Stop Republicans From Legalizing Puppy Mills, Horse Meat and Other Forms of Animal Abuse

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t legalize animal abuse by overturning state animal welfare laws.

Hard-won victories against animal cruelty, and the rights of the individual states who have passed anti-cruelty laws, are under attack by Republicans in Congress with the introduction of two new bills. These bills, introduced by Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), seek to force states and localities to allow the sale of animal products produced in inhumane ways, even if the state already has measures in place forbidding the sale of such abusive products. As the Humane Society of the United States has pointed out, this poses a significant and tangible threat to animals across the entire nation.

If these bills pass into law, the consequences would be severe. For instance, states like Louisiana could lose the rules they have in place against the sale of sick and abused dogs from puppy mills. California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras, a cruel “delicacy” made by brutally force-feeding ducks until their livers become grossly enlarged. Bans on the sale of horse meat in states like Indiana could be overturned.

Unfortunately, the Trump family and his administration have a long history of supporting animal abuse. Trump’s sons are fanatical hunters, including the killing exotic animals, and his administration has purged animal abuse records and concealed them from public view.

These cruel bills must not be passed. Sign below to demand that this attempt to legalize animal abuse be rejected.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Newly introduced Republican bills threaten not only the well-being of innocent animals nationwide, but also the rights of states with animal welfare legislation already in place. The bills would force states to allow the cruel mistreatment of animals for the sake of selling products.

For example, California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras in spite of the state law banning it. States could be compelled to allow sick and abused dogs to be sold from puppy mills, and dogs and horses to be killed for their meat. As the Humane Society stated in its call to action, “Rep. King has been fighting animal welfare laws at the federal level, and now he’s attacking them in the states. In short, he doesn’t want any animal welfare laws, and we cannot let him get away with it.”

I urge you to heed the Humane Society’s call and to protect animals across the nation by ensuring that these disgusting bills do not pass.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Josh Henderson

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  1. Jeannette Allan says:

    Vile degraded behaviour from odious two legged psychopathic bipeds masquerading as human beings… evil fiends are a waste of space on our planet…

  2. Anybody who allows animal abuse clearly demonstrates that there is something wrong in that persons head. Please get him out of office, it would be better for both humans and animals. Please allow full access of the the USDA records, please make laws protecting ALL animals.

  3. To all existing parties, and those that vote for them, may you all burn in hell for letting this horrendous practice exist. As far as this terms political spectrum, they are wearing horns and hooves already, in league with the devil already, they deserve special seating in hell. May those that mistreated all the other species get the same treatment and worse as they dished out.

  4. What can you expect from a family who’s members enjoy big game hunting? Animals come VERY low down on their priority list. This issue needs addressing at the highest level in America.. so someone please make the Republicans see sense!

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    With one swift signature, Mr Trump could take away all of the “MUCH NEEDED” Animal Welfare Laws that President O’Bama put into play. PLEASE don’t take animals rights away. It will mean a death sentence for farm animals, animals in testing labs, animals on fur farms,horses and puppy mills. Please help end their suffering by keeping the current laws and enforcing them!

    • Cynthia, would you please, dearie, tell me one freaking thing that the liar obumma did for animals? Just one freaking damn thing, okay? What the hell is wrong with you left wing idiots that you think the evil repubs are going to do all the shit you apparently have given no thought to? Oh, and in answer to my question, dearie, you may rest assured that the liar obumma did not do one damn thing for the welfare of animals!!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Trump and his family CLEARLY don’t care about Animal Welfare laws. His sons hunt animals who are near extinction, and murder them so they can have a trophy! Obama did a great job in creating Animal welfare laws. I pray they are all not taken away. it will be a death sentence for farmed animals, fur animals, puppy mills, horses and animals in testing labs.

  7. Heather Brophy says:

    tRump, We pay you to protect not to be ignorant, not to seek and destroy. Show us your compassion and honor if you have any, prove it now and be a real man, if not then GET THE HELL OUT!

  8. Nature treats back now
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth

  9. I have never seen any pets within the Trump family. They must truly dislike animals.

    • they are too great and are above animals.

    • I’m sure you spend a lot of time with the trump family, Amy? Funny, but in all the video I’ve seen of them I haven’t seen you in any of it a single time…not once. So tell me again how your opinion is of any value?

      • Heather Brophy says:

        Frank you ignorant fool, ooze back into your polluted swamp and take the lying,tRump family with you. RIP!

      • Frank Staples~ He is the first of all the presidential families, that doesn’t have a family dog. I have seen multiple pictures of his son’s, showing their trophies from their sickening hunts~ one with Don Jr. holding the tail of an elephant…wow, what a hero he is. No compassion for animals means no compassion for people~ and that is what is leading our country, and then they wonder why we have so much hate in our country~ Start at the top, President Trump needs to start changing his ways, and start showing love and compassion, before anything changes. He wants to make America great again, this is one place to start~

  10. Do you really think the Trump family will listen? Maybe not. But we need to force that selfish, inhuman, uncompassionate bunch to look inside themselves. Sad. Very sad. Change comes with action. And, change will take place whether they like it or not.

  11. Please call and write those two loser politicians and give them an earful. I hope they and their descendants suffer the worst diseases the earth has to offer.

  12. Wendy Morrison says:

    ALL ANIMAL ABUSE need to STOP IMNEDIATELY, and ALL these ANIMAL ABUSERS NEED to face CRIMINAL CHARGES for alk this abuse!!!!!

  13. So who the hell is voting for Rep. King??????? He needs to be fed to the lions and be done with!

  14. Animal cruelty and torture is something that we hear of from psychopaths that are freely walking our streets, preying upon innocent animals, and building up to begin their mental torture upon innocent people. I would hope and pray, that our president would want to convict people who are capable of such crimes. Torturing innocent animals by starting them on fire, dismembering them, pouring acid on them, boiling and skinning animals alive and the horrible list goes on, these are HATE CRIMES~ and they need to be stopped. No innocent animal deserves to be tortured, nor does any human being. We need to stop this now, and it has to start by our President putting an end to this. Animal cruelty and puppy mills go hand in hand, the sick dog meat trade that goes on in South Korea and all over the world, and now has become a problem in the U.S. Mentally sick predators walking our streets just looking for an easy target…this all has to come to a screeching halt! There has to be STRICTER LAWS made against these sick psycho maniacs…they need to be taken out of society, no more slaps on the wrist! Mr. Trump please stop the hate in our country, and this a good way to start, and teach people that if you commit these kind of crimes, you are going to pay the price. God didn’t create dogs to be abused, he created them to be “MAN’S BEST FRIEND”, and God created animals, and didn’t create them for us to torture…we all have rights to live! Punish the ones who don’t obey the golden rule, and get the out of society for good. Thank you~

  15. Oh my God!!! It’s bad enough this administration is trying to tear our country apart BUT these monsters now want to put our beloved, INNOCENT animals’ lives in such grave danger? WHY?!? For money, for profit? Why in God’s name would these men want to do this? Have they no heart, no soul? We CANNOT under no circumstances allow ANY of their proposed legislation to become law!!! In fact,animal welfare laws MUST be stricter and stronger!! My God in Heaven what kind of monsters have been allowed to represent our country? WE MUST FIGHT FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES!!!

    • Cyndi, please take a deep breath and pull your head out of your butt long enough to tell us all what the name of the bill is that is going to do all this horrendous stuff. Please? Is it the trump senate bill “animal torture 66?” Come on, let it all out!

  16. Karen Tipping says:

    Dispicable !



  17. Karen Tipping says:

    The AntiChrist is here now


  19. Political point scoring against anything Obama did and using and removing the protection for the lives of much loved animals, shows a backward, cowardly, cruel and immoral, Government.

  20. Laura Willett says:

    In my opinion, animal cruelty laws aren’t HARSH ENOUGH. The measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members. Animals, no matter what species, are helpless, especially when in human society. To take steps backward in the fight against animal cruelty and abuse is the very opposite of what we should all be doing. I urge the residents of the states with these representatives that support this to inundate these representatives with demands to vote the way the people in their states demand that they vote. They are, after all, only employees hired by the people to REPRESENT their interests. That also includes their interests in keeping animals safe.

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