Don’t Let Trump Launch a Nuclear First Strike

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t relax restrictions on the use of nuclear weapons.

The Trump administration is reportedly planning on relaxing restrictions on when the U.S. could consider a nuclear strike. According to sources close to the administration cited by The Guardian, the president is considering gutting an Obama-era rule that restricted the use of nuclear weapons to cases of extreme risk to the U.S. or its allies. This rule also included a pledge that the U.S. would never use such weapons against a non-nuclear-armed nation that’s complying with international non-proliferation obligations. One country that currently meets these conditions is Iran.

Details of exact policy changes are yet to be made public, though one of the administration’s top nuclear officials recently suggested that “it’s time to explore alternative approaches” to issues such as nuclear proliferation.

“The traditional post-Cold War approach of seeking to demonstrate disarmament bona fides by showing steady numerical movement towards elimination, while trying to avoid steps that could actually undermine U.S. national security, has largely run its course and is no longer tenable, especially given evolving security conditions,” said Christopher Ford, special assistant to the president on weapons of mass destruction and counter-proliferation.

If you disagree, sign this petition to demand the Trump administration commit to limiting nuclear proliferation and vow to keep these arms as weapons of last resort.


Dear President Trump,

Your administration is reportedly planning on easing U.S. policy on the use of nuclear weapons. This includes, as your WMD assistant Christopher Ford recently put it, an exploration of “alternate approaches” to the question of nuclear proliferation.

Of course, in reality there is no alternative to a sober policy of non-use and peaceful advocacy on non-proliferation. Nuclear war and an end to civilization as we know it simply isn’t a viable policy platform. Rather than making nuclear war more likely, we demand you commit to limiting nuclear proliferation and vow to keep these arms as weapons of last resort.


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  1. Trump No Ease Of Nukes! Use Only As A LAST RESORT!

  2. It absolutely boggles the brain at how you liberals can be so incredibly stupid!! Your best bet would be to stay off of liberal websites and away from the liberal media.

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    an end to civilization? thats insane. we all need peace civilization not war civilization. end war not civilization.

  4. When Trump used the word “nuclear option” it was in voting not in war. People have no clue. Trump doesn’t want war. Now there is civil war in N. Korea since they want to avoid war. Trump wants peace always and talks. Many of the petitions are errors in truth due to media being fake/false/saying the opposite to truth.

  5. Please let PEACE prevail – we have only one planet, if this is messed up any further, every country and continent will suffer the consequences of irrational actions.

  6. In my military mind, I’m all for killing every slant-eyed piece of garbage on this planet, the same goes for Muslims. Cheers!

    • That is providing these countries/cultures continue to torture and slaughter innocence, animals/mammals sentient beings for human consumption, desecrate the earth and overpopulate human kind in their region of the world. Half of the human population resides in China, India, and Asia. It is time for proactive human population control and more humane treatment of all animal kind. The way we pathetic humans treat animals translates into how we treat each other. The truth speaks for itself, opinions have no value unless they are based on fact. Fact!, the human race has lost value due to selfishness, arrogance, and ignorance…the apathy that stems from such egregious treatment of the animals and the natural world does and will have serious consequence as time goes on. More detrimental than a nuclear bomb would have.

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