchan was the attacker and have charged him with animal cruelty. Video footage, posted on Facebook, reportedly showed Jinda hitting the first dog seven times, until the dog went unconscious, and then beating the second dog. The attacker then put both dogs onto his motorcycle, beat them again, and then dumped them into a canal. One dog survived and is recovering. The other dog is still missing.

This horrific abuse must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Ae

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  1. Thailand? No wonder!
    Just like most people of Korea,Phillipines,Vietnam,Indonesia
    Rotten souls who prey the weaks,the innocents and yet their excuses : culture & tradition!
    So sad that people keep going there as tourists and grow their pride.

    • Evil retards need burning alive, with the animals watching . Wicked, evil scum. THE ANIMALS NEED JUSTICE so we must pray for a disaster to flatten the country and all the people die

    • Agree!!!

    • Philippines still have a long journey ahead but it is improving little by little every day. More and more filipinos are becoming aware of laws against animal cruelty and Filipinos in the city and urban areas will end up in the jail if they commit such abuses in animals aside from the bashing and condemnation from the city folks and oh, evening news is also waiting for them to further the bashing and condemnation. Unlike in the rural areas in the Philippines, dog meat consumption is still rampant and even though they are my countrymen, I despise them and wish them dead. So if you wish death upon Philippines, limit it to our people in the rural areas WHO STILL EATS DOG MEAT because they are the evil of our country, while we save and care for animals, filipinos who eats dog meat are the ones who have excuses of livelihood and tradition/culture for their evil acts to animals, they didn’t even know how to write their names, what tradition?! Never in our school it was taught that dogs/cats are eaten because it’s a tradition nor a culture! What we knew is that alcoholic in the past cooked dog meat because they have no money to buy a pork!

      In general, one of the reasons we have cases of animal abuses and neglect is that most, almost 90% of Filipinos, are ‘Breed Lovers’. They will only adopt, care and love dogs who are pure and mix breeds. Mongrels or ASPIN as we call it are neglected, abused, left chained outside the house and are fed with leftovers and when they get old they will get thrown in the streets because they no longer have use and it’s the thing I hate the most in Filipinos. They love dogs with breeds because they will look like ‘rich people’. Secondly, they think dogs are properties, or good and cheap security to look after them. Ever heard buying a Labrador because it’s big and good for guarding the house? Stupid people! My officemate was robbed because his Labrador didn’t attacked the robbers.


      Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam has a very limited law for animals and doesnt implement their law. Thailand just recently introduced their animal welfare law and many people doesnt even know or care about it. Let’s just pray for early demise of dog-meat eaters.

      That’s how cruel world and humans can be to dogs who only knows how to love us.

      • Yes I hope a tsunami gets them or an earthquake. Evil retards. I wish a miracle could rescue the dogs, but meanwhile perhaps God will realise how bad these “things” are and strike them down dead. Only animal lovers to remain. Why are these eastern races so barbaric and wicked, total heathens. God bless the poor dogs

    • agreed they’re disgusting

    • Yep~!!! You are Right~!!!

    • AGREE stop going to these countries! These people are sub human and monsters!

    • This is the reason I would never visit any of these backward countries where these morons think its okay to abuse innocent animals. There is video evidence proving this sub human tortured these dogs so do the right thing and punish him to the full extend to deter others committing barbaric acts. Do you not UNDERSTAND its people who cause the stray population, hope this evil psycho rots in hell !

  2. Agree the ANIMALS NEED JUSTICE. Those who allow this wicked, barbaric deed, should be killed off because their lives are worthless, they are scum, moronic retards

  3. This man should be accountanle for his cruelty. I hope justice will be served.

  4. just sickening they are the way they treat animals. its like they like to see pain and suffering and use the animals because they cant fight back…would love to see them get their skulls bashed in see how they like it. they are bullies

  5. Trish Alvarez says:

    I want this asshole in jail, but first I hope someone beats him until he’s unconscious and then gets dragged, stupid f#@n mother. He needs to get bitten again in the ass.

  6. Ken Discount says:

    What cowards and f****** piece of s*** m************ I love to have 5 minutes with this m*********** that stick would be up as f****** ass and coming out of his nose by the time I’m finished he would never make it to the f****** hospital I would beat the living f*** out of him driving on the back of my van f****** cut his nuts off and shove them down his f****** throat cut his little dick off and let him choke on it

  7. Nevaeh Lumiere says:

    I used to want to see these ancient countries supposedly rich in culture. Bullshit!! The only thing these countries are good for is how much torture and murdering of innocent souls they can inflict. You couldn’t pay me to visit these countries now!!

  8. FIRST : huge thank you to the Rescuers of these dogs — SECOND : KEEP SEARCHING, FIND & RESCUE second dog — THIRD : CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure that these monsters stay away from animals ALWAYS — their depraved indifference to the torturous suffering inflicted on these vulnerable dogs is telling of unconscionable, cruel, insane, immoral, cowardly, merciless humans — they are INSANE, they are IDIOT-MONSTERS — PUNISHMENT & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — WHY would a rational & compassionate society ALLOW for these imbeciles to get away with their brutality? — clearly , they are a danger to us all! — We do NOT want repeats of these crimes – EVER!

  9. Angelina Doe says:

    Please spread the word of what is going on thank u and here is something to tell those evil people I rebuke u Satan n the name of Jesus. May u Jesus bring justice to these animals AMEN

    • Amen to this, I pray every day for the animals who suffer, but I wish something would wipe out at a stroke ALL cruel people, they are not worth the air they breath. They are total barbaric retards and need to die, complete garbage . JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS

  10. Let us show the rest of the world, that justice is actually happening, let’s do the same, to those, that show such atrocities to innocent creatures.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I’d like to shove that baseball bat up his P. O. S. Ass❗️😠
    Signed & shared😡

  12. This man is not fit to be a politician. He is supposed to lead by example. Some example he has set. These dogs did not deserve this whatsoever.
    Let us see how Thailand deals with this. Don’t hold much hope however. Have signed anyway.

  13. somebody that does this is just a coward and a monster
    a crime like this needs to have a strong message sent that no one has the right to torture abuse or hurt an animal and that they will be serverely punished
    the law needs to change so these so called people get harsh prison sentences .if this were a child the person monster would be punished why is it ever any different with an animal .Each are innocent each deserve our protection !

  14. Dirty cruel evil people if they do that on wee dumb animals that cannot defend themselves what would they not do on human beings they will have to answer to God

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