Instagram: Ban User Who Posted Pics of Tattooed Cat

Target: Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram

Goal: Ban Instagram user who reportedly forcibly tattooed cat for photos.

Fitness expert Elena Ivanickaya reportedly had her hairless cat tattooed for the sake of Instagram likes. Yasha, the cat in question, was reportedly sedated and laid on a gurney while the artist inked the Egyptian god Anubis on its hairless body, all because Ivanickaya thought it would ‘look cool.’ The photos posted garnered massive outcry from the Instagram community, users leaving nothing but disgusted and angry comments over the abuse of this animal.

This is just another example of social media being used to perpetuate animal abuse. Yasha survived the reported torture, but is now left with ink permanently embedded into its delicate skin. Furthermore, hairless cats in general are more vulnerable to the elements and possibly infection if their skin is not properly cared for. A tattoo is the last thing such a cat needs.

Ivanickaya’s reported ploy to gain views and likes was selfish and exploitative, and she must be punished. Sign this petition to demand Instagram ban her and delete her account for her display of such alleged cruelty.


Dear Mr. Systrom,

User Elena Ivanickaya reportedly had her hairless cat tattooed for the sake of views and likes, allegedly having the animal sedated while a tattoo artist inked an Egyptian god into its delicate skin. The cat is currently alive, but hairless cats are vulnerable to infection, and this particular cat runs the risk of ink poisoning. Furthermore, the community was enraged and disgusted with Ivanickaya when the photos were posted.

Social media is being used to perpetuate animal cruelty far too much these days, and this poor cat is yet another unnecessary example. Ivanickaya must be punished for her reported actions; you must delete her account and ban her from your site. Cats are not meant to be tools for the sake of online popularity and notoriety.


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Photo Credit: Elena Ivanickaya (Instagram)

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  1. She is definitely sick …

  2. Take the animal away from her and ban her from ever having animals of any kind again.

  3. But why are you showing photo?

  4. what a fucking idiot

  5. I worked in the tattoo industry for ten years and still think this is a disgusting abuse of a largely unregulated industry. This is animal abuse and is no different than cropping ears and docking tails, something that most vets now thankfully refuse to do. An innocent animal doesn’t need to be altered, nor do they request to be. Shame on her for doing such a thing, shame on the tattooist for agreeing to it, and shame on their local Humane Society for not investigating and pressing charges. This is blatant disrespect for life.

  6. Sedate this woman Evil-evanikaya and forcibly Tattoo her too. So then ONLY will understand the Horrific action that she has done to an helpless animal. This poor CAT must be removed from her & must be re-homed elsewhere the cat has a freedom to live like a cat. NOT AS A TATTOO EXPERIMENTED ORNAMENT.

  7. Nooshin Perla says:

    What a dumb bitch. LOL How stupid moron can you be to tattoo your pets?????? This what ever should never have another pet as long as she lives ! Hopefully would not be long!!!

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