Trophy Hunter Accused of Slaughtering Rare Snow Leopard and Bragging About His Kills on Amazon Must be Punished

Target: Ryan Zinke, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Bring man accused of illegally killing a rare snow leopard to display its body parts as trophies to justice.

It is illegal to kill snow leopards, and even to own their body parts or fur, in the U.S. and across the Western hemisphere, but one trophy hunter reportedly brought the remains of a snow leopard he killed back to America and boasted of his “accomplishment.” Importing the remains of a snow leopard into the U.S. is a federal offense, but this man, Hossein Soudy Golabchi, has not been prosecuted.

Golabchi has also apparently written a book about hunting exotic animals that is sold on Amazon. The book description brags that “once you have reached such a phenomenal number [of kills] you can only write a book about the most interesting hunts and the highlights of your career.” This is disgusting.

It is crucial for snow leopards that illegal hunts be stopped. The organization Defenders of Wildlife has estimated that only about 3,500-7,000 snow leopards remain in the wild (the creatures’ shy nature makes knowing the exact number difficult to determine). They must be protected, and if poaching and trophy hunting goes unchecked, the species could go extinct soon. Sign below to demand that Hossein Soudy Golabchi be prosecuted now.


Dear Secretary of the Interior Zinke,

Snow leopards are a species that must be protected, and to allow them to be illegally killed as trophies is unacceptable. Hossein Soudy Golabchi, a trophy hunter who moved to the U.S. when he was young, is accused of bringing back the remains of a rare snow leopard he had poached and bragging of his “accomplishment.” This would be a federal offense and must not be allowed to stand.

Allowing this sort of cruelty could put the entire snow leopard population in the wild at risk. As Tiger Exotic Animal Ranger Awareness International stated, “Snow leopards have never been numerous. The thought of a wealthy American specifically seeking one out to destroy its life is unfathomable. It also damages the communities around the snow leopard. He needs to be the example and needs to be in prison.” I urge you to ensure that Hossein Soudy Golabchi is prosecuted for these alleged crimes.


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Photo Credit: Public Domain

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  1. Put a bullet in this bastard don’t need cruel people in this world

  2. Time someone did something about these killers, why are they not locked away, we all know they are brainless wonders so why should they spend their useless lives killing rare animals, shame someone is not hunting them.

  3. Simon Rimmer says:

    Put trophy hunter parts on walls, see how much they like that. Trophy hunting is just animal serial killing and must be banned worldwide.

  4. This Worthless human Coward needs to be punished to the Fullest Extent. He needs to be Locked Away !!!!! Trophy Killers are the Absolute Lowest Form of human Garbage. !!!!!!!

  5. Scott Rondeau says:

    Signed. Karma plus a 1 way express ticket to burn in Hell worthless scumbag waste of life asshole piece of shit trash responsible for allowing and participating in the heinous horrific barbaric unjustified intentional cruelty plus murder of an innocent life!!!!

  6. Put this pathetic subhuman in a cage, where he belongs and throw away the key.

  7. Terrible Ughhhhhh😕I’m

  8. I would like to see this man given the death penalty,but at the very least he must be imprisoned,for a very long time,life would be fair

  9. Amanda Young says:

    This excuse for a human needs to die, in a slow and painful way.

  10. I donate monthly to the WWF to help conserve and save these beautiful animals – only to watch some sadistic cretin go and murder one (yes MURDER)! What is wrong with the human race – this planet would be better off without us! So so sad 🙁

  11. Maryanne Zobec says:

    This individual should be stripped naked and stoned to death!

  12. He loves the thrill of the hunt, eh? It’s a pity a game such as The Running Man hasn’t become a reality, yet. If it does, this guy should go to the top the list and become the hunted.

  13. Trump won’t ban this evil Animal cruelty & slaughtering,,,, trump & family do this for fun also,,, & he has all the power in the world to do so much good But instead he promotes & protects all those who love hunting & killing Animals for sport, recreation,, fur & leather in family run shops etc… he is all bad. Nothing nice or good about this man.

  14. Kathryn Irby says:

    Impose Harsh Penalty on this Worthless Piece of Flesh NOW!!!

  15. Anyone can kill with a gun. This is nothing to be proud of. Just a bunch of cowards.

  16. Why why why is hunting allowed u assholes in USA and even in my Canada ….X for the First Nations People who have different rites ….HUNTING MUST BE BANNED BANNED COMPLETELY VITO…

  17. Why can’t we put this Golabchi in a paddock and let him be the hunted. I would gladly hang his head in my garage. Trophy hunting is just a euphemistic term for murdering animals for fun. Takes a sick piece of works to enjoy hunting and killing for fun.

  18. Terri Marcovecchio says:

    This makes me absolutely livid! That those in positions of power do little or nothing to stop this barbaric behavior is as big a problem as the slimeballs who murder these beautiful animals. Too bad everyone who signs these petitions can’t get together, find these animal serial killers and hunt them down. This guy needs a bullet in a place where he’ll bleed out slowly and painfully.

  19. I’m with you Simon and Cindy!

  20. Rita McNany says:

    Stop the needless senseless killing of these rare and beautiful animals!!! This is very evil and disgusting! This hateful fool needs to be severely punished for his crimes!!!!

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