Shut Down Ranch That Slaughters Endangered Species

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Shut down Texas ranch that profits off the execution of endangered animals.

A ranch in Texas collects endangered species and allows hunters to legally execute them. The Ox Ranch in Texas profits greatly off this execution of endangered antelopes, bongos, and more. Sometimes the ranch earns tens of thousands of dollars off one animal killed by trophy hunters. For example, they charge $35,000 to shoot and kill an African bongo antelope.

The ranch argues that it does good work by keeping some endangered species, like giraffes, alive. The chief executive of the ranch stated, “We love the animals, and that’s why we hunt them.” However, this ranch allows the slaughter of endangered species. The preservation of one species does not justify the slaughter of another.

The ranch is a giant financial success, with a private runway, luxury cabins, and more land than the island of Manhattan. It was sold for $200 million in 2012.

Unfortunately, neither the Endangered Species Act nor hunting regulations are sufficient to protect these exotic animals. This must change now. The ranch cannot greenwash the slaughter by claiming that the killing is actually good for endangered animals. Sign the petition and demand regulations be put in place to shut down exotic animal hunting at Ox Ranch and other “ranches” like it.


Dear Governor Abbott,

Ox Ranch in Texas profits off the slaughter of endangered animals. Bongos, antelopes, and more are being executed while Ox Ranch makes money on the slaughter. These exotic animals should be protected, not murdered.

Ox Ranch tries to claim that it is helping to conserve some animals by using the funds raised from the execution of others to pay for food and shelter. However, this is cruel and hypocritical. I demand that the Texas government work to enact policy that shuts down the brutal activity at Ox Ranch for good.


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  1. lisa atkinson says:

    Men with bigger hats than dicks.

  2. Eileen Goodman says:

    Humans are the only evil species….and cowardly, cruel, mindless, and stupid. Add greedy to that. It seems to just get worse, all the time.
    It’s too bad animals aren’t in charge.
    Hard to admit that a lot of people aren’t too bright, are murderous, love killing, lovetheir guns more than life.
    What humans do to innocent animals is heartbreaking and tragic. And we have a completely inhumane government, now worse than ever.

    • Well said Eileen!! I totally agreed with you!! Human nowadays arr much worse than animals n infact these ppls love killing animals, theu arr the WORSE KIND OF ANIMALS ON EARTH!! BEASTS THEY ARE!! SHAME ON THEM!! BAD KARMA !! GOD SEES !!!

    • I totally agree with you too Eileen…. most humans are barbaric and monsters. Animals never hurt anyone intenionally like humans… they are not judgemental, and they suffer needlessly at the hands of the despicable human species …

  3. Kumar Nagarajan says:

    “Endangered Species Act, nor hunting regulations, are sufficient to protect these exotic animals.” This must change now, it should change to protect innocent animals from these monster’s.

  4. How can it be legal to hunt and kill an endangered species for christs sake! Obviously the animal welfare act stinks in Texas This ranch should be closed down and its owners prosecuted or should that be “executed” because if I had my way it would be the latter!

  5. Can we just build a wall around Texas to keep them in? Seriously….. The rest of the world is embarrassed for you. Texas is the only place that actually thinks they are great, everyone Lesley thinks you are a bunch of gun toting asshole cowards. We do need that wall, to keep your ignorant douche bags in.

  6. As usual Profit before animals. What is wrong with Governments today. When a species has gone it is gone for good why dont they understand this or perhaps they do but just dont care!!!

  7. Alison Zacharis says:

    It’s man’s capacity for evil that separates him from the higher animals.

  8. Mongoose Jones says:

    CLEARLY this is a canned hunting resort of some kind.

    WHY tiptoe around that description, why NOT identify the ranch and the names of the owners/ operators in the petition?

    MANY hunters claim hunting “helps” endangered species. It has been proven FALSE many times. WHY repeat those lies? Here are some of the most easily read and understood rebuttals of that: https://news.nationalgeographic.Com/2015/11/151715-conservation-trophy-hunting-elephants-tusks-poaching-zimbabwe-namibia/ and also:

  9. Mongoose Jones says:

    For more on “Canned Hunting” and what it is: and does:

    see the documentary movie: “Blood Lions”……which is from S. Africa
    the main center of “canned hunting”.

  10. Disgusting!! If they have that much money then put it to good use instead of killing endangered species even if they are bred there. Americans seem to have an issue with guns and killing animals for fun! And we all know it’s not for conservation like they say it’s all about blood lust and to boost their pathetic little egos and hang a head over their fireplace. Total pieces of shit! No brains and apparently no lives! Shut it down!!!

  11. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    Who owns Ox Ranch. I would like to see more details in these petitions so that the actual people involved are names. The fact that these exotic animals are being imported for the use of trophy hunting under the premise they are saving endangered species speaks to the American Government, power of the ARA and the Countries supplying the animals. They lives must be so empty and pathetic that they need to resort to hunting animals down and slaughtering them. Trumps sons included.

  12. This is a national disgrace.

  13. Blake Culshaw says:

    How the fuck can these shitfuckers justify killing one species to “save” the giraffes? That is bullshit. There are other compassionate ways to take care of the giraffes. They can’t go on forever pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Shut down the motherfuckers now. Sad.

  14. Good for endangered animals?! Oh that’s rich and a load of crap! Gladly sign. This is not a challenge. I guess when the animals are gone they’ll be hunting each other.

  15. Linda Duelley says:

    Once again I am sickened and so disheartened to read about another place where the murder of innocent animals is allowed. How do we stop this? And I agree with Catherine Jeneraux-who owns this ranch and how does our government allow the importation of these exotic animals? It IS a national disgrace on so many levels.

  16. I will sign this but we all know this will go no where. This is TX. Heck with this administration you can shoot hibernating bears and the cubs. No longer any protection for sea turtles with long drifting nets. The list goes on. It’s horrible how the value of animals and sea life have sunk so low, lower than profit.

  17. These men are wealthy, have companies… get the names on a list so we can decide whether or not we want to support them.

  18. “We love the animals, and that is why we hunt them” says the ranch’s CEO.

    SO, with that absurd logic, I guess Islamic extremists “love” people, and that is why they kill them!!! We clearly have VERY different definitions of the meaning of LOVE!!!

  19. texas an embarrassment to american values.

  20. There needs to be a major clarification here. This petition is completely misleading and it’s factuality. Every single animal on this Ranch is captive-bred and raised on site. None of these animals are captured from overseas and brought into the US.

    All of them, I repeat, all of them are captive bred and raised.

    Not a single one of these animals is being taken out of the endangered species stock currently in the wild. So for everyone here complaining that this operation is somehow decimating or having an effect on the endangered animals that were listed here you would be completely factually wrong.

    Whether or not you’re offended by somebody who’s a Game Hunter of any kind, if you’re going to submit a petition of this type make sure your facts are accurate and honest instead of the half face lie being written into this petition.

    Crap information and intentional misconstrued fact like this shut down legitimate law following businesses that aren’t. I’m not somebody who hunts and I don’t endorse hunting but I sure as hell won’t condemn a business without fully knowing how their operation works before demanding they either be shut down or supported by the public. Failure to do due diligence and write up a petition request such as this is based off an emotional response is negligent, irresponsible and outright childish.

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