Save Newly Discovered Species of ‘Great Apes’

Target: Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia

Goal: Ensure the survival of the newly discovered species of orangutan in Indonesia, Pongo tapanuliensis.

A new distinct species of orangutan has been discovered in Indonesia and is being considered one of the “great apes” in a hugely important moment for science, but if action is not taken soon the species may not survive. There are only 800 Tapanuli orangutans, whose scientific name is Pongo tapanuliensis, left in the wild.

Including Pongo tapanuliensis, there are eight species of great apes in the world, of which humans are one. But Tapanuli orangutans are threatened by the loss of their habitat, being hunted by humans, and being captured for trade, or being killed to protect crops. According to the report published in the journal Current Biology, “A combination of small population size and geographic isolation is of particular high conservation concern, as it may lead to inbreeding. To ensure long-term survival of P. tapanuliensis, conservation measures need to be implemented swiftly.” Sign below to demand that these measures be taken immediately.


Dear Minister Baker,

The discovery of a distinct species of orangutan in Indonesia, recognized as a new member of the “great apes” family, brings with it the responsibility of ensuring that species’ survival. Pongo tapanuliensis, or Tapanuli orangutans, are fewer in number than any other species of great ape, including the critically endangered Mountain gorillas.

With only 800 Tapanuli orangutans left in the wild, it is crucial that measures be taken immediately to protect them and their habitat. The Batang Toru forest is being destroyed to build roads, the potential construction of a hydroelectric plant could mean the loss of 8% of the environment they have left, and the orangutans are also killed or captured by humans for trade, meat, and the protection of crops. Their situation is dire and action must be taken if they are to survive. I urge you to immediately implement conservation measures to protect Tapanuli orangutans.


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Photo Credit: Kabir Bakie

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  1. Minister Baker, It’s Essentail that the 800 Tapanuli Orangutans Are Saved!


  3. We should not have to fight our governments to protect the wildlife or the environment. If we destroy them then we destroy ourselves! The planet is run by greedy f****** idiots

  4. Christine Stewart says:

    Please boycott palm oil, until vital orangutan habitat is protected, and not turned into huge plantations of the oil palm trees!

  5. Dear Sir:
    Please show the world that in midst greed and ignorance, one man fights against all. Be that Man! We are standing with you!

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😑

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