Shut Down Ranch That Slaughters Endangered Species

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Shut down Texas ranch that profits off the execution of endangered animals.

A ranch in Texas collects endangered species and allows hunters to legally execute them. The Ox Ranch in Texas profits greatly off this execution of endangered antelopes, bongos, and more. Sometimes the ranch earns tens of thousands of dollars off one animal killed by trophy hunters. For example, they charge $35,000 to shoot and kill an African bongo antelope.

The ranch argues that it does good work by keeping some endangered species, like giraffes, alive. The chief executive of the ranch stated, “We love the animals, and that’s why we hunt them.” However, this ranch allows the slaughter of endangered species. The preservation of one species does not justify the slaughter of another.

The ranch is a giant financial success, with a private runway, luxury cabins, and more land than the island of Manhattan. It was sold for $200 million in 2012.

Unfortunately, neither the Endangered Species Act nor hunting regulations are sufficient to protect these exotic animals. This must change now. The ranch cannot greenwash the slaughter by claiming that the killing is actually good for endangered animals. Sign the petition and demand regulations be put in place to shut down exotic animal hunting at Ox Ranch and other “ranches” like it.


Dear Governor Abbott,

Ox Ranch in Texas profits off the slaughter of endangered animals. Bongos, antelopes, and more are being executed while Ox Ranch makes money on the slaughter. These exotic animals should be protected, not murdered.

Ox Ranch tries to claim that it is helping to conserve some animals by using the funds raised from the execution of others to pay for food and shelter. However, this is cruel and hypocritical. I demand that the Texas government work to enact policy that shuts down the brutal activity at Ox Ranch for good.


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Photo Credit: Skeeze

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  1. You know what would even be better yet? Start hunting these monsters who call themselves hunters!!!! Sick, sick,sick!

  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    Their thinking is all screwed up if they kill these endangered animals because they loved tbe! This type of thinking needs to be changed to where YOU LOVE ENDANGERED & NOT ENDANGERED ANIMALS THAT YOU do NOT KILL THEM!!!

  3. Dolores Proubasta says:

    I’m with you, Tanya. Have long been proposing the creation of “Hunt the Hunters Hunt Club” — it would be challenging, exciting, and equal-to-equal for a change. But hunters are cowards; when they kill one another (as it happens, but not often enough) it is called a “hunting accident” which amounts to “perfect murder.” There should be many more of those.

  4. lisa atkinson says:

    Why are you all shocked? You are one of the richest Countries in the world but up top on list for animal abuse you need to learn careing for animals from other Countries.

    • It’s a rude awakening to some. It’s so sad and horrible and I think signing petitions and making them is a step on the right direction. But much much more work needs to be done to emliminate this horrible behavior, it would be great if we can be the example

  5. Close that Devil’s Place Down NOW !!!!! These Worthless Money-greedy Bastards need to be Prosecuted for Animal Abuse. It takes a Bunch of Trigger-crazy Redneck COWARDS to kill Defenseless Animals and all other Wildlife. Why don’t all these Trophy Killers go out and Hunt Each Other and get their Sorry POS OFF of this Planet !!!!! There is a Special Place in Hell waiting for all of them !!!!!!!! Just Remember PSALM 104: All Animals Belong to God.

  6. It’s an choice isn’t it not my choice but there it is..animals babies where does it

  7. Lesley Smith says:

    I hate the abuse and murder of any animal for profit or otherwise but unfortunately much as we beg, sign petitions, march, hold protests and as long as there is money to be made off the persecution of anything we will have to keep we will have a harder dight than ever. I would love to take all the money they make off a dying animal and stuff it as far up their asses as I can put it.

  8. This is so horrible
    Cruel, evil and heartless

  9. Bryce Morrison says:

    Cruel, slimy assholes.

  10. lisa atkinson says:

    Wonder how many of rich business men who payed to kill one of these animals went back home to their big homes and told their kids what they did? great example for furture generations

  11. lisa atkinson says:

    They wont have the chance to these beautiful animals in the wild because dad shot it

  12. Nadine Brundage says:

    If they truly loved animals these killings would not be taking place. I find their way of thinking abnormal and Texas should put a stop to this insanity.

  13. Complete nonsense that hunters “love” the animals. If they loved the animals, then they would turn the ranch into a sanctuary and the “hunters” who “love” the animals would donate to care for them, not kill them…. We all know the truth that hunting is simply an activity for those too cowardly and inadequate to get involved in something challenging.. Men climb into rings; cowards hunt..

  14. Bradley Smith says:

    We love our animals that’s why we hunt them.. Same perversion as “I love my wife, that’s why I beat her.”..Or,”I molest children to help them.” If these losers cared about animals, they take donations to care for them and turn the ranch into a sanctuary.. Men climb into rings; cowards hunt…..

  15. Why is it always Texas? What is wrong with those people? All they care about is their guns and what they can kill! Maybe we should just let them suceed, like they want. These people are nothing but a disgrace to this country!!

  16. Cynthia Mattera says:

    They love their animals and that is why they charge hunters 1000’s of dollars to kill them? What the hell is that? If you love them, you keep them, alive and care for them. Please shut down this hell hole and relocate these animals to a sanctuary!

  17. This slaughter of endangered and other animals by trophy hunters is wrong. If Ox Ranch really “loves” animals as they claim, then they should SAVE THE LIVES OF ALL THESE ANIMALS. These animals deserve protection and respect, not slaughter to gratify the ego and bloodlust of cowardly, unconscionable hunters.

  18. Ranches like this are horrible, and the killers involved in murdering these animals are despicable. Places like this, where “hunters” get their thrills out of killing magnificent animals, should not even be allowed to be in business. This is wrong.

  19. Cut the f….g bull about loving them Would you let some asshole hunt your damn kids? You love animals because allowing them to be slaughtered makes you rich asshole. Texans were doing this long before the age of Trump. With that piece of crap and his minions throughout the country, macho wannabes now feel empowered. Trump’s dirt bag sons kill endangered species as well. What a bunch of ignorant idiots reside in Texas. They are the ones who allow this. It’s bad enough to slaughter animals for fun in the first place but endangered species? Those animals die so some piece of garbage can get rich making candy ass morons feel macho but they don’t have the stones to even go into the wild to have their sick fun. This country is as backward, ruthless and ignorant as any other on earth. The disgusting difference is that the idiocy here is usually practiced by the rich. How much do those scumbags give to charity?

  20. these sick bastards have to be stopped what the hell is wrong with the US and this state to allow this cruelty this is all people seem to care about now is how many animals can be tortured and killed one of these days these so called humans are going to get a big surprise when they have to answer to someone higher up than us of how they treated his beautiful animals

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