Protect the Endangered Pygmy Elephant From Extinction

Target: Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar, Malaysian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment

Goal: Restore the forest habitat of the Borneo pygmy elephant to prevent this species from going extinct.

The Borneo pygmy elephant is the smallest and least-studied of all elephant species. Borneo elephants are also endangered: there are only 1,500 left in the wild. If we do not take action to save them, we may never get the chance to fully understand these majestic creatures.

Since ivory from Asian and Borneo elephants is considered less valuable than ivory from African elephants, poaching has been less devastating for pygmy elephant populations. Instead, the major threat facing pygmy elephants is habitat loss. Although pygmy elephants are smaller than African and Asian elephants, they can still grow up to 5.5 tons. To survive, they may need to eat as much as 300 pounds of vegetation each day. Smaller areas of continuous forest mean that pygmy elephants may struggle to find food or mates. Logging, agriculture, and palm oil plantations have dramatically reduced the large areas of continuous forest that pygmy elephants require for survival.

The island of Borneo is split between three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. While nearly three-quarters of the land belongs to Indonesia, the majority of pygmy elephants live in the northern part of the island, which belongs to Malaysia. To save pygmy elephants, the forest of Malaysian Borneo must be restored. At the very least, wildlife corridors must be created to allow elephants to move from one patch of forest to another, preventing them from becoming trapped in a small area of forest. Sign this petition to urge Malaysia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to preserve the habitat of Borneo pygmy elephants.


Dear Dr. Wan Junaidi,

Borneo’s forests are a crucial habitat for many endangered species, including the Borneo pygmy elephant. But these important forests are disappearing. Borneo has already lost 50% of its lowland rainforest to logging, agriculture, and palm oil plantations. Creating wildlife corridors, expanding national parks, and curbing palm oil production are the best ways to protect pygmy elephants. I urge you to take immediate action to preserve the habitat of the Borneo pygmy elephant to prevent this wonderful creature from becoming extinct.


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Photo Credit: Mike Prince

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