Stop Republicans From Legalizing Puppy Mills, Horse Meat and Other Forms of Animal Abuse

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t legalize animal abuse by overturning state animal welfare laws.

Hard-won victories against animal cruelty, and the rights of the individual states who have passed anti-cruelty laws, are under attack by Republicans in Congress with the introduction of two new bills. These bills, introduced by Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), seek to force states and localities to allow the sale of animal products produced in inhumane ways, even if the state already has measures in place forbidding the sale of such abusive products. As the Humane Society of the United States has pointed out, this poses a significant and tangible threat to animals across the entire nation.

If these bills pass into law, the consequences would be severe. For instance, states like Louisiana could lose the rules they have in place against the sale of sick and abused dogs from puppy mills. California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras, a cruel “delicacy” made by brutally force-feeding ducks until their livers become grossly enlarged. Bans on the sale of horse meat in states like Indiana could be overturned.

Unfortunately, the Trump family and his administration have a long history of supporting animal abuse. Trump’s sons are fanatical hunters, including the killing exotic animals, and his administration has purged animal abuse records and concealed them from public view.

These cruel bills must not be passed. Sign below to demand that this attempt to legalize animal abuse be rejected.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Newly introduced Republican bills threaten not only the well-being of innocent animals nationwide, but also the rights of states with animal welfare legislation already in place. The bills would force states to allow the cruel mistreatment of animals for the sake of selling products.

For example, California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras in spite of the state law banning it. States could be compelled to allow sick and abused dogs to be sold from puppy mills, and dogs and horses to be killed for their meat. As the Humane Society stated in its call to action, “Rep. King has been fighting animal welfare laws at the federal level, and now he’s attacking them in the states. In short, he doesn’t want any animal welfare laws, and we cannot let him get away with it.”

I urge you to heed the Humane Society’s call and to protect animals across the nation by ensuring that these disgusting bills do not pass.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Josh Henderson

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  1. Cameron Vail says:

    Is there nothing Republicans hold sacred other than money, money, money?
    What a disgusting bunch of people. There is no reason to allow animal cruelty in any form.


      Cameron Vail,
      I agree, But at the same time, the democrats are just as bad in their own way. have a good day.

      • Please tell me which Democrat? Because i am in animal welfare and NO DEMOCRAT ever fought against it when i was involved in politics aspect of it. Are there some Dems that do not care? Of vourse there are but it is REPUBLICANS over all.

      • Just as bad? No. Look at who doesn’t care about animals. Look at who doesn’t care about the climate and our environment. Look who wants to give tax breaks to the rich. Look who doesn’t care if poor people have access to healthcare. Look at who doesn’t care about lgbt rights. And most of them call themselves christian. Now look at who is fighting against their stupid harmful laws. You have a blessed day.


      • You are full of shit just like trump.

        • Kathleen Wilkins says:

          Gilda, you are full of shit. Animal abuse has gone when either party is in charge and available for a buyout. So many videos of proof of the “people” who torture and abuse captive animals are available for all to see. Decades of this crazy shit. Let’s ask these subhumans if they are Republican or Democrat.

    • Oh Cameron, you poor, righteous idiot, anyone who THINKS every member of any particular group feels the same about every issue is just showing their own ignorance! I am a Republican, and I defend animals DAILY, I donate my hard earned funds, I sign all the petitions (hence my being here right now), and I have such an IMMENSE compassion for EVERY living thing that I don’t even let a bug suffer, so get off your high horse, and educate yourself, because you are the one who is being disgusting!!!

  2. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    This is why the rate of animal abuse is happening daily in this country.

  3. These politicians have no decency, that is why they want to overturn these laws. Don’t give a crap about anything that could possibly hurt any profits whether cruel or not.

  4. Lindsay Savitzky Lindsay Savitzky says:

    You’d think even the worst of these right-wing assholes would care about the life of a dog, but nope.

  5. Animal welfare should be everyones responsibility, which means punishment should be handed down to those who abuse.
    Don’t be an asshole about this subject.

  6. Of course Rethuglicans don’t care about other species. They don’t care about their own. Elections have consequences. A good thing to remember.

  7. Humans in all walks of life, entertainment and industry are extremely abusive and cruel to all mammals. Change laws and enforce new laws to care for all God’s creatures. Start now!!!!!!

  8. Andrea Polden says:

    Do they not have any conscience, nor any feeling for animals? Can they sleep at night?

  9. Gosh the president of the USA is a bigger arsehole than he appears on TV. He is a complete barbaric fuckwit.

  10. Trump group Please look at you animals and your knowledge on puppy mill Atrocities and end them FOR GOOD. Horses are ignored, when they are old they are shot and sent for glue. Please legislature for them.

  11. Leave it to Trump to overturn animals rights !! Him and his bloodthirsty little asshole sons and their love for killing animals!! Gotta promote trophy hunting and every living creature must die! No respect for any thing but themselves! Truly pathetic people!

    • Tex Kat Intolerant of worthlessness! says:

      Their profile is that of a psychopath! They are very unattractive individuals and only care about themselves. No insight. No compassion. They should be incarcerated!!

  12. Chris Speechly says:

    Legalizing puppy mills — What an enlightened initiative! Hey, why you’re at it , how about bringing back concentration camps?

  13. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    Shout Loud and Clear about these bills. Factory farms should be banned altogether. Using animal parts for any number of practices is just so wrong. The world has and continues to become a place of CORPORATE & GOVERNMENT EVIL. Compassion does not exist in those demented organizations. They only care about the return on investment. Consumers should tell the corporations who factory farm, the retailers who sell the products and Governments ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Money talks, don’t let your money be a part of the problem.

  14. Rainbow Dash says:

    I get that animal abuse is bad, but what’s wrong with eating horse meat? It’s not worse than eating pig or cow or whatever, is it?

    • It is just as bad as eating any other animal! Can you not just take a moment & think this through……

    • What a dark, ignorant comment from someone named “Rainbow”, you clearly know NOTHING about horses to make such a statement, whereas I’ve had horses my entire life, so I AM in the position to speak from experience!! For the record, NO animal should suffer an OUNCE, even if it IS intended as food, I don’t even like to see a bug suffer, BUT horses ARE different, because they were domesticated like dogs, and cats hundreds of years ago, they were our source of transportation for people, and merchandise long before cars, carried our men into battle where thousands of them died, became close friends with man putting their TRUST in us, allowing us to ride on their backs, when by nature that is a form of attack on them, they are our partners in competition, they teach kids to respect, and care for a living creature, they teach them teamwork as they train together to compete, they provide physical & emotional therapy to disabled children, veterans, and even help rehabilitate youth, or inmates in trouble, the list goes on, and on, so YES, it IS worse than eating the others, they are fight or flight animals, easily stressed, and frightened, and they TRUST us, allowing us to lead them wherever WE decide to take them, whether it’s into a stall, a horse trailer, even a “kill box”, now if YOU don’t SEE how that is the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL of an animal who has put it’s trust in us, and given so much of himself to us, then you are one SAD fool lacking a soul!!!

      • Rainbow Dash says:

        If I’m a sad fool lacking a soul, then you’re a rude jerk lacking manners. Your personal attack on me was very uncalled for.
        For the record, I have a lot of experience with horses. I’ve been riding horses since I was a kid and I had a horse for years.
        But to me, all animals are equal. In a perfect world no one would have to die for anyone else to get food. Neither animals nor plants. But we need to eat, and living organisms have to die for that. That’s just the way it is. And I don’t value a horse’s life over a pig’s or any other animal’s. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  15. Most of the people posting comments here are women. Do women have more compassion for animals? But Hillary was no better than Trump. They are only concerned with their own wealth and power. We need an animal czar, but he or she would soon meet with a fatal “accident” Such is ourgent corrupt system.

  16. Trump and his blood thirsty asshole sons do not care about animals or anything else for that matter.
    They should not be above the law just because they have money.
    This must be stopped animals have a right to live in peace.

  17. Darlene Avery says:

    These vile despicable politicians have no decency, compassion or humanity. What the hell is wrong with them? Truly vile and despicable. Why this horrific need to hurt, torture and destroy innocent, defenceless an8mals. I am so outraged and disgusted to think that people are capable of such barbaric inhumanity. Please let’s do everything we can to stop these perverted monsters.

  18. Many have worked for decades to get laws against animal cruelty and abuse. Of course, we all with for ENFORCEMENT of those statutes, but the good old boys club is alive and well in so many areas where abuse is rampant. Don’t overturn that legislation and set us back 50 years. Instead ENFORCE the cruelty statutes and prosecute to the max to send a message that cruelty toward and neglect of animals in this country will not be tolerated. To answer Rainbow Dash’s question (funny that you think eating horsemeat is OK and yet you are named after a My Little Pony character), there is nothing wrong with eating horsemeat if that’s your thing. However, American horses aren’t raised as livestock; but rather as pets and athletes. As such, they are routinely treated with Bute, Banamine, Ivermectin…etc. which makes the meat toxic to humans. Even substances like wound ointment and fly spray are clearly marked “not for use on animals intended for human consumption.” The EU bans importation of American horsemeat because it is not safe to have in the food supply. The other problem is in the abuse and neglect that is inherent in the slaughter pipeline. There is no humane way to slaughter a horse; captive bolt isn’t dependable and many are hung, bled out and skinned while still alive and aware. Holding facilities and stock yards on AMERICAN soil are full of skinny, wounded and sick horses who are deprived of care. There are also a multitude of young, healthy, well bred animals that find themselves in the kill pen through no fault of their own. There is a problem with overbreeding that needs to be addressed, but slaughter isn’t the answer. Do some research on Stanely Brothers, Kauffman Kill Pen, Bastrup Kill Pen, and the Copiah County Horses to get a look at what the slaughter pipeline entails. THAT’S what’s wrong with horse meat.

    • Rainbow Dash says:

      I see the irony with my name. A bit of dark humor.

      Of course you shouldn’t be eating horses that have been treated with substances toxic to humans. What I meant if that I don’t think it’s morally wrong to eat horse meat.
      Regarding animal cruelty, I’m sure the conditions are awful in America, but in Sweden where I live there are very strict laws.

  19. Incidentally, I think that if a person neglects or abuses an animal, they should be sentenced to the same fate. Beaten, burned, left to starve, living in a cage filled with feces and urine. Yep…..throw those bastards in a cage. No food, no water, a good beating every hour and no toilet. See how long they last.

  20. Figures its the stupid ignorant republicans. They do not care for the welfare of any living creature. Lining their pockets is priority with them. Bet Trump never even had a pet. Thank God for small favors. No one in this party wants to do the right moral thing and ban these puppy mills or factory farming. Even Trump’s son is a vile lowlife who trophy hunts. Sad day for America with this party in.Sad day for all animals.

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